How would you describe Franklin?

I don’t mean in a lengthy paragraph or two.

I’m talking brief, concise.

In the past on many occasions I used the term “Tax Hell.”

Oh my. A golden oldie. Ancient news. I’m 93.6% certain he doesn’t feel that way anymore.

In 2014 I also called Franklin a “retail sieve.”

2019: Franklin still is. The city needs to get down on its hands and knees and thank Mike Zimmerman.

Regular readers know how I’ve been critical of growth-dead Franklin. City officials are in denial. Our economic development director is kept in a cave, and has said and dome virtually nothing to advance Franklin. But she’s the mayor’s hire so, you go figure.

The absolutely last and final descriptive term to describe Franklin would be:



Are you nuts, crazy, out of your mind, one French fry short of a Happywhat the wesb Meal?

But that’s what the website GOBankingRates is claiming.

Their main focus isn’t Franklin. No sir.

Wisconsin: Madison

  • 5-year change in population: 6.1%
  • 10-year change in population: 13.2%
  • 5-year change in owner-occupied housing units: 1%
  • 10-year change in owner-occupied housing units: 5.6%
  • 5-year change in per capita income: 11.7%
  • 10-year change in per capita income: 22.8%

In Madison, the 10-year percentage change in the population of 13.2% exceeded the national average of 7.45%.


Population. The website said “Boomtowns are considered the fastest-growing cities in America due to rapid business and population growth.”

When it comes to Franklin, designating it as a boomtown couldn’t possibly be due to “rapid business growth.”

What business growth? And rapid? What were they smokin’?

Label this one: FAKE NEWS

I  think I’ll have more on this in the future.

Planning to use your AC this Week? Is it already on? SEXIST!

Where I live, well, the weathermen/women are always right when the climate becomes uncomfortable.

Wednesday: 85

Thursday: 93

Friday: 99

Saturday: 89

Sunday: 84

Our AC will definitely be working.

Thus, I’m a sexist.


Taylor Lorenz, who writes for The Atlantic,  recently tweeted out:

Air-conditioning is unhealthy, bad, miserable, and sexist. I can’t explain how many times I’ve gotten sick over the summer b/c of overzealous AC in offices.

She tweeted again.

Dying at all the men in my mentions having a literal *meltdown* because I suggested raising office temps a few degrees in the summer. No amt of AC on the planet will help men online.

And again.

Like buy a fan. Ur not gonna die lol. I should be able to wear dresses in the summer and not get hypothermia. Weird that making women slightly more comfortable and productive at work causes so many men to have a mental breakdown.

The liberal NY Times started it all.

I am not ashamed. I will be sexist the rest of this week.


Today’s highly interesting read (07/16/19): Trump’s Bold Truth-Telling About ‘The Squad’ Makes Free Speech Great Again


“Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done.”
Tweet by President Trump referring to four female House members of color

Cue the critics.

John Nolte at Breitbart has today’s read:

The truth is that Trump never brought up skin color, gender, or “people of color,” which means there was nothing racist about his tweets. Nothing nativist. Nothing xenophobic. His tweets focused on only one thing: behavior — the appalling behavior of the harridans, their indefensible bigotry, their open hatred of Jews, their unforgivable use of equivalence to compare the American military to al Qaeda and our border enforcement to Nazi concentration camps, their un-American crusade to prioritize illegal immigrants over American citizens and legal immigrants.

Trump told the truth. Trump defended America. This is what a president is supposed to do.

Read the entire piece here.


God love Festa Italiana, and we do, but c’mon

Image may contain: fireworks and night

Fireworks start approximately 10:45 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday nights (No Friday fireworks, and people are not happy about that…BOO!).


Are you kidding me?

This is supposed to be family friendly. They expect families with small children, even babies (yes, they’re out there) to stay up to 10:45?

German Fest not much better. 10:30 on Friday and Saturday nights.

The latest pro-life news (07/15/19)


Don’t miss our closing heartwarming story every week!

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

From WI Right To Life:


‘Dad-vocate’ for Down syndrome children offers powerful pro-life example

Pro-Life leaders tell White House summit of online censorshipMORE

OPINION: Pro-life Groups Should Join Effort at the Border


How a ballet dancer overcame her scoliosis: “Giving up was not an option for me”


Today’s highly interesting read (07/15/19): I went to the border to help people. Members of Congress were shocked when I asked them to help, too

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

Today’s read is from Abby Johnson is the director of And Then There Were None, which helps abortion workers leave their jobs and find life-affirming ones. She’s also the author of “Unplanned”, which has been made into a feature film of the same name.

Rep. Vincente Gonzalez, D-Texas, who donated $1,000 to the center, according to the monitor, walked by our 18-wheeler as we were just getting ready to start unloading and we asked him again to help.

Donated diapers for respite center in McAllen, Texas. (Courtesy of the author)

With a dismissive wave of his hand, he smugly said “I’ll send someone” and then walked to his air-conditioned car and left. No one from his office came to help. Are you surprised?

Read the entire column here.

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UPDATE: THE TOP TEN FRANKLIN STORIES OF 2017: The stories that didn’t make the cut

Previously on This Just In… see note about Jim Hughes.

The update:

At Sunday’s Milwaukee Milkmen game at Routine Field in Franklin, Alderman Steve Taylor (far left)  presented former Franklin High School Baseball Coach Jim Hughes (wearing cap) with a jersey and hat. Also on hand was Franklin Alderman Mark Dandrea (third from left).

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: 3 people, including Steve F. Taylor, people smiling, people standing and beard

Image may contain: one or more people, stadium and outdoor