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Lester Holt horrible in moderator role


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton greet the audience at the start of the first presidential debate of the general election at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., on Monday.

There was a great deal of attention on NBC’s Lester Holt coming into Monday night’s debate. I was not impressed.

How many times did Lester Holt interrupt Hillary Clinton?

How many times did Lester Holt interrupt Donald Trump?

Lester Holt, where were the questions on e-mails?

Lester Holt, where were the questions on Benghazi? Obamacare? Immigration?

Where were the questions on failure after failure overseas when Clinton was Secretary of State?

Observations from others:

Somebody forgot to tell the moderator that he was supposed to moderate and not debate Donald Trump.  Lester Holt, of the Nobody But Clinton network, was clearly in the tank for Hillary Clinton. I suspect he was secretly auditioning to be her press secretary.  Just  tally the number of times Holt interrupted Trump and pressed him on follow up questions and then compare that number to Hillary’s. As we say in Dixie, Hillary got some home-cookin’.
Todd Starnes is the host of Fox News & Commentary – heard daily on 250+ radio stations

The ref not only made himself part of the game on Monday night, he ran up to the scrimmage line, then sacked the quarterback three times.

Arguing with Trump is Clinton’s job, not Holt’s.

For Holt to allow her to get away with saying, “It was a mistake” on her usage of email doesn’t cut it, not from a guy who was willing to hammer Trump on a remark like “I just don’t think she has a presidential look.”
Kyle Smith, New York Post

As he prepared for the crucial first presidential debate, Donald Trump knew moderator Lester Holt would bring up the birther issue. He knew Holt would raise Trump’s tax returns. And his old position on the Iraq war. None are among the voters’ top concerns, but it was eminently predictable that they would be part of the debate — not least because if Holt had not brought them up, Hillary Clinton would have.

But Trump might not have predicted that Holt would leave some equally, if not more, important topics untouched. There was Obamacare, currently veering towards crisis. Immigration, including a proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The Clinton Foundation. Benghazi. Certainly a moderator can’t cover everything, but those were some pretty big omissions.
Byron York, Washington Examiner

Lester Holt asked Donald Trump about his taxes and then challenged him on his answer. He asked him about stop and frisk and then challenged him on his answer. He asked him about the birther issue and then challenged him on his answer. He asked him about Iraq and then challenged, interrupted, or fact-checked him five different times. For Hillary, there was not one single challenge to anything she said. Not one tough question on anything she said, not one question on a controversy, be it Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the e-mails, or her medical records. Holt did the bidding of his colleagues in the media, revealing himself to be nothing more than a pawn of Hillary’s campaign.
The Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell

[A] plurality (46%) of likely U.S. voters believes most moderators will try to help Clinton in the upcoming debates. Only six percent (6%) think they will try to help Trump instead.
Rasmussen poll

“If I were Donald Trump I wouldn’t participate in another debate unless I was promised that the journalist would act like a journalist and not an incorrect, ignorant fact checker. The moderator would have to promise that there would be a moderator and not a fact checker and in two particular cases an enormously ignorant, completely misinformed fact checker. If you wonder why Donald Trump thinks that the press is a left-wing basically oriented group, Lester Holt proved it tonight.”
Rudy Giuliani

Trump was like an excitable dog running around the house, jumping on people and sending grandma’s heirloom vase crashing to the floor. Still, it was good enough to fight Hillary Clinton to a draw. Here’s why:

Clinton was calm, cool, and at times a little too smug for her own good. She went on the attack from the start, a recognition that her campaign has lost its footing and is in need of a jolt. But there is nothing you can tell the American people about Trump that they don’t already know. Clinton’s strategy of demonizing Trump isn’t working. She now trails Trump in key battleground states won by President Obama in 2012, and the national polling is tied.
Eric Fehrnstrom, Boston Globe

This is 2016, a year so weird, unsettled and unsettling, that even the spectacle of an unprepared and almost incoherent Trump, reeling from blow after blow from Democrat Hillary Clinton, may not be enough to slow him down. 
Howard Fineman, Huffington Post

The first Clinton-Trump debate was roughly a draw — which is bad news for her, because she needs to turn this race around, and she failed.

