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Two GOP state lawmakers and three city of Milwaukee aldermen held a news conference (in April) at the West Allis Police Department to discuss proposed legislation to strengthen penalties for carjacking and allow judges to impose longer youth prison sentences on juvenile offenders.

Mark Belling reported today that in the state Assembly a representative from Oshkosh who chairs the committee where the legislation is to be considered is refusing to schedule a hearing that would kill it.

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Today’s highly interesting read (05/24/17): Some Black Lives Don’t Matter

When I worked at WUWM I produced an award-winning documentary in the late 1980’s about black-on-crime.

One of the persons I interviewed was Dr. Carl Bell of Chicago who told me black-on-crime was so serious the matter should be considered a national public health issue.

I found a People article from 1988 about Bell and his crusade to stop black-on-black murders that included talking to pre-teens. His stunning message was a precursor to the extreme violence that has overwhelmed Chicago today.

Surveys conducted by Bell among 536 children in three public schools in a high crime area on the South Side of Chicago reveal that by age 11, four of every five of those black children have personally witnessed a beating. One out of three has seen a stabbing or shooting. Now he plans to deliver a little shock talk to his preteen-age audience.

“I’m here today to talk about the leading cause of death among black males between 15 and 44,” he begins. “The cause is murder.

“Now why are all these black men being murdered?

 “The answer is ‘us’ and ‘guns.’

“If you have a loaded gun in your home, that gun is 118 times more likely to kill a family member or a friend than a burglar. But for every murder, there are 100 other acts of black-on-black violence—sexual molestations, rapes, robberies and physical assaults. And do you know what sends more black mothers to the emergency room than all the auto accidents, muggings and rapes combined? Husbands, that’s who. We have got to teach black people to stop beating each other to pieces right in their own living rooms.”

Carl Bell is a rare exception.

Since I worked on that documentary in the 80’s right up through the present I’ve witnessed a total lack of concern among black officials who feel those who try to raise awareness are racist and/or blame victims.

So they don’t talk about it, and thus, do nothing about it.

Today’s related read is from Heather McDonald.

WI the only state in the nation

start of summer, memorial day, barbeque, memorial day celebrations

Many of us are thinking about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. What to barbecue is top of mind.

Some WI lawmakers are also contemplating Veterans Day and how we observe that special day.

Bills introduced in both the state Senate and state Assembly would designate November 11, the day on which Veterans Day is traditionally celebrated, as a state holiday on which state offices are closed. Under  current law, the offices of the agencies of state government are generally closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and a total of nine state holidays. These bills also increase the number of regular paid holidays state employees receive annually from nine days to ten days and eliminate the personal floating holiday provided to state employees in recognition of Veterans Day.

So far, state Senator Dave Craig who represent Franklin has not signed on the Senate bill as a co-sponsor. State Representative Ken Skowronski who represents Franklin in the state Assembly is a co-sponsor of the Assembly bill.

The WI State Journal has more.

Today’s highly interesting read (05/23/17): ‘Getting A License In This State Has Been A Nightmare’

Wisconsin’s licensing problem is very simple to explain and understand.

Bradford Collins was earning a comfortable living doing remodeling and construction plumbing jobs for Chicago Land’s rich and famous. All of that experience, all of that training, and the certification that came with it, amounted to nothing when Collins, 46, moved to Green Bay six years ago to be closer to his kids.

The state told Collins he’d have to enter an apprenticeship program for five years before he could even think about taking the test to earn his plumber’s license.

“I realized this guy was getting a raw deal,” Jacque said. “I mentioned to some students from my district who were touring the Capitol that this would be one of the things discussed by the (Joint Finance) committee. I told them that it would be like if they completed fifth grade and moved to Minnesota or Illinois and were told they had to start all over in kindergarten again.”

Today’s entire read is here.


The latest pro-life news (05/22/17)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

Christianity’s roots deeply pro-life

The defenders of abortion are trotting out some of their most dishonest arguments. One of the worst is the claim that Christians have only quite recently become concerned about the sanctity of human life and the evil of abortion.

