In Franklin we should build WHAT instead of Ballpark Commons?

We’ll address the above title of this blog, but first…

On Facebook there are a couple of pages that allow/invite community input from Franklin residents. I was unaware, and for good reason.  I rarely do Facebook (though I clearly understand the appeal and popularity).

One of my blog readers informed me last November about the Franklin Neighborhood Watch.

Have you heard of the public group Franklin Neighborhood Watch? The group of helpless Franklin whiners who complain about everything and don’t know how to solve the most basic problems like looking in the yellow pages for a plumber because a water heater went out or calling the police department if they are truly suspicious of a crime being committed. Instead they hit this Facebook page and start asking neighbor’s questions that go on and on and it gets totally out of control. You can’t even walk down a street talking on a cell phone if you aren’t wearing shoes and chatter starts. Did anyone hear that noise? Those darn coyotes!  It’s a regular soap opera I tell you. Not what a neighborhood watch is meant to be. More like Dear Abby. You should take a look at it for a laugh.

This one below is the latest:

I was then shown a screen shot of the post:

Not sure how to deal with the neighbor who constantly blows his leaves into our yard. We actually have photos of him doing it.

Numerous not so neighborly comments followed.

There are regular trolls that comment religiously and it’s quite sophomoric. These folks would rather post feeble attempts at humor than get into any serious substantive discussion about what really matters in Franklin. The site has brought out fearful, snooping, gossiping, busybodies.

And yet when I recently asked my wife to post some of my blogs on the site (taxes, schools, our business climate, apathy towards growth, you know, real serious items), you’d have thought I was a serial killer.

Come back, Fischer when your guppy is missing!

Another similar site is the Franklin Area Community Page. In the past 48 hours another blog reader of mine told me he couldn’t believe what was suggested on that site and the support it was getting.

Forget Ballpark Commons,  a stadium, luxury apartments, retail and restaurants. Instead, let’s build…

A water park.

Yeh, that’s the answer!

Franklin would boom off the charts!

A water park. They’ll come from all over. Spend money like crazy. Talk of the town.

Look, I like waterparks. But when you’re talking quality, impressive economic development, I’m sorry but a waterpark never comes to my mind.

Getting back to the assessment I received about one of these sites. A place for community to interact with neighbors can be very valuable. Not when it turns into a not so comical depository for misinformation, rumor, and pleas for help for those who can’t help themselves.

InterCHANGE memories? How about one more?

Last week I wrote about the cancellation of InterCHANGE where I shared some memories of the 21-year old program.

Goodness gracious, forgot one, a good one.

March 4, 2014:

After a long, long period of suffering serious pain, I was finally ready.

Tuesday, March 4. The West Allis Aurora Medical Center. The last time here Jennifer and I were bringing Kyla home.  Now I awaited hip surgery.

Shortly after 11:00 a.m. Nerves or anxiety had never been an issue in anticipation of my procedure. Suddenly, the butterflies were very noticeable.

A woman in complete surgical garb, about the fifteenth medical official I had seen that morning introduced herself, made some notes on a nearby computer and informed me it was show time.

She started wheeling me out of my room and eventually proceeded down a very long hallway. There was nothing but a clear path. About 50 yards away I noticed another individual in that unmistakable hospital wear. Because my glasses had been taken away, the figure was blurry, and while I couldn’t see her all that well, I certainly could hear her.

“Kevin Fischer is that you?”

I had no idea who the woman was, and somehow, covered in blankets and wearing a surgical cap and sans glasses, this woman knew I was.

Never having been in this position before, I had no clue if there was protocol to follow. Was this like a library? Did I need to shush?  What the heck. I threw caution to wind and responded in full voice.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Do you remember me, Blank Blank?”

I paused. I did not. But then she offered more info.

“We met at the produce section at Sendik’s.”

And the light bulb went on. She had recognized me from television last summer or fall when were both shopping.

By then my gurnee had caught up to her and we shook hands as she wished me well. You’re not going to be able to do TV, she observed, and I told her that might be the case for awhile, but that I’d return.

It is indeed a small world. The sweet, kind encounter was just what I need at that juncture.

The nurse who was pushing me didn’t fully make the connection so I told her about how this woman approached me at Sendik’s because she watches me on TV.  When asked what I do, I replied that I do a weekly program on Milwaukee Public Television. Her voice got more excited and louder.


I explained further.

“Oh. Well we’re at the operating room now.”

Quickly but nicely the subject was changed back to the matter at hand.

I was out cold five minutes later on my way to a successful operation.


Guest Blog: The GOP Convention

By Guest Blogger
Bob Dohnal
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Do We Dump Trump?

We have a major problem in Wisconsin.  Trump has only 36% of the vote, half of those are people that feel they must vote for any Republican.

When you combine that with the Legislature at 31% and Walker, Doyle Numbers, at about 35% we can see that we could lose everything, if people stay home.  GOP leaders need to get realistic, at present they are deluding themselves into thinking that they do not have a problem.

The Left has a much better GOTV, GOP membership is at bottom level, and faith in the GOP here and nationally is at all time low.