Clinton was on the attack most of the night, with the marked help of moderator Lester Holt. But she didn’t score any body blows — nor remotely offer a rationale for her candidacy beyond he’s just too dangerous, a case she failed to make.

Trump wasted time on pointless defense on basically irrelevant issues — the birther stuff, his taxes and so on. But he didn’t come off as the maniac she needs him to be. New to this game, yes; too volatile, no.
New York Post Editorial Board

It’s over. Trump, the egoist, the racist, the narcissist, the liar, “won.” We all lost. His numbers will go up. She told the truth. So what.

Pro-Hillary gloaters doing end-zone dance again when still on 50-yd line. U MUST get it in your head TRUMP IS GONNA WIN and act accordingly!
Left wing activist and filmmaker Michael Moore on social media


Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy



The latest pro-life news (09/26/16)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

March with us in January

Is this your year to join us in Washington, D.C., for the national March for Life?

You can already reserve your spot for the Jan. 27, 2017, trip.

If Washington’s not on your list for January, you can catch a ride on Pro-Life Wisconsin buses from 10 different stops for the March for Life Chicago, Jan. 15, 2017.

It seems early to be thinking about the marches, but they’ll come fast once the holiday season is upon us.

Check our March page to find registration forms and more information.

God bless,
Pro-Life Wisconsin staff

40 Days for Life starts Wednesday

40 Days for Life is the international campaign that puts prayer vigil warriors on the sidewalks and rights-of-way outside abortion facilities.

If you haven’t signed up for a prayer vigil time, find an open spot at a facility near you.

This year’s 40 Days for Life will have campaigns in all 50 states – a first for the organization.

40 Days for Life leaders are visiting each state to visit with vigil holders and have a rally. Find more about the Wisconsin events here.

If you can’t attend a vigil outside an abortion facility, please align your hearts and prayers with those who are out there. Your prayers are important, too.

Pro-Life News

POLAND: The lower house of Parliament voted Friday to reject a “Save Women” bill proposing abortion on demand and continue the legislative process on a “Stop Abortion” measure that could result in a total ban on abortion in Poland. PLW: Strong support for eliminating abortion in countries like Poland show that it’s possible in the United States.

BABY BODY PARTS: The House Select Panel on Infant Lives has voted to hold StemExpress in contempt of Congress for stonewalling its investigation into the harvesting and sale of aborted babies’ body parts. PLW: StemExpress’ noncompliance with congressional subpoenas is a strong indication of their violation of federal laws against selling human organs.

CONTRACEPTION: Bayer just received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a new contraceptive device called Kyleena, which is designed to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. PLW: Bayer, which sponsors World Contraception Day today, is still in legal trouble over Essure, another contraceptive device.

SURVIVOR: A woman who survived a saline abortion procedure told Congress this morning about her amazing story of beating death. PLW: What began as a woman’s “choice,” legal abortion quickly developed into infanticide.

PENCE: “I speak on behalf of my wife and I, I would tell you there is no more important cause to the Pences than the cause of life.” PLW: Mike Pence’s strong pro-life statements, backed by his leadership and solid voting record in Congress, have increased pro-lifers confidence in a Trump presidency.

ABORTED BABIES: Current rules allow aborted baby remains, as with other medical tissue, to be ground up and discharged into a sewer system. PLW: We applaud the proposed Texas rule requiring the cremation or burial of miscarried and aborted babies and encourage the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to do the same.

CLINTON: “Our children deserve the best possible start in life.” PLW: For Hillary Clinton and the pro-abortion movement, preborn human beings are not “children” worthy of protection and love.

To stay up-to-date all week, follow Pro-Life Wisconsin on Twitter.
VIA Wisconsin Right To Life.


Big-box abortion

Video: Pro-Life Ad Targets Democrats’ Extremism on Abortion

You’ve got to love Carly Fiorina

Remember the Huge Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate? Turns Out the Pro-Life Side Was Right


“Professional cuddlers:” Army of volunteers helps care for newborn babies at hospitals across SE WI

Shon Coleman still fighting cancer – for others (Please make sure you watch the video in the article).

