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From American Life League (ALL): Pro-Life This Week – July 30, 2021

Joe Biden is Already the Most Pro-Abortion President in History

Pro-Lifers From All Walks of Life Are Unified in Support for Overturning Roe

Pelosi the ‘devout Catholic’

Meet Deanna: The Hyde Amendment Saved Her Life from Abortion

Devoutly corrupt: Some bishops make it clear that they will not deny pro-abortion Catholics like Biden Holy Communion. The media suggests that this is a good tactic, but that’s the media talking, not Church teaching.


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Today’s highly interesting read (08/02/21): New State Laws Hamstring Public Health Officials

2020-03-12-Evers Presser 2-03122020133224 (copy) (copy)

Wisconsin Department of Health Secretary-designee Andrea Palm, left, and Gov. Tony Evers answer reporters’ questions in March 2020 at a press conference after declaring a public health emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: STEVE APPS, WI STATE JOURNAL

In the battle against COVID-19, public health workers spread across states, cities and small towns make up an invisible army on the front lines. But that army, which has suffered neglect for decades, is under assault when it’s needed most.

Officials who usually work behind the scenes managing tasks like immunizations and water quality inspections have found themselves center stage. Elected officials and members of the public who are frustrated with the lockdowns and safety restrictions have at times turned public health workers into politicized punching bags, battering them with countless angry calls and even physical threats.
The Associated Press, June 12, 2020

Verbal and physical threats are never warranted. But since the pandemic hit, unelected government health officials have become more powerful. And many would argue some have abused their authority. So their wings are being clipped. Naturally, that’s drawing opposition.

Today’s read is from Christine Vestal, a writer with Stateline. Here’s an excerpt:

Earlier this year, when vaccines became available and caseloads began falling, nearly all states dropped statewide mask mandates, allowed businesses to reopen and ended restrictions on large gatherings.

Many Republican lawmakers want to keep it that way.

Starting last year, mostly GOP state legislators in nearly every state proposed hundreds of bills to either specifically preclude the use of proven public health measures or more broadly tie the hands of state and local health officials, and governors, in a public health crisis.

Here’s the complete article, including references to Wisconsin.

CRT UPDATE (08/02/21)

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America

Rebecca Kleefisch Calls on Evers, Legislature to Ban Critical Race Theory

We’ve already seen critical race theory push anti-police rhetoric in the classrooms and promote Marxist ideologies to our kids, like asking them to stop referring to their parents as “mom & dad” because it’s not “inclusive language.”

Ibram X. Kendi is the false prophet of a dangerous and lucrative faith

Ibram X. Kendi’s name appears everywhere: in school curricula, corporate-training programs, even the Navy’s official reading list. The Boston University prof is a blazing supernova in the constellation of radical-chic race activism. But be warned: His philosophy would jeopardize the bedrock American ideal of individual dignity and equality under law. 

How U.S. Schools Became Obsessed with Race

A generation of teachers, administrators, and policymakers has been trained, encouraged, and even required by law to view their work through the lens of racial disparity. The “woke” revolution roiling our schools, with its Manichean view of oppressors vs. oppressed, is an overnight development that has been decades in the making.


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Culinary no-no #706


One of the most popular and highly regarded restaurants in NYC is Gramercy Tavern. Take a look.

In 1994, Danny Meyer opened his second restaurant, Gramercy Tavern, a revival and renewal of the classic American tavern.

Last week, on July 28, Gramercy Tavern announced on it Facebook page:

“Seeing guests back in The Tavern is the best feeling, bar none.”

The very next day Meyer said his Union Square Hospitality Group which oversees Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe in NY as well as Anchovy Social in Washington will require indoor diners and drinkers at its restaurants to show that they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. Employees will also have to get the vaccine, although Meyer didn’t say whether they would be fired or be forced to wear masks.

However, the policy will not be extended to Shake Shack, a highly successful hamburger/hot dog/custard restaurant that has a number of locations throughout the United States, including locations in Milwaukee and Madison.

Silly me. I thought restaurants took a beating the past 18th months because of restrictions. Now they’re imposing their own?

Meyer made the announcement about his restaurant’s vaccine policy on CNBC, saying the vaccine requirement is “the most logical thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not a scientist, but I know how to read data, and what I see is that this is a crisis of people who have not been vaccinated, and I feel strong responsibility, on our part as business leaders, to take care of our team and our guests, and that’s what we’re doing. We’re going to give our employees 45 days to make the choice and hopefully this will be the incentive that really makes them say, ‘You know what, now I’m going to do it.’”