Six months ago I sent a letter to Ryan about whether the GOP should nominate someone who can wreck the party?  Take your losses early and fix it.

How can we win when over 70% of women, youth, Hispanics, Blacks hate him? He cannot change that. Free the delegates from local state rules. It can be done.

A new broom sweeps clean.  Remember Checota and Moody? They were killing each other, then Feingold stepped in and won with 70%?  Same here.  Everyone would celebrate, except the group backing Trump, who will have a bird, but can move on. His backers are a small group of whole electorate.

When July merges into November that is lifetime in politics.

To date, the GOP elite has done a good job of causing this mess.  They brought on Trump and the Dems Sanders and now Brexit.  We continue to field mucho messages about the arrogant people in Mad City running the GOP and in the legislature.  That does not play well in Wis.

The destruction of the local GOP has caused the local people to believe that they do not count, it is all donors.  Worse is that we continue to prove, like with Jeb, that money is not that big of a deal. You must have enough to get out your message but after that it is just overkill.

Time for the GOP to reassess what has happened and correct.

If we do not Dump Trump we will surely take horrible losses, like 1970, in Wisconsin, across board.  I find few backers of Trump, in my network across state.  If he gets nomination who will work for him?

In retail, I have always felt that you take your losses fast, and early and then go on, get new mdse. And put it up for sale.  Same with Trump.

We remember 1964, 1970.  Be careful if you piss off a lot of our people. He attacks everyone, including lots of old time, solid members of the Conservative movement.  Who knows what he will do next?  He could be very dangerous.

History is replete with demagogues, who corner a small part of the electorate and launch themselves into power.  I will not mention names but you can remember.

His speaking style reminds me of Peron, Mussolini, Chavez, Huey Long, other rank populists.

What is different, NOW, from us vs them on Act 10, is that lots of our people are unhappy with the budgets, what happened last year and Trump.  Recipe for disaster.

Wisconsin has history of split govt.  This election is invite for our people to switch horses.  Bad enough that the Left has much better GOTV then we do, but in Prez elections 7 million more GOP turn out but 26 million more Dems.  Even if our people can decide between the state and Feds, if our people stay home, we are screwed.

I do not see any effort by our leadership to fix those problems in Wis.  In fact, when people even bring them up, you quickly get named as a troublemaker.

When was the last time GOP had statewide membership drive?  Milwaukee has gone from 10,000 members, when I was VP of Milwaukee county, down to 300 or so.

When I was Milwaukee Chairman, in the 90’s, my efforts to rebuild were met with roadblocks.  The theocracy in Mad City does not want lots of people, with lots of opinions, they just want our money. Donor Class rules.

Ryan and Walker say the delegates must vote with their conscience.  If 4-500 or so do not vote for Trump, on first ballot, we can elect a different nominee, someone that is fresh, been out  of the mud throwing contest, and go on to lead us to a win.

All we have to do is change the rules, in Rules committee, freeing the delegates.

People like Nikki Halay, Mitch Daniels and many others could  jump into race, as fresh face and win for us.  Have a real Conservative Republican,  start with fresh face.  This has happened before in our history starting with Abe Lincoln.

GOP must have answers and solutions to our state and world problems.

Not having that pick, do we want to have to pick ourselves up, like we did after 1970? It took 24 years. Not me, will not be here.

8th District primary for Congress

Looks like more and more that the winner will be Frank Lasee, someone who the grassroots can count on to be their voice.  Frank has always been there for us, working to help the working people by lowering taxes, freezing tuition at the Universities, fixing tech schools, fighting crime, and helping fix the economy. What else can we ask for Wisconsin?

UPDATE: He hasn’t endorsed Trump, but suffice to say that Mark Belling doesn’t see it Bob Dohnal’s way.


The latest from Franklin Alderman/Supervisor Steve Taylor – June 2016 E-Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Please click here to view the June 2016 edition of “Privileged to Serve”, the monthly e-newsletter issued by my office.

This edition includes:

-Commission on Aging and the Senior Citizen Hall of Fame

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-Legislative Round Up

-Traveling Beer Gardens Schedule

-Free days at the Milwaukee County Parks, museums, and the County Zoo.

-Upcoming events in our community.

I encourage you to forward this newsletter to anyone who may find it informative. Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office if I can be of assistance concerning any matter involving Milwaukee County.

All My Best,

Steve F. Taylor 

Milwaukee County Board, 2nd Vice Chairman

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Moving Milwaukee County Forward

2ND UPDATE: Thoughts on the inevitable Franklin referendum

Previously on This Just in…

I wrote:

Being a civic-minded individual, I have some views on the latest effort campaign to persuade taxpayers to vote to increase their own taxes.

6) Convenient? Intentional? Couldn’t help but notice the price tag for building a brand new middle school is actually cheaper than one of the options calling for renovation. How many residents will fall for that?

The update: It’s already begun. The school administration is starting to reel them in!

Comments left on FranklinNOW:

Why would you choose any other option than option 3?? There will be a brand new building for $6m less than adding on and renovating…

looking at costs, building a new school makes the most sense LONG TERM. Why update a school and incur more costs 10 years down the road??