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From Pro-Life This Week – January 28, 2022.

GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Extend Child Tax Credit to Unborn Babies.

What pro-life really means.

On Abortion Cases, Breyer’s Is a Harsh Legacy.

Democratic Senator Recounts Wife’s Abortion in Effort to ‘Safeguard’ Roe v. Wade.

Don’t Just Say Motherhood Matters, Prove It With Your Life.


Video: Meet the Baby Who Started Swimming at 6 Months Old, Taking to Water Like a Fish

BY E.S. Armstrong, The Epoch Times, January 31, 2022

Watching the decade-old footage of this little baby paddle underwater seems like the most natural thing in the world. Elizabeth, who turned 11 this January, began her swimming journey at just 6 months old; her parents capturing her most magical moments.

Elizabeth has plenty of other interests, but water remains her first love.

“She has always been a water fanatic”, dad Adam Christensen told The Epoch Times. “We would often take her to the pool before bed so she could work out her wiggles and she would sleep soundly through the night.”

Elizabeth also loves playing piano, writing songs, acting in school musicals, and fundraising for good causes—that spark extends into other areas of her life, too. “She is a very determined individual and when she has a goal in mind she doesn’t let it go,” said Adam, 38, a former NICU nurse with nine years of military combat medical experience.

The proud dad said that Elizabeth has even organized their neighbors and community to raise money and collect books to create a library in Kenya after one of her school friends moved back to Kenya a few years ago and complained that they didn’t have any good books or a library.

Epoch Times Photo
Epoch Times Photo

While at college in Idaho, the Christensens came across a video of a little child in blue pajamas falling into a swimming pool. With no adults around, the child flipped over and floated on its back, saving its own life.

“My wife and I thought that was amazing”, said Adam. Later in life, the couple moved from Idaho to Texas with the then-9-month-old Elizabeth. They were suddenly surrounded by swimming pools.

Very conscious of the safety issue, the Christensens started to research infant self-rescue swimming instructors. Developed to teach very young children how to save themselves in the event they get into trouble in the water, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is a provider of self-rescue swimming lessons.

“The number of children drowning is astronomical,” said Adam. “I feel so bad for the parents. It’s easy to blame the ‘bad parents’ but the truth is, a moment of inattention shouldn’t cost a child their life.

“When it comes to children and water, the difference between life and death can be two inches of water and the child’s ability to flip over.”

It took Elizabeth approximately five weeks to complete the ISR program, safely guided by instructor Ilise Kohleriter.

Adam explains the process: “To graduate, the child is fully clothed in winter attire—to mimic a worst-case scenario—and flipped upside down in the pool to disorient them. Then they have to orient, flip over, and float to breathe.

“They then have to do what’s called ‘swim float swim,’ where they flip back over face down and swim a little, then flip over and float to breathe. They keep doing the ‘swim float swim’ until they reach the wall or the stairs where they can pull themselves out. Ilise did an amazing job.”

Epoch Times Photo

When she was 16 months old, little Elizabeth progressed to swimming right across the pool by herself.

“Children don’t typically swim across the pool”, said Adam. “They usually take the shortest route. But Elizabeth had lofty goals even as a toddler.

“I didn’t doubt she could do it physically. I had seen her do it several times when my wife or myself were right next to her.”

Adam and his wife share videos on YouTube of Elizabeth swimming, as a way of inspiring others to have a fun relationship with water.

Epoch Times Photo

“Providing opportunities is the best way to support a child,” said Adam. “When it comes to swimming and our YouTube channel, I tell Elizabeth that if she ever stops having fun doing this, she needs to tell us. Because if she isn’t enjoying it, then I don’t want to do it either.

“Honestly, I thought she would get bored of swimming years ago but here she is, still having fun.”

As well as being delightful to see, Elizabeth’s swimming adventures have become a source of instruction.

“There are many people out there who don’t know how to swim because they are scared of water,” said Adam. “Hopefully, we show them that water doesn’t have to be scary.

“So many people have learned to swim just from watching our videos, and that is what we hope to accomplish.”

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Swims.

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I politely submit the Pope has rocks in his head

Pope Francis | Know Your Meme

I’m not a fan.

From CNS News:

Pope Francis spoke to workers from the Italian government’s tax collection agency on Monday and told them that taxation “must favor the redistribution of wealth.”

“As is often said, in fact, the taxman is seen as a ‘putting their hands in their pockets’ to people,” said the pope. “In reality, taxation is a sign of legality and justice. It must favor the redistribution of wealth, protecting the dignity of the poor and the least, who always risk being crushed by the powerful.

“The tax, when it is right, is a function of the common good,” he said.

Dear Francis:

Taxation is theft Memes

Today’s highly interesting read (01/31/22): 50 Things Conservatives Believe

File:US 50.svg - Wikipedia

Today’s read is from conservative blogger John Hawkins. Here’s an excerpt:

Quite frankly, if the only information I had about other conservatives was acquired from MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, and Keith Olbermann, I’d assume they were evil. However, the vast majority of what liberal news outlets tell the world about conservatives is unrepresentative or just not true.