So the madness and tyranny continue. With it comes a vilification of evil non-vaxxers.

On WTMJ Radio a few weeks ago talk show host Steve Scaffidi who claims to be a conservative (he’s not) belittled folks who refused to get a jab. From my blog last month:

“I think you’re missing something.”

No Steve. You’re missing the point, big time. People who are not going to roll up their sleeves are doing so, not based on what someone with an “R” next to their name declared on FOX News. They’re making a conscientious, thoughtful decision about what’s best for them and their family, AS IT SHOULD BE.

Another Scaffidi insult. “Unless you’re planning on going back to a country-living hillbilly loving life where you don’t see a doctor until you’re dead, you might want to think long and hard about some of the things you’re spouting on social media.”

You got that. No shot, you must be some ignorant hick. When you voice your opinion you’re spouting.

Concluding the segment Scaffidi said,” You make the call, but you live with your choices or in some cases you die with ‘em,” then immediately went to a break. He took only one call, a sympathetic gentleman who identified himself as a physician, and let him “spout” for a long time. Scaffidi took no callers who disagreed, if any actually called in.  

Compare Scaffidi’s barroom talk analysis to the more thoughtful, respectful analysis of Matt Vespa at

Look, I got the COVID vaccine. I’m pro-vaccine. I am not, however, for mandatory vaccinations. I’m not for this door-to-door nonsense the Biden administration wants to enact but can’t due to the upcoming midterm elections. It’s a choice. I may not agree with someone’s choice not to get vaccinated, but I can totally get why there’s a ton of hesitancy.

First, the experts said to get the shot, but remain inside. Then, they said we can take the masks off. And now some places are saying put those masks back on, the same store-bought ones that don’t curb the spread of COVID as noted by Dr. Anthony Fauci in his recently revealed emails. 

Get the shot, return to normal. They work. That’s simple messaging, but to keep fear and panic alive for political purposes—the experts decided to give us all whiplash with pure science fiction. All this back-and-forth says one thing to most: the vaccines don’t work. That’s not the case—but this is a public relations monster of the Left’s own doing. This is their creature. 

Get vaccinated, but you can’t go outside, they say.  And then, these clowns turn around, go on television, and wonder why people aren’t getting vaccinated. It’s because you people fumbled the ball on messaging. You have been for months.

And to feed the moral superiority complex of liberal America and coastal snobs, they peddle a fake narrative about how vaccine hesitancy is only with Republicans and maybe the religious. Remember, liberals are learned, people. They don’t believe in God. They’re smarter.

All good stuff. But there are other issues at play besides the tyranny, the overreach, the invasion of medical privacy, believe it or not.

First of all, is what Gramercy and many other bars and restaurants planning to do, if they haven’t already, legal?

Let’s turn to Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University who write on

For the most part, the motivation behind government and private mandates are hard to litigate. Courts tend to defer to measures ostensibly protecting others from risk of illness; even in criminal cases, the government has been allowed to conduct “pretextual traffic stops” if it can cite an objective basis.

There may be new legal challenges ahead, however. First, those with religious or medical concerns can challenge mandated vaccination programs. CNN’s Don Lemon called for barring unvaccinated people from offices and businesses, insisting “It has nothing to do with liberty. You don’t have the freedom and the liberty to put other people in jeopardy.” In truth, there are constitutional questions when you force people to take medications or vaccinations that violate their religious beliefs or that fail to satisfy a rational basis.

And now, get ready for the biggie. There have been a handful of attempts and approaches to manipulate people into vaxxing. Since they’ve not worked we’re onto the next according to Turley:

We are now entering the “coerced consent” stage. Unable to persuade or purchase consent, many are arguing to make it difficult to be gainfully employed or functionally active without proof of vaccination.

Unwilling to face the legal or political challenges of mandating a vaccination program, the Biden administration has actively encouraged companies to bar unvaccinated people from planes, restaurants and other venues. The danger is that using companies to censor opposing views and restrict people can amount to a type of government-by-surrogate, a shadow state. 

The greatest danger with the coercion model is that it will further deepen our divisions and turn vaccine resistance into a type of patriotic resistance for some people. Recently, a shocking poll found that almost 50 percent of Republicans believe “patriotic Americans [might] have to take the law into their own hands.” The poll shows how many Americans are increasingly alienated from the government, the media and the established order. Conversely, some commentators on the left have declared that the unvaccinated are terrorists using “biological warfare” against the nation.

