Earth to Franklin aldermanic candidate: YOU do not speak for ME or WE

City of Franklin unveils new logo and branding

Deborah Davis is running for Franklin’s Common Council in District 1 against the incumbent, Alderman Ed Holpfer.

Davis is a favorite on the hard, hateful left Franklin Facebook page. She recently dropped the following comments on the page regarding proposed housing units on the city’s SW side, emphasis mine.

1) Our position is that we don’t want to approve acreage rezoning to industrial until we know the proposed use, and ideally the company interested in buying the property. Residents in this area already are living with a landfill, auto salvage and a proposed slaughterhouse all within a mile. We don’t want more industry coming in with the potential to compromise air or water quality (or general quality of life).

2) OK, we (City of Franklin) lost at the Common Council meeting last night. Cape Crossing was approved for development despite public safety, environmental, zoning, and traffic concerns.

Who is she talking about? Who is we?

Does she head up or is a member of some special local organization we don’t know about? Did she conduct a poll of residents/voters in the district she’s running in that we are unaware of?

Davis doesn’t speak for me. She doesn’t represent me. She doesn’t sing out of the same hymnal as me. And I’m positive I’m not alone. But she’s speaking as though everyone is walking lock step with her. 

She also apparently doesn’t understand that two of the votes FOR the housing development she opposes came from potentially future constituents of hers: Ed Holpfer and the mayor!

The vote in April in District 1 is for Ed Holpfer.


Current Alderman John Nelson likes Davis. Nelson also likes the severely flawed candidate running against Alderman Mike Barber. More on that to come.

2 thoughts on “Earth to Franklin aldermanic candidate: YOU do not speak for ME or WE

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