The Headline of the Year?

I’ve been flattered in the past when new bloggers have come to me for advice. I told them that like newspapers, Internet articles and blogs, you want to entice or persuade people to read. You do that with a headline that teases. The headline is so good that without giving away the entire gist it somehow tantalizes readers to go the next step and open your piece to read. It’s like fishing. You lure them in.


Trust me this works. I get hooked often, and normally (not always) I’m not disappointed.

Here’s an example. My lovely wife once blogged:

What is coming to the Fischers????!!!!

No doubt the heads of regular readers immediately started spinning with all kinds of possible answers.

Yours truly once blogged, “Nude photos.” The subject of the blog was, indeed, nude photos. But nude photos were never shown. Instead, a much larger, more serious issue was addressed and a point was made.

We’ll get back to the title of this blog, but first, when you think of …

It usually doesn’t turn your mind to …

However, there could be a connection.

From Duke Today:

Oxytocin has been dubbed the “love hormone” for its role promoting social bonding, altruism and more. Now new research from Duke University suggests the hormone may also support spirituality. 

In the study, men reported a greater sense of spirituality shortly after taking oxytocin and a week later.

That’s one way of putting it. Here’s a quick sample of how some other media outlets have described the Duke study.

The so-called “love hormone,” oxytocin, which occurs naturally in the body and is released during sex, boosts spirituality, according to research from Duke University. The study suggests that when you increase lovemaking, life gets more, well, divine.

Having more sex makes men more likely to believe in God.

Researchers claim having sex inspires spirituality and even belief in God.

After a racy romp with your partner, running off to church might be the last thing on your mind. But science has shown that having more sex makes men more devout and more likely to pray.

OK, let’s return to the headline discussion.One of the online sites reporting the oxytocin study was The Sun, a daily tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom. You know the type. Has front pages like…

I won’t link to The Sun’s oxytocin report. It has some sidebars that some might find  a bit questionable. But I will share their headline.




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AND, worth another look

Culinary no-no #490


The sophisticated martini.

Gin (or vodka), vermouth, ice, and a garnish.

And no, this week’s no-no is not that martinis are bad for you. And no, we not going to explore the 7,542 varieties of martinis.

Regular readers realize we’ll get to it…eventually. But first, some great places in Milwaukee to get a classic martini.

Elsa’s on the Park

Branded at the Iron Horse Hotel

Let’s head over to Greendale.

Joey Gerard’s, a Bartolotta restaurant.

They serve Joey’s Martini made with Death’s Door Gin, Death’s Door Vodka,
and Cocchi Americano Vermouth Bianco. The cost: $7.75.  That’s reasonable.

Time to travel again.

The city by the Bay is the home of Epic Steak.

Yes,  a good martini is assured.

Gin? $18.00.

Vodka? $18.00

Their most expensive martini will set you back, get this, $43. No that is not a typo. $43.

You’re thinking they gotta be using some fancy gin or hoity-toity vodka, probably an exotic vermouth. Not exactly correct, but you’re on the right track.

For the answer we need another Golden Gate Bridge photo, but different than the one above.

Image result for image, photo, golden gate bridge, fog

That works.

The $43 Fog Point Martini features Hangar One “Fog Point” Vodka and looks like…

This “special” vodka has a story. Read the label.

I’m sure the Fog Point martini is tasty (it better be). But I find myself concurring with Esther Mobley of the SF Chronicle:

Hold on. Forty-three dollars? For a martini? Even in a town where a one-bedroom in a sinking tower will cost you nearly $4 million, that’s an expensive drink.

Read more, including how they secure the fog, here.