Threatening to make the lives of the unvaccinated a “living hell,” or isolating them from society, likely will do little to increase the level of vaccination — but it will do much to increase the level of alienation in our society.

Translation and the Reader’s Digest bottom line: There’s more than a restaurant meal at stake.


ICYMI, Culinary no-no #705

Sunday, August 8, 2021 is National Zucchini Day. FLASHBACK!

Today’s highly interesting read (08/01/21): I Know Exactly Who Is To Blame for This New Wave of COVID-19

This from Steve Benson, a liberal cartoonist…

But even Michael Ramirez, a conservative and quite possibly the best editorial cartoonist in America has joined the piling on.

Today’s read is from Wayne Allyn Root, the author of the new No. 1 national bestselling book “TRUMP RULES.” Wayne is a CEO, entrepreneur, and host of a daily nationally syndicated show. Here’s an excerpt:

Only days ago, President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publicly blamed and shamed “unvaccinated Americans” for this new wave of the COVID-19 virus. I spent days ripping this narrative to shreds on my national radio show. It’s a great big lie.

Why do you think the CDC is in a panic and just recommended masks for vaccinated Americans?

The vaccine isn’t working, yet the powers that be keep pushing the vaccine. Soon there will be vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. The more vaccinated Americans get sick, the more Biden blames and shames the unvaccinated. Something funny is going on.

I’ve uncovered the fraud.

Read the entire column here.

Photos of the Week (08/01/21)

Jourdan Delacruz of the United States reacts after a lift in 49kg weightlifting. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

A pictorial week-in-review posted every Sunday.

1) Adam Turley surveys the damage to his dad’s truck in front of their home on Concord Center Drive in the Town of Concord on Thursday. A line of thunderstorms arrived early Thursday generating numerous tornado warnings as well as high winds and near-constant lightning. Photo by Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

2) A tree was ripped in half near Dahnert Park in the Town of Concord, WI on Thursday. Photo by Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

3) U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) holds up a Capitol Police bulletin requiring masks be worn in interior spaces on the Capitol grounds due to coronavirus during a photo with House Republicans who oppose mask mandates before the group marched to the Senate chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Photo: REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz

4) A pedestrian walks through an art installation of body bags as demonstrators protest against Facebook and what they claim is disinformation regarding coronavirus on the social media giant’s platform, outside Facebook headquarters in Washington. Photo: REUTERS/Jim Bourg

5) A protestor dressed as Jesus Christ, holding a wooden cross reading “Vaccine kills your natural immunity”, is surrounded by French Gendarmes on the Champs Elysees Avenue after clashes on the sidelines of a demonstration against France’s restrictions to fight the coronavirus outbreak, in Paris, France. Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

6) United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin views the military honor guard at Camp Aguinaldo military camp in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Photo: AP

7) U.S. Capitol Police sergeant Aquilino Gonell wipes tears prior to testifying before the opening hearing of the U.S. House (Select) Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Photo: REUTERS/Jim Bourg/Pool

8) An Israeli soldier sprays pepper spray towards a journalist during a protest against Israeli settlements, near Tubas in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, July 27, 2021. Photo: Reuters

9) Gold medallist Sunisa Lee of the United States kisses her medal after winning the artistic gymnastics individual all-around at the Tokyo Olympics. Photo: REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson

10) US gymnast Simone Biles performs on the vault during the Olympic team all-around event on Tuesday, July 27. She stumbled on the landing and withdrew right after that, saying she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to compete. She later pulled out of the individual all-around, which she won in 2016. “I have to focus on my mental health and not jeopardize my health and well-being,” she told reporters. Photos: AP

11) Simone Biles of the United States watches from the artistic gymnastics all-around final from the stands at the Tokyo Olympics. Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake

12) Gold medalists Angelina Melnikova, Vladislava Urazova, Liliia Akhaimova and Viktoriia Listunova of the Russian Olympic Committee celebrate on the podium with silver medalists Grace McCallum, Jordan Chiles, Simone Biles and Sunisa Lee of the United States at the Tokyo Olympics. Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake

13) Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev receives medical treatment during his third-round match at the Olympics on Wednesday, July 28. Midway through the match, the Russian — known for his dry humor and sarcasm — approached the chair umpire to ask what would happen if he died. Medvedev went on to win the match over Italy’s Fabio Fognini.  Photo: Hiroto Sekiguchi/The Yomiuri Shimbun/AP

