Incivility goes well beyond politics

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during the third presidential debate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at UNLV in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during the third presidential debate at UNLV in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016.

Much has been said and written about the nastiness that marked the entire presidential campaign.

Websites all across America the past week or two counseled readers on how to avoid  major meltdowns at the family Thanksgiving dinner. Whether or not the advice worked is hard to tell. We do know the holiday wasn’t harmonious in many places. A few examples from the New York Times:

Matthew Horn, a software engineer from Boulder, Colo., canceled Christmas plans with his family in Texas. Nancy Sundin, a social worker in Spokane, Wash., has called off Thanksgiving with her mother and brother. Ruth Dorancy, a software designer in Chicago, decided to move her wedding so that her fiancé’s grandmother and aunt, strong Trump supporters from Florida, could not attend.

Ugly. And extremely unfortunate.

My family was blessed, again this Thanksgiving. Not a single sour note. Just warm and friendly togetherness. Ozzie and Harriet would have been proud.

For almost two weeks prior to the election we vacationed down at a certain popular tourist destination in Florida. There was absolutely no sign of hostile discourse. None.

I did run across an older woman in one of the parks who was wearing a shirt I just had to compliment. It wasn’t fancy by means, with just one word printed:


My wife, daughter, and I had a marvelous time in “The Happiest Place on Earth” with memories that will last a lifetime. However even at such a magical spot there were enough reminders that America has reached the worst level of rudeness. Politeness seems to have gone on holiday. And it’s not solely a matter of politics.

On our Disney vacation it was disturbing to see so many that pushed and shoved their way in front of others.

People not holding doors.

Refusing to move to the back of the bus so others could get on.

Neglecting to say “please” and “thank you.”

Customary manners too often were left back home.

A very young couple on a packed bus, standing right behind the driver, sipped beer from cans the entire ride. When I politely asked the driver on my way out when it was ok to do so at Disney he responded he didn’t see anything.

And while I readily admit Jennifer and I are not perfect parents, we draw the line at letting our child do basically whatever she wants.

One young girl was doing wheelies with her stroller and nearly collided into other passersby. Her mother was oblivious. Many kids crawled up and onto spaces they surely should not have, most importantly for safety reasons. Mom and dad merely laughed.

Disney workers, known for their hospitality, seem to have slipped. Would it kill them to smile, or at least respond when someone says “Good Morning” or “Hello?”

If you haven’t been to Disney World in awhile know that security at the entrance to the parks has multiplied and become more strict. You’d think the Magic Kingdom was the White House.

On four occasions I was stopped by security on my way through the NO BAGS line to be wanded. When I said I wanted to take my belt off one of the security guys chuckled and informed I didn’t have to.


Out of the woodwork appeared another genius member of the security force.

“It’s your belt.”

I tried to be nice but I couldn’t resist.

“I told you guys I was wearing a belt.”

Then came the perfunctory, “You have a nice day, sir.”

I had the privilege of sitting on one bus ride next to a Korean War Veteran. He used a cane because he told me “I can’t walk.” When I suggested he use the opportunity to, like guests with wheelchairs, get on the bus before anyone else to ensure a seat he scoffed, saying he didn’t want to feel helpless.

Have you guessed where this is going? Yes, the neanderthal Disney security jumped all over this gentleman.

And I must tell you about my encounter with the TSA.

On our way through the checkpoints at the airport I was fumbling to find our boarding passes. So I let some people go ahead during the very short time it took for me to locate the documents.

There were two lines waiting to show Mr. TSA their materials and I apparently moved up when I shouldn’t have.

“Now wait, are you with them?” he was pointing to travelers in the next line.

No, but I was next, I explained because I had others pass me by while I made sure I had everything in order.

“WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” he bellowed. I was quick with my answer.

“I was being courteous.”


I’ll give MR. TSA this. He didn’t grunt, and he wasn’t sarcastic. However he did look at me as though I had just come off a flying saucer.

Being courteous? Sadly, the idea has become foreign in late 2016.

This huge blemish on our society didn’t pop up overnight. The social black eye has been festering for decades.

In the past I’ve linked to an article US News & World Report published in the mid-1990’s that clearly demonstrates incivility has crept like a cancer into all ways of our life.  This problem goes beyond politics.

Our far less than exemplary behavior has gotten worse, and it appears will not get better anytime soon.


Supervisor Steve F. Taylor (Privileged to Serve) 2016 End of Year E-Newsletter

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Moving Milwaukee County Forward

UPDATE: Supervisor Steve F. Taylor (Privileged to Serve) November 2016 E-Newsletter

Previously on This Just In…

Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor gave reasons why he voted against the recently approved county budget.