Photos of the Week (09/25/16)

1) Protesters surround a police vehicle in Charlotte on Tuesday. The protests broke out after 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by a black officer at an apartment complex on the city’s northeast side. They continued into early Wednesday morning, when TV footage showed dozens of protesters on Interstate 85 apparently looting semi-trucks and setting their contents on fire on the highway. Photo: Jeff Siner / AP

2) Protesters throw objects at police officers on I-85 during protests. Photo: Sean Rayford / Getty Images

3) Crime scene investigators work at the scene of an  explosion last weekend on 23rd street between 6th and 7th in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, in New York, on Sept. 18, 2016. Photo: Craig Ruttle / AP

4) Ahmad Rahami, wanted in connection with blasts in New York and New Jersey, was taken into custody  after a gun battle with police. The search for Rahami ended after police got a call about a man sleeping in the doorway of a local bar. Rahami was shot in the leg and possibly the arm but managed to shoot one police officer in the hand and another in a bulletproof vest during the confrontation, law enforcement officials said. The injuries sustained by Rahami and the officers did not appear to be life-threatening, officials said. Photo: Ed Murray / NJ Advance Media

5) A sniper from Misrata fires towards Islamic State militant positions in Sirte, Libya. Forces loyal to the United Nations-brokered government have waged a campaign to dislodge Islamic State from Sirte since June. Photo: Manu Brabo / AP

6) A fighter from Libyan forces allied with the U.N.-backed government aims his weapon as he takes a position on a building rooftop during a battle with Islamic State militants in Sirte, Libya. ISMAIL ZETOUNY / Reuters

7) Rahela Sidiqi, a trustee of Women for Refugee Women and originally from Afghanistan, poses for a photograph amid life jackets used by refugees to cross the sea to Europe as they are laid out in London’s Parliament Square on Sept. 19. As world leaders gather in New York at the United Nations migration summit, Parliament Square was covered in what organizers are calling a “life jacket graveyard.” Some 2,500 life jackets used by refugees and migrants, including 625 used by children, were laid on the grounds on Monday, to highlight the thousands that have drowned or gone missing. Photo: Carl Court / Getty Images

8) A Ukrainian protester kicks a Russian man during a protest in front of the Russian embassy in Kiev, where a polling station for Russia’s parliamentary election was open. Photo: YURI KIRNICHNY / AFP – Getty Images

9) A baby aardvark gets weighed at a Prague zoo. Photo: Zuma Press

10) Newborn white Bengal tiger cubs lie with their mother in a private zoo in Borysew near Lodz, Poland. Photo: Reuters

11) Two rare, four-day-old white baby lions are pictured at the private Zoo Safari in Borysew, Poland. Photo: AP

12) Two king penguins and their chick stand in their enclosure in the zoo of Schoenbrunn in Vienna, Austria. Photo: Reuters

13) After more than 100 years the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture opened in Washington, D.C. First Lady Michelle Obama hugs former President George W. Bush while President Barack Obama and former First Lady Laura Bush look on. The push for the museum began in 1915 with African-American Civil War veterans looking for a way to commemorate America’s black experience. Former President George W. Bush signed the law authorizing the construction in 2003. Photo: JIM LO SCALZO / EPA

14) Athletes cheer as fireworks erupt during the closing ceremony of the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday night. RICARDO MORAES / Reuters

15) Wisconsin’s Corey Clement scores on a five-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter as Wisconsin beat Michigan State at East Lansing Saturday, 30-6. Photo: Journal Sentinel.

16) The new $1.1 billion US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis before last Sunday’s packer-Vikings game. Journal Sentinel photo.

17) Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rodgers walks off the field last Sunday after losing to Minnesota on the road, 17-14. Photo: Journal Sentinel.

18) ‘Castellers’ form a human tower during the traditional Merce Fiestas at Saint Jaume square in Barcelona. Photo: QUIQUE GARCIA / EPA

19) A couple kisses while they take pictures in the middle of a field at Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Ahn Young-joon / AP

20) Fashion designer Zac Posen, of Lifetime’s “Project Runway,” adjusts the dress of model Emily Ratajkowski. The 68th annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sept. 18.  Photo: LUCY NICHOLSON / Reuters

21) A model displays a 2017 Spring/Summer design by Alvarno at Madrid’s Fashion Week in Madrid, Spain. Photo: AP

22) People attend the screening of the film “Jaws” by director Steven Spielberg, at Strasbourg public baths during the European Fantastic Film Festival, in Strasbourg, France. Photo; VINCENT KESSLER / Reuters

23) A dog statue makes Shanghai, China, a little cuter. Photo: Splash News