14) Edie Armstrong reacts when she hears that her son, U.S. swimmer Hunter Armstrong, will be moving on after just making it through the men’s 100m backstroke preliminary race during the 2021 Olympic Games, in Dover, Ohio. “That gave me a small heart attack,” Edie Armstrong said jokingly. “Don’t ever do that to me again Hunter.” Photo: REUTERS/Gaelen Morse

15) Unaccompanied minor migrants from Central America are processed by the U.S. Border Patrol agents after crossing the Rio Grande river into the United States of America from Mexico in Roma, Texas. Photo: REUTERS/Go Nakamura

16) Harvey Weinstein, who was extradited from New York to Los Angeles to face sex-related charges, listens in court during a pre-trial hearing, in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Etienne Laurent/Pool via REUTERS

17) A police riverboat carries the Madonna fiumarola (“River Mary”) along Rome’s Tiber river as part of the traditional Festa di Noantri, on July 25, 2021, in Rome, Italy. The feast was instituted in 1927, but its origin dates back to the 16th century. In 1535, after a violent thunderstorm, a statue of Mary carved out of cedar wood washed up on the shores of the Tiber. She was brought up the river and given to the then-Carmelite church of St. Chrysogonus. Photo: Stefano Montesi – Corbis / Getty

18) People watch a 360-degree animated montage of work by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh at Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience in London. The show is also being held in Milwaukee. Photograph: Henry Nicholls/Reuters

19) In Hampton Court Palace, England, gardener Gemma Hearn undertakes a final trim of the palace’s maze in Surrey, before it reopens to visitors for the first time since March 2020. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

20) Creator Livio De Marchi poses for a portrait near his creation, a violin-shaped boat, on July 23, 2021, in Venice, Italy. The violin boat will be launched in September and will sail around Venice. Photo: Stefano Mazzola / Awakening / Getty

21) Chef Frederick Schoen-Kiewert serves The Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites, the world’s most expensive french fries, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, at Serendipity 3 restaurant New York City. Photo: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

22) Green Bay Packer Alumni James Jones falls back as he plays Gaga ball with Camp Anokijig campers during the Packers Road Trip to the camp, Thursday, July 22, 2021, in Plymouth, Wis. Photo: GARY C. KLEIN/USA TODAY NETWORK-WISCONSIN

My Most Popular Blogs – The month of July 2021

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2) UPDATE: “You can’t be Catholic and be a Democrat”

3) Today’s highly interesting read (07/21/21): A Greek Freak, An American Story

4) “It should be in Franklin”

5) The Best Cartoons of the Week (07/24/21)

6) Contract details for Franklin’s new Assistant Superintendent Jessica Moe

7) Franklin Public Schools: Stick to your guns on masks

8) FLASHBACK: When 14 WI Senate Democrats fled the state and became fleebaggers

9) Did Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon commit political suicide?

10) What dopy thing did Steve Scaffidi say on the radio today?

Week-ends (07/31/21)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


American Olympic medalists

Hidilyn Diaz

Paul Veneto



William Rhoden

Liz Cheney


 “The labor crisis has reached every corner of our state. Yet Democrats have the gall to tell employers there’s no supporting data and that the worker crisis is fake. The governor has finally acknowledged it but thinks more government will solve the issue. We already have programs in place to help people find jobs, what we need is to get people off the couch and go back to work, and we do that by removing the weekly federal bonus check. I had hoped my Democratic colleagues would put politics aside to fix an actual issue affecting employers across the state, but it seems they’ll stick to their marching orders no matter the cost.”
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. A bill Vos (R-Rochester) co-authored to help address the current worker shortage in Wisconsin passed in both houses but failed to become law via the governor’s veto. The legislature used its authority by convening for a veto override.

“Governor, I appreciate your passion for education—however, as usual, you’re trying to fix problems by throwing more money at them. That’s just lazy leadership on your part. In order to improve our schools and help our kids, we should focus on three things: consolidate school districts to one per county, end the stranglehold that the union has on MPS by allowing the state to take over, and refocus on teaching kids how to think instead of what to think.”
State Senator Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) regarding Governor Evers’ call for a special session of the legislature to take up additional funding for education

“The initial goal of public policy was to flatten the curve so we wouldn’t overwhelm hospitals. At some point, federal agencies moved the goal posts. The initial goal was achievable. I’m not even sure what the new goal is. Time to let Americans, not federal agencies, make decisions for themselves and their children. Time to reclaim liberty and end this state of fear.”
US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on new CDC guidelines 

“The CDC hasn’t changed, and the CDC hasn’t really flip-flopped at all.”
Dr. Anthony Fauci

“So, as a matter of policy going forward, given that the Chinese government won’t allow any real investigation, do you still think the U.S. government should collaborate with labs like Wuhan, especially on research that experts consider risky?”
Jake Tapper questioning Anthony Fauci

Well, you know, Jake, if you go back to when this research really started, and look at the scientific rationale for it, it was a peer- reviewed proposal that was peer-reviewed and given a very high rating for the importance of why it should be done, to be able to go and do a survey of what was going on among the bat population, because everyone in the world was trying to figure out what the original source of the original SARS-CoV-1 was.