In fact, one of America’s most infamous abortion doctors, Dr. Willie Parker of Mississippi, has made such a claim in his new book, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice. Parker, who refers to himself as a Christian, writes: “If you take anti-abortion rhetoric at face value, without knowing much about the Bible, you might assume that the antis have Scripture on their side. That’s how dominant and pervasive their righteous rhetoric has become. But they do not. The Bible does not contain the word ‘abortion’ anywhere in it.”

Dr. Parker claims that the Bible does not even mention abortion as a word, which is quite true but irrelevant. The Bible consistently reveals life as God’s gift and mandates the protection of human life, made in God’s image, at every stage of life and development.

Read the rest from Albert Mohler

Pro-Life News

DEFUND PP: Planned Parenthood of the Heartland says four of its Iowa clinics will now have to close their doors thanks to state budget cuts.

DEFUND PP: Three Planned Parenthood clinics in New Mexico—one in Albuquerque, one in Rio Rancho and one in Farmington—will close by this fall. PLW: The closure of Iowa and New Mexico abortion referral facilities show that Planned Parenthood’s real slogan is “care, if it’s paid for with tax dollars.”

CLOSURE: Planned Parenthood has announced that it will close its last facility, in Casper Wyoming, on July 21. That location had been in business for 40 years. PLW: Planned Parenthood claims their Wyoming closure is due to “financial solvency,” not directly related to state funds being stripped from the abortion giant.

MEXICO CITY POLICY: President Trump’s policy, dubbed Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance, includes exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother. PLW: We applaud the defunding of international organization that perform and promote abortions, but no federal dollars should ever be used to kill any child

GLORIA STEINEM: “It’s obviously ridiculous to say somebody is ‘pro-abortion.’ Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, ‘I think I’ll have an abortion. It’s a pleasurable experience.'” PLW: The only way to follow that assertion is to ask: “Why isn’t it pleasurable? Is it because you know that it’s killing a child?” If abortion doesn’t kill a human being, it’s just a simple surgery, so what’s the problem, Gloria?To stay up-to-date all week, follow Pro-Life Wisconsin on Twitter.


From WI Right To Life.


Pope Francis: No Research Justifies Killing Human Embryos, Unborn Babies “Precious in the Eyes of God”

Six Big Reasons to Defund Planned Parenthood Now

Milwaukee’s infant mortality numbers improve but the racial disparity is still wide


Donated wedding dresses help parents grieve after losing infant



Today’s highly interesting read (05/22/17): GOP, get in the fight for Trump!

Guest Blog
By Bob Dohnal, Publisher
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

I am incredibly impressed by what Trump, Priebus and the gang are doing in the Mideast.  It shows up the stupid plans and programs that we have had the last 8 years, for the most central part of the world.

Trump and the gang are bringing all three Religions, societies together to do what we should have done the last decade.

Of course the MS Media and the left will find that Donald missed some important punctuation, in his speech, maybe forgot to dot an i.

Let’s face it, the MSM, the left and some of those gutless GOPers that decided they want to destroy Trump, before he ever got into office, want to drive him from that office, within 2 years.

WE were not Trump backers till Kasten, Tommy, Sue Lynch, Linda Cross, Muriel, many other including my wife, convinced me that he actually did want to make” America Great Again”, something that has been sadly missing for decade.

Then I read your entries in Facebook, about how we should try to turn Donald into George Will, just like some of the Reagan people tried to redo Reagan in 1984, and made a giant mess of it.

Trump is where he is, because he is a fighter.

If Romney, McCain, and others had half the spunk that he has, Obama would have never existed, and his policies which set our working people back a decade, at important time in their lives would have taken place.

Trump, just like Tommy, Reagan, talks right to those people that got Tommy elected, in Wisconsin, something from which the GOP has turned away.

Reince saw that when he became GOP chair in Wisconsin. We had numerous meetings to go over what needed to be done.

Wisconsin’s heart is the people that are in the little neighborhoods. They were in the service, drive pickups, bowl, fish, hunt, go to church, raise their families, obey the law.  They are the guts of our party.  We often forget that.