“The County budget was adopted on November 7th by a vote of 11-7. Supervisor Taylor voted NO as he felt that more sacrifices needed to be made due to projected future deficits. Items like the GO Pass (reduced fare bus rides to seniors and individuals with qualifying disabilities) need to be eliminated…”

Sounds like it could be construed as mean-spirited. But it’s not, and it’s true.

The update. Actually a reminder.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in late 2014, the Milwaukee County Board approved a free bus ride program known as GO Pass over the veto of County Executive Chris Abele and required it to start in April of 2015.

In late March 2015 the Milwaukee County Board gave its approval once again, despite hearing concerns about potential costs from the Comptroller’s office.

The pass allows all Milwaukee County residents 65 and older unlimited free rides on Milwaukee County Transit System buses. The free pass is also available for residents with disabilities who meet certain requirements.

Of course it’s not free.

Steve Taylor voted against GO Pass.

Good move.


The latest pro-life news (11/28/16)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:


Help put life-affirming ads in student-run college newspapers.

Pregnant, on campus, far from home and the support of family.

This is the situation that leads many women in college to seek abortion. It’s no coincidence that the three remaining surgical abortion facilities in Wisconsin are located in Madison and Milwaukee within close proximity to the state’s largest university student populations.

Did you know that in Wisconsin the largest group of women aborting their babies is white women with 13-15 years of education?

What do we do to protect our daughter, sister, friend and the baby she carries in her womb?

This #GivingTuesday, we’ve got a plan to directly address this problem, but we need your help.
Here’s the plan:

  • Action: Place ads in student-run campus newspapers in Madison and Milwaukee.
  • Intent: Educate about the dignity of the preborn and availability of free pregnancy resources.
  • Need: Raise $2,000 on Tuesday, Nov. 29, #GivingTuesday, to make this possible.

It’s simple, yet effective.

To make your #GivingTuesday contribution early, Click Here and select “Giving Tuesday” from the drop down box or call Matt Von Rueden at 262-796-1111 ex. 15.

See examples of the ads on Facebook.

Pro-Life News

GOD’S HANDS: The abortionist seen praying in the video released by the Pro-Life Action League earlier this week claims to provide “Christ-like love” to pregnant women, and says she feels God’s “spirit and guiding hand in my work” and “the support of thy spirit.” PLW: Christ’s love was sacrificial, not selfish like abortion.

DOWN AD: An advertisement meant to support World Down Syndrome Day will remain banned from French televisions after a French court ruled earlier this month that the ad could “disturb the conscience of women who, in accordance with the law, have made personal life choices.” PLW: French courts have redefined what is right and wrong – confronting someone who has made an immoral, yet legal decision is now illegal.

MEDAL OF FREEDOM: By awarding the founders of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Obama administration is sending the message that working toward the elimination of preborn children is a noble cause. PLW: The Gates Foundation has sterilized thousands of women in Africa and will continue to do so under the guise of health care.

VANDALISM: Vandals defaced a pro-life banner at a student group’s abortion-victim memorial over the weekend – the second time it has been vandalized since being erected Nov. 3. PLW: The Illinois student group has promised to continue their memorial. We commend their strength amidst the persecution.

CONSEQUENCES: My boyfriend felt as if I was taking away some hypothetical choice from him (by saying I would never have an abortion), and, of course, taking away the freedom to occasionally have unprotected sex without repercussion. PLW: Abortion and contraception allow men and women to use one another without any perceived consequences or future thought. This was not how sexuality was meant to be.

TRUMP: Specific pro-life policies are missing from President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda for his first 100 days in office, yet pro-life groups are nevertheless hopeful about the future of his administration. PLW: Pro-Life Wisconsin will continue to educate Wisconsin’s elected leaders on pro-life issues, hoping to continue successes we’ve had in recent years, regardless of the national landscape.

CELEBRITY: TV host Nick Cannon calls out Planned Parenthood for “modern day eugenics.” PLW: We agree, and the evidence proves Planned Parenthood targets poor, uneducated and minority women in their contraception, abortion and sterilization campaigns.

To stay up-to-date all week, follow Pro-Life Wisconsin on Twitter

From WI Right To Life.


Percentage of People Who Call Themselves Pro-Life at Highest Level in Over Two Years

Obstacles to Trump’s pro-life agenda




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Culinary no-no #497

Before our daughter, Kyla was born Jennifer and I vacationed here several times.

We loved the fact their Orlando theme parks featured many of these.

Thrill ride after thrill ride. Kyla, now 7, is already becoming a daredevil when it comes to coasters so we’ll be returning someday to Universal, possibly here.