“And in that context, the research was done. It was very regulated. It was reviewed. It was given progress reports. It was published in the open literature.

“So, I think if you look at the ultimate backed rationale, why that was started, it was almost as if, you didn’t pursue that research, you would be negligent…because we were trying to find out how you can prevent this from happening again.”
Fauci’s response

“We have three vaccines—all are effective against the variant. Millions have been vaccinated. Some are more hesitant. That’s their choice, and to be frank—we shouldn’t blame them. First, it doesn’t solve the issue of lagging vaccination rates. Second, this was always going to be controversial as vaccinations, in general, are a topic that generates intense reactions. Third, it’s just laziness to hurl rage at people who have legitimate questions.
Matt Vespa of

“And while plenty of Republicans have done the ‘vaccine selfie’ routine, there’s also something to be said for taking the vaccine without much fuss or spectacle, since most Americans are probably not inclined to broadcast their private medical procedures online. Showing off a needle in your arm on social media might not be the most effective persuasion strategy, especially for those who may otherwise have reservations about the vaccine. Plus, let’s face it: the whole ‘take a selfie with a needle being inserted into your arm’ concept is a bit weird to begin with. Some may even call it creepy and invasive!”
Journalist Michael Tracey

What we’re seeing on the border is an absolute travesty, and yet my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are going to do nothing about that today, even as we see people coming across the border who are testing positive for COVID.

“We have a crisis at our border and we are playing footsie with mask mandates in the people’s house.

“It’s absolutely absurd what this body is doing, the people’s house. It’s an embarrassment, a mockery, and the American people are fed up. They want to go back to life. They want to go back to business. They want to go back to school without their children being forced to wear masks, to be put in the corner, to have mental health issues.

“And we’re running around here and the Speaker comes down here at 10:00 in the morning saying we gotta wear masks in the people’s house?

“While we have thousands of people pouring across our border and Democrats don’t do a darn thing about it, heavily infected with COVID… We are absolutely sick and tired of it and so are the American people.”
Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy

The national average public school teacher salary for 2019-20 was $64,133. The national average one-year change in public school teacher salaries from 2018-19 to 2019-20 was 2.9 percent.”
The National Education Association. Data released by the NEA shows teacher salaries rose while schools were closed.

“He’s completely LOST it. Needs a cognitive exam NOW! This is a national security issue at this point. I think he’s either going to resign — they’re going to convince him to resign from office at some point in the near future for medical issues — or they’re going to have to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of this man.”
Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), former White House physician doubts whether Joe Biden has the cognitive ability to make it through a full term

“We are run in this country, via the Democrats, via our corporate oligarchs by a bunch of child less cat ladies who are miserable at their own lives and the choices that they’ve made and so they want to make the rest of the country miserable too. It’s just a basic fact. You look at Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, AOC. The entire future of the Democrats are controlled by people without children.

“How does it make any sense we turned our country over to people who don’t really have a direct stake in it? I just wanted to ask that question and propose that maybe if we want a healthy ruling class in this country, we should invest more, we should vote more, we should support more people who actually have kids. Because those are the people who ultimately have a more direct stake in the future of this country.

“It hit a nerve. These people recognize that they’re unhappy. They live in one-bedroom apartments in New York City. They’ve played their entire lives to win a status game. They are obsessed with jobs. They are obsessed with their wealth and their fortunes and they look at middle America, people who are pretty happy with their lives and the choices they’ve made. And they hate normal Americans for choosing family over these ridiculous D.C. and New York status games.”

“I think because of that they just get so angry when somebody calls it what it is. It’s acceptable if they ignore that it never happens but if someone calls out that, look, if you are a miserable cat lady you should not force your misery on the rest of the country. They just get really upset about it.

“People who go home at night and see the face of a smiling kid, whatever their profession, I think they are happier, I think they are healthier and they are going to be better prepared to actually lead this country.”

