Today’s highly interesting read (12/16/17): 11 Things Every Real Conservative Should Ask On A First Date

I recall vividly how I asked my wife, Jennifer out for the very first time.

I said I’d like to go out with you. She said yes, and we went out, and later, got married.

Times have changed. There’s a faction on the left advocating screening a potential date to make sure they politically qualify.

Columnist Kurt Schlichter has his own thoughts.

But as conservatives, it’s vital that we also do some screening of our own. After all, the last thing we want to do is inadvertently turn down a Darwinian not-a-through-street and spawn more liberals. I’m out of the dating game thanks to my closed-minded, heavily-armed, hot American-Cuban wife, but let me try to help out you singleberries with some questions to assist you in detecting any right-swipes who are actually covert leftist weirdos, losers, and/or mutations.

You can read his 11 questions in the entire column here.

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