The lovely Portofino Bay Resort, designed to look like the real deal in Italy.

On our departure morning from the hotel in Orlando I had a craving. One of very nice shops sold gelato. Today it’s called the Gelateria.

And back then it wasn’t open until around lunch time. But the day we left I wanted a rum raisin. Somehow we had not visited the gelato place and I wanted to before heading to the airport.

The doors were open but the store was deserted. A male manager emerged from in the back and asked if we needed something. He told us they were closed but when we told him we (I) was hoping for gelato at 9:30 in the morning he made an exception. As I recall he didn’t want to charge us but we insisted on paying up.

Did we feel guilty? Gelato so early in the day?

I wonder how we now as parents would react if Kyla requested a similar treat in the morning.


I might cave, but it’s entirely possible Jennifer might have a minor conniption.

After all, c’mon!

Oatmeal. Fresh fruit. Some cereal. A granola bar. Those are the proper choices

Ice cream?

A super obvious no-no. Right?


Could it be Jennifer and I made not only the appropriate but wise call that early morning in Orlando years and years ago and should have stuck with it since?


But since the research remains inconclusive I’ll stick with gravy on my country fried chicken.



Photos of the Week (11/27/16)

1) Shoppers reach out for television sets as they compete to purchase retail items on Black Friday at a store in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photo: NACHO DOCE / Reuters

2) Police use a water cannon on protesters during a protest against the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The pipeline, now 70% complete,  would transport 470,000 barrels of oil a day across four states. Members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe see the pipeline as both an environmental and cultural threat to their homeland. Photo: STEPHANIE KEITH / Reuters

3) A protester shakes the hand of a police officer while other protesters block highway 1806 at a Dakota Access Pipeline demonstration near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North Dakota. Photo: Reuters

4) Syrian civil defense volunteers, known as the White Helmets, rescue a boy from the rubble following a reported barrel bomb attack on the Bab al-Nairab neighborhood of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. Photo: AMEER ALHALBI / AFP – Getty Images

5) Children play football as oil wells, set ablaze by retreating members of ISIS burn behind them in the town of Qayyarah, south of Mosul. Photo: ODD ANDERSEN / AFP – Getty Images

6) Postal clerk Pamela Bentley shovels lake-effect snow in front of the U.S. Post Office in Grafton, New York, on Nov. 21, 2016. Photo: Mike Groll / AP

7) Cars are stuck after heavy rain from Storm Angus flooded the street in Bristol, England. Photo: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

8) A newborn short beaked Echidna puggle debuts at the Taronga Zoo, in Sydney, Australia. Photo: EPA

9) A golden pheasant is seen at Hangzhou Safari Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. According to local media, the pheasant gains popularity as its golden feathers resemble the hairstyle of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

10) Panda twin cubs Fu Feng and Fu Ban cuddle in a Vienna zoo. Photo: Reuters

11) The LA Zoo Lights illuminate the Los Angeles Zoo. Photo: Getty Images

12) People are seen on a giant fried eggs art installation as part of “Hecho en Casa” (Made at home) urban artwork festival in downtown Santiago, Chile. Photo: Pablo Sanhueza/Reuters

13) A bird sits on SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers), an art exhibit created by Ann Hirsh and Jeremy Angier that floats in the Fort Point Channel in Boston. Each orange foam figure represents nearly 1 million of the refugees in the world today. Photo: David L. Ryan/ Boston Globe

14) Iranian men walk past a giant sculpture displayed on the beach in Iran’s southern resort island of Kish.  Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images

15) A Coast Guard boat passes Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where the President-elect spent  Thanksgiving. Photo: Getty Images

16) Thousands of people lined the streets as iconic balloons floated and participants marched and danced in the Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving. A marching band makes its way down 6th Avenue. Photo: SAUL MARTINEZ / Reuters

17) A Hello Kitty hovers over revelers at the parade. Photo: SAUL MARTINEZ / Reuters

18) Santa Claus waves to the crowd. Photo: KENA BETANCUR / AFP – Getty Images

19) Wisconsin running back Corey Clement celebrates with the Paul Bunyan Axe after the Badgers beat Minnesota Saturday in Madison, 31-17. Photo: Mark Hoffman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Don’t count on it


In today’s Journal Sentinel:

Grades for pundits

Members of the media have given us many negative predictions of what president-elect Donald Trump and his administration will do during the next four years.

The man hasn’t even taken office yet.

I hope someone is keeping track of exactly what each of these people have said, so that in 2020, they can be graded on the accuracy of each statement, much like the Journal Sentinel sports writers grade each Brewers, Bucks and Packers team after their seasons.

Pete Luehring
West Bend