In 1992 we moved away from the Kasten plan that elected Bob in 1980.  Quayle, Ryan and many others used the plan. Then we moved to the “modern” way of raising big Bucks, running useless ads and ignoring the Grass Roots.  A GOP theocracy is something we do not need.

The last 6 years have been good for us, but anyone that knows Wisconsin knows that we have won lots of those races because of the opposition to Obama and his programs.

Trump led us to a narrow victory that the left had already put into their win column.  This devastated them.  Who to Blame.  They had to respond to 2 billion dollars’ worth of donors.

We need to realize that.  The Left, according to the Post reporter that McCoshen and I talked to, for long time, has made Wisconsin target #1, to retake power. They are smart and have big Bucks.

Never underestimate the Left.

The worst thing that Trump can do is what you want him to do, become Bill Kristol.  He might gain a few of the elite, in our state, but would lose the guys that sit in deer stands, in the fall.

Murray Chotiner told me, in a bar in 1968, during a National Campaign school:  “In politics you must attack, attack, attack.  Never retreat, apologize, defend.  If attacked go on the offense again, yell smear, and attack.”

Your plan would show up like fireworks and destroy Trump and his credibility.

Goldwater at a fundraiser said every day, the alarm went off, he rolled over, put two feet on the ground and wondered who he would fight that day.

The Dems follow Alinsky, he is not a chicken. Too many of our people follow the possum and play dead when the bullets start flying.  Nixon: “Dems form circle and shoot out, when trouble starts. GOP does the opposite.”

Defeatists, joining the Kristol, Will, Brooks, Safire gang, stick their heads into the ground and whine.

Rest of you, time to get out and fight like hell, every day, or forever join the losers of life.

If Romney’s, both of them, McCain and others had half the fight that Trump has, we would be in a different place today.

Newt: “NY Times, Post get up in the morning, look for something to help drive Trump from office. If they cannot find something, they take some abstract nutty thing, add unnamed sources, gutless at best, and lie like hell, with one goal in mind, to drive Trump/Ryan/Priebus from office.”

Their editors back them up.

Leakers hide behind the press, so no one can double check them.  Gutless liars; all.  GOP should stand up and fight back, not hide.  You will never win anything hiding under the bed, as you propose.

The GOP whines, hides their heads under the covers and quivers in the dark.

I challenge the GOP to fix/grow the party, find new leaders, while we have the advantage by taking the membership from less than 10,000 to ten times that.

The Leaders have to get off their dead asses and work.

Strategy North Korea


My sons, brother in law have been to Korea on regular basis.   WE have three stars in the window.

This hot potato has been passed on to Trump at the same time that the left wants to destroy him, drive him from office while this Kim of Korea, not a nut, but smarter than we are, pushed for way to destroy us.

Why is he smarter than us?

Three Presidents have let him develop nukes, delivery systems, ICBM’s and worse he got us to pay for them and his army.  How?

We fed his people while he built his army.

Just think, he could nuke Seoul, our troops, within minutes, then sweep down the peninsula within weeks, and we could do little.  WE have few divisions, combat ready courtesy of Obama.

We would have to use nukes.

Last week Tommy met with the Japanese businessmen. They are scared to death.  They have been nuked.

My uncle, Marvin Ario was in the Occupation troops after WWII.  He actually drove to Hiroshima, with some guys, in a borrowed Jeep.  They knew nothing of radiation. Scary.

Every day, ask yourself, how can Left wing Americans destroy this country, like some Banana Republic, by driving an elected President from office.

It is pure BS, that the “Russians did it.” Next the Left will try to blame their little brother.

They had lousy candidate, ran lousy race and they abandoned the working people of this country.  The working families knew that the Left cared little about them. They were far more worried about bathrooms.

If Russkies did it, tell me how? I have run over 100 campaigns and I would like to know.

Answer:  Who, what, why, where, when?  What is the crime, who committed it, what did they do, how did they do it, when did they do it, and where?

No answers??  Then what the hell are we doing?

This is a dissertation from Prof. Lamont Colucci on the Korean problem.

Bob Dohnal, Publisher
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

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