Who was that masked man at the Franklin School Board meeting?


That would have been Wednesday night.

He walked in late and took his seat, in time for the discussion on whether to keep unnecessarily masking our school children.

One couldn’t help but notice he wasn’t just masked.

He was double masked.

After the school board voted 4-3 to maintain its control of kids he got up and left.

So who was that (double) masked man?

He’s Jeffrey Hall, a maskoholic and fan of horrendous school board members Ann Sepersky and Angela Bier.

Hall is running for school board this April in Franklin.

I shudder to think what might be in store for our poor kids if he gets in.

From columnist Rich Lowry:

The supporters of mask mandates are fired by a righteous certainty that if a child comes to school unmasked, his or her school and community are at risk of a devastating outbreak of the coronavirus, that parents who don’t want to mask their kids are selfish and uncaring boobs who need to turn off Fox News, that public officials who block mask mandates, or carve out exemptions for objecting parents, have blood on their hands.

The mask proponents either have no idea that the U.S. is an international outlier in its school mask mandates (neither the European health authority or the World Health Organization go as far as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and that there’s next to no evidence for public-health benefits. Or simply they don’t care because they are too attached to the theater of masked-up kids, in some jurisdictions even while they are outside for recess.

The late economist Herb Stein famously said, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” Well, masking can’t go on forever, but that’s not stopping its advocates, who will very likely, when all is said and done, look nearly as foolish as the fierce proponents of school closures earlier in the pandemic.

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