Candidate for U.S. Senate from Ohio J.D. Vance

“People need to see that police officers go through horrible things, and Jan. 6 was a horrible thing for some of those officers. But, quite frankly, I find this whole Jan. 6 Commission, frankly, a dog and pony show. It doesn’t tell the whole story.

“Myself, like millions of Americans, sat there watching the testimony thinking, ‘Wait, where are the police officers who appeared – appeared – to let some of the protesters in? Where is the police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt? In fact, why aren’t we talking about Ashli Babbitt? I mean there’s so much more here.

“I want the American public to hear about that (riots spurred by the death of George Floyd). The American public wants to hear about that. They want to hear the testimony. You know, we have a Las Vegas police officer who is still paralyzed from the Black Lives Matter riots. We have thousands of police officers around the country who are retiring because of post-traumatic stress because of the riots.

“The 2020 riots, we can’t just say the whole George Floyd thing was bad and that’s what cops have to deal with and then watch these four weeping men talk about their experiences, ignoring thousands and thousands of police officers, ignoring their feelings and their experiences and their injuries. she said.

“It’s heartbreaking.  I have some cops who would rather go back to Iraq than continue to work on the street, just because of the massive amounts of blood and bodies and everything they deal with that people don’t see.

“It’s taking its toll. We already had a police officer mental health crisis in this country before George Floyd, and now the uptick in police officer suicides is reaching a crisis level.”

National Police Association spokeswoman Betsy Brantner Smith.  Brantner Smith’s comments came the day after four law enforcement officers who responded to the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol gave testimony to a House select committee about their experience.

“I believe it takes more strength to throw off enormous expectations than it takes to live up to them.

I don’t know what it’s like to have the eyes of the world on me or to be under the pressure that comes with having to defend being the greatest of all time. But I do know what it’s like to believe that what I have to offer doesn’t matter unless I hear an avalanche of praise. I know what it’s like to feel paralyzed by the fear of not being ‘good enough.’

“Biles’s unprecedented excellence is already an inspiration to millions to give their all in whatever they do; my hope is that now, millions know they can choose to not give their all when the pressure is on. Or to put that another way: Sometimes ‘giving your all’ isn’t a show of strength on the outside; it’s what happens within.

Ana Marie Cox, political journalist, author and host of the podcast “With Friends Like These.” After failing to land a vault she’s been nailing in competitions since 2018, gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the US women’s team at the Olympics.

I don’t like what has been done to us and what we’ve allowed. I don’t like the brainwashing. The lack of accountability. The lack of expectations for greatness. She is on the biggest stage in the world,” he said. She has the chance to represent the United States. She has the chance to represent black people. I quit. I’m not in the right headspace.”
Sports journalist Jason Whitlock on Biles

“I know nothing of gymnastics. I do know however that with sports of any level there comes a lot of pressure. Throwing in the towel as she wasn’t having a perfect performance is a good message to send young aspiring athletes. Other people would of killed for that spot.”
Former UFC champion Michael Bisping

All over the world, the best educated white people are also the most likely to be stupid. By educated, I mean the number of years spent in school, and nothing more. By stupidity, I mean a lack of common sense, as in a denial of human nature.

The latest evidence to support this observation can be found in the results of a Pew Research Center survey, published July 27. Pew found that 56% of adults surveyed believe that “gender is determined by sex assigned at birth,” and 41% believe it can be different. Who believes the latter? “Liberal Democrats are particularly likely to say gender can be different from sex assigned at birth.” In fact, 81% believe this to be true.

Also, “those with a bachelor’s degree or more education are more likely than those who do not have a college degree to say a person’s gender can be different from sex assigned at birth.” Regarding race, white people are the most likely to accept this position; blacks are the least likely.

Here are some basic biological facts that are resisted by educated white people.

A male carries the XY chromosomes; a female carries XX. Sorry, folks, there is no third combination—no XYZ exists. It’s a binary fact of life.

Males have a penis, scrotum, and testicles. Females have a vagina, uterus, and ovaries. Yes, one can pay a doctor to mutilate his genitals and construct a Lego-type replacement—though many trans persons refuse to finish the job—but this is still not a game changer.  

Educated white people who deny what nature, and nature’s God, has ordained, need to be deprogrammed. Either that or they will continue to prove just how stupid they really are.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue


FBI sexcapades


More Americans Want ‘Black Lives Matter Riots’ Investigated Than January 6 Riot


Jan. 6

Aaron Rodgers arrives in Green Bay


From Super-Spreader Sex Houses to Nude Beach Fistfights, Vaccinated Partying Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

‘Sir, there is something on your chin’