Granted, NOBODY can give you a meaningful list of 50 things that EVERY conservative believes because there’s enough intellectual diversity in the movement to make that impossible, but I can tell you that what you are about to read are things MOST CONSERVATIVES believe. I can tell you that from two decades of experience.

If you have friends, family, children, or even know people who’ve been fed a lot of propaganda about what conservatives believe, show them this list. Let them see what we really believe and what we really want for the country.

Read the list here.

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Franklin’s Steve Taylor, Hawaii, and a missile

On Saturday Steve Taylor (executive director of the ROC Foundation) enjoyed a bikini blonde.

Steve is in Maui on vacation visiting his parents who live in Maui. The bikini blonde was at Java Jazz in Maui.

Blond woman in a bikini at the beach;Kauai hawaii united states of america  - Stock Photo - Dissolve

No. Not that kind of bikini blonde (Sorry, Steve).

Bikini blonde is a beer made by the Maui Brewing Co.

Steve got into a conversation with a 4th grade teacher who attempted to give him Hawaiian speaking lessons. At some point the discussion turned to a rather unusual anniversary about a news story from January 2018.

I blogged about it here.

FLASHBACK: A vacation Culinary no-no

The inspiration for this week’s no-no from our vault is Steve Taylor, a fellow Franklin resident who is executive director of the ROC Foundation. In April he’ll be sworn in as a Milwaukee County supervisor.

For the past week Steve has been vacationing in Maui, visiting his parents who live on the island.

May be an image of 1 person, nature and ocean

Note a couple of beverages he’s consumed. Has Steve committed a no-no?

May be an image of food, indoor and text that says 'MANGO COCONUT WATE'
May be an image of 1 person, drink, food and indoor

Not even close.

Coconut water with mango. And a lilikoi margarita.


That’s an intro to a Culinary no-no feature from early 2008:

You drink what you like, right?

Beer, wine, hard liquor……

You drink what you like.

Of course you do.

Having said that, there are obviously some combinations that are strictly taboo…say, a banana daiquiri with a steak.

In November, my wife and I took a Caribbean cruise. That means instead of hot apple cider or pumpkin martini drink specials, it was a great opportunity for mai-tais and one rum concoction after another.

I was rather surprised while Jennifer and I enjoyed ourselves at open-air beachfront bars that so many tourists were imbibing with Coors Light. Lots of Coors Light. Or a Bud Light.

Coors Light?????

Not even after I just came in from cutting the lawn in the middle of July.

Whatever happened to, “When in Rome, do what the Romans do”? You’re in the Virgin Islands and you order a Bud Light?

It’s not like you can’t ever enjoy that experience ever again.

It just seems that if you’re in your swimsuit at a Tiki bar on the beach in the middle of the afternoon, you should order a mai tai, run runner…dare I say it?….sex on the beach.

Tell the cute bartender in the bikini you want a bahama mama, a backscratcher, a pina colada, a mojito, a margarita, a zombie, a lava flow…you know, something tall, frothy, tropical. Skip the little umbrella if you must.

Coors Light?

You can drink that back home in wintry Wisconsin.

We’re now heading into the long, dreary days of winter.

Many Midwesterners are headed off to cruise ships and tropical locales.

Be adventurous.

Go for the drinks with the unusual, un-Wisconsin like names.

But if you must have a beer, can you at least make it a MILLER Lite?

Photos of the Week (01/30/22)

A pictorial week-in-review posted every Sunday.

1) People gather to support truck drivers on their way to Ottawa in protest of coronavirus vaccine mandates for cross-border truck drivers, in Toronto, Canada. Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

2) U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer holds up a copy of the U.S. Constitution as he announces he will retire at the end of the court’s current term, at the White House in Washington. Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

3) Vehicles are seen on the remains of a bridge that collapsed prior to a visit by U.S. President Joe Biden in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo: Reuters

4) Former attorney Michael Avenatti, representing himself, cross-examines witness Stormy Daniels during his criminal trial at the United States Courthouse in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Photo: REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg

5) People sitting in a cafe react as a protester wearing a costume and holding a placard reading “Vaccinated, I am coming for you” stands by the window, during a demonstration against the COVID-19 passport restrictions, in Barcelona, Spain, January 22. Photo: REUTERS/Albert Gea

6) A vehicle is seen buried in the ash from the Cumbre Vieja volcano in Las Manchas neighborhood, on the Canary Island of La Palma, Spain, January 20. Photo: REUTERS/Borja Suarez

7) The Parthenon temple is seen atop the Acropolis hill, during heavy snowfall in Athens, Greece, January 24. Photo: REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

8) Ice clings to oranges in a grove in Plant City, Florida. Farmers spray water on their crops to help keep the fruit from getting damaged by the cold. Photo: AP

9) A bronze sculpture honoring former NBA player Kobe Bryant of the  Los Angeles Lakers, his daughter Gianna Bryant, and the names of the others who died, is displayed at the site of a 2020 helicopter crash, on a hillside in Calabasas, California, Jan. 26, 2022. Photo: AP

10) A woman poses for a photo inside the upside down house, in Guatavita, Colombia, January 23. Photo: REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

11) Charlotte Casiraghi, granddaughter of Grace Kelly, appears on a horse at the end of the Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 collection show in Paris, France, January 25. Photo: REUTERS/Violeta Santos Moura