Dear Jonathan Wichmann: Time to bow out of the WI governor’s race

Tim Marshall: Why a White Flag Is Used As the Symbol of Surrender

Even before you were the first GOP candidate to announce a campaign for governor you had no chance.

When Rebecca Kleefisch announced she was running you had less than no chance.

Now Kevin Nicholson has announced he’s running. Is this not obvious to you? It’s done. It’s over. You can’t win. No way in hell. The clock has struck midnight for you.

In political terms nobody knows who you are. For the longest time you have tried to grow your name recognition out of a gopher’s basement, in vain.

Nobody knows s who you are. Nobody cares. It’s simply true.

I’ve been involved in politics in some form or another, and in big terms since 1978. I have seen countless candidates run for office but none looking to be governor when they’ve never been anything, not even dog catcher. You bit off way wore than you could chew.

Staying in the race, very much like the Johnny-come lately Kevin Nicholson will only severely damage any effort to defeat Tony Evers. It will only lead to an ugly, divisive campaign, a fact even the brain dead Evers is sharp enough to relish and smile, smile, smile.

And stop trying to beg and demand the media cover you. They’re not Rhodes Scholars, but they know what will interest their consumers. Frankly, you’re not it.  Not even close.

If you sincerely want to oust Tony Evers, if you truly have any political smarts, or any class, you would gracefully bow out like countless political candidates have done in either party at all levels when the lightning bolt hit them that they were dead in the water.

Help unify the party. Get behind the clear front-runner who has the best chance to defeat Evers. Bow out now.

4 thoughts on “Dear Jonathan Wichmann: Time to bow out of the WI governor’s race

  1. Rebecca is a good-looker who is not bad with a mic in her hand. So why am I not supporting her?
    My problem with Rebecca is her affiliation with Walker, who somehow managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory. But WHY?

    These Walker policies led to his defeat: First, support of Common Core, along with——TONY E!! This is a poison, that I and a hand full of friends fought mightily to stop back in 2013. We predicted-accurately that it would do NOTHING to improve education and a whole lot to add to indoctrination. Walker not only did not fihgt it, he promoted it. One way to stop it would have been to defund the lefitst controlled DPI, but he was not interested.

    Second, Walker supported NOT-SO-SMART Growth, limiting property rights. Even declared a week to honor “Sustainable Growth.”

    Third CRONY CAPITALiSM/CORPORATE WELFARE. I cheered at the demise of the old Commerce Dept. but apparently I should have held the applause. The creation of WEDC, and its mismanagement under Walker’s “leadership” was legendary. In some circles it became known as “Walker donor rewards program,” and rightly so. The trail of money and perks from WEDC to some of Walker’s biggest donors is indelible. And FOXCONN???? $4.7 Billion held out as a carrot to a company that had a history of promising big and performing a lot smaller? 1/4 BILLION$ for a Millionairre playground in Millwaukee? Hey the Bucks are a business, just like mine, and we both ought to sink or swim depending on how we satisfy our customers, not come to the state for welfare.
    AND of course for all the talk of saving money and taxes, Walker NEVER cut the size of the budget. Came close his first year, and to be sure, SOME programs were cut. But if the budget was too big under Diamond Jimmy, it is still too big today.

    I remember when Walker first ran, he was supported by the party big money elites, the country club set that immediately made me suspicious of him, and apparently, rightly so. Now Rebecca has aligned herself with these same people.

    So unless Rebecca repudiates these Walker policies, which taint her by association, I can not I will not vote for her. And neither will a lot of other conservatives.

    And as to Jonathan? Do not know much about him, but I say let him run. If the GOP wants to grow, they have to get over the politburo-like running of the party. They have to be more welcoming.. Start excluding people and the party stagnates. You know, like it has for decades. Whatever effort the GOP establishment makes to ecclude him or other candidates will further turn us off, make us less inclined to vote GOP. Will again, relegate the GOP to an also-ran status.


  2. Also ran? They have virtually unbeatable majorities in both the Assembly amd Senate. They have the majority of US Congressmen, that is going to grow to a 6-2 advantage this year. There are many swing states that would love to have these numbers. My guess is that for someone to write and cherry pick a few bad examples over an 8 year run instead of poitlnting out all of the great things accomplished by one of the most successful Governors of that decade (Hello….Act 10!?). Is that you’ve never been a conservative at any point. We’ll take it from here.


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