Goodnight everyone, and have a crisp autumn weekend!

Every Friday night we smooth our way into the weekend with music, the universal language. These selections demonstrate that despite what is being passed off as art today, there is plenty of really good music available. Come along and enjoy.

Fall has definitely arrived. Days are cooler, shorter.

This week the music is that of autumn so put on a hoodie, pour a pumpkin latte, and enjoy our selections as well as some lovely photos we dug up.

Let’s start with what is probably the most famous and most popular song of the season, sung beautifully by the late Natalie Cole. The track is from an album she did of many of her father’s recordings.

A maple tree shows its fall colors on Friday, September 17th, 2010, in Woodstock, Maine. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

This marks the 50th year of the animated special “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” The PEANUTS gang celebrates Halloween, with Linus hoping that, finally, he will be visited by The Great Pumpkin, while Charlie Brown is invited to a Halloween party.

David Benoit on the piano…

Elliott Cely, 2, of Portland, plays in a pumpkin patch at the Rasmussen Farms Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010, in Hood River, Oregon. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

This next highly acclaimed musician got his first guitar, a steel string acoustic, when he was 8 years old. He started teaching himself to play. Remarkably he’s never had a lesson in his entire life. As a youngster he knew he was bound for a musical career.

Eventually he got an electric guitar, but it was burned accidentally in a fire set by his brother. So he went back to playing his old acoustic. The fire would be what he called a major turning point in his life as he developed a passion for acoustic music that he’s never lost.

Born in London he made his first trip to America in 1975 and opened up for artists like Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel and Queen.  In addition to recording his own material he’s performed on recordings by Dave Koz, Gato Barbieri, Rick Braun, Richard Elliot, Craig Chaquico, Jeff Golub, Lee Ritenour, 3rd Force, The Rippingtons, Kirk Whalum, Boney James and Marc Antoine.

Storm clouds blow across the sky as the rain starts to fall in a three second exposure made in a pumpkin field in Benton, Pennsylvania on Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 22, 2010, just as a violent storm hit the region. (AP Photo/Bloomsburg Press Enterprise, Jimmy May)

This next standard is often associated with Frank Sinatra.

Even though it could be something out of my father’s album collection, Percy Faith and his Orchestra go beyond the typical “elevator music” style with the inclusion of saxophone that gives it a sultry, sexy sound.

Autumn in New York
Why does it seem so inviting?
Autumn in New York
It spells the thrill of first-knighting

Glittering crowds and shimmering clouds
In canyons of steel
They’re making me feel
I’m home

It’s autumn in New York
That brings the promise of new love
Autumn in New York
Is often mingled with pain

Dreamers with empty hands
May sigh for exotic lands
It’s autumn in New York
It’s good to live it again

Lovers that bless the dark
On benches in Central Park
It’s autumn in New York
It’s good to live it again

Fog rises off a lake in Highlands, New York on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

That’s it for this week.


Sleep well.

Have a great weekend.

We close with bassist extraordinaire Brian Bromberg.

Cranberries are harvested near Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009. (AP Photo/Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association, Andy Manis)


Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Lovely lady strolling slowly towards the sun

This week some psychedelic rock. But first…

Take a look at this picture of a group from the very early 1970’s.

Recognize them?

How about the guy second from the left?

Don’t know?

That’s ok. Good chance you’ve at least heard them.

They originally called themselves The Moonrakers. Later they changed their name to Sugarloaf, a mountain outside Boulder, Colorado.

Does that  help at all with a clue to tonight’s oldie?

The lead singer and keyboardist for Sugarloaf was Jerry Corbetta.

He’s in the back row, far left.

Sugarloaf’s first and biggest hit came in 1970. “Green Eyed Lady” was nearly seven minutes long, yet still got air time until it was chopped down for even greater radio play. It climbed to #3 on the Billboard chart.

Corbetta died this month due to Pick’s disease, a rare form of progressive dementia that affects specific parts of the brain. He was 68.

Enjoy the rarely heard long version.

Guest Blog: The latest from the WI Conservative Digest

By Guest Bloggers:
Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers
Wisconsin Conservative Digest


Trump wins:

We believe that Trump won the debate and the presidency.  All he had to do was stay with Hillary. She has lots of experience, mostly wrong.

She has made bad decisions, except when making sure her family is in the chips. He had to show he was capable of being a president, he did that and so won the day.  All the polls we saw show him winning except from the Lefty CNN.


Ron and Russ:

Russ spent 18 years in the senate, never accomplished anything, never brought a job to Wisconsin, even refused to help companies that needed help with the govt.

He was kicked out of office because he invented these Big Money groups, 527’s, to help him and the Dems, but it has backfired.  Hillary, Bernie hate them, but Russ loves them.

Ron came from nowhere. He has been instrumental in putting National security together, saving social security, for this country.  A solid leader, liked by all, while Russ is biggest flake, and jerk, in the country.

Dickie Morris: “Feingold biggest flake in senate, no one follows him”.  Feingold cannot lead, cause no one follows.

Ron needs Conservative help.  He can win.  If every Conservative, that gets this email, gets 100 voters for Ron via phone, card, email and door to door. He will win, so go out and do your job.  Grass roots wins in Wisconsin.


North Carolina Riots:

Big Thanks to Scott Walker and Sheriff David Clarke. They called in the State Patrol asap, the first day, to put maximum force at the riot site, so we did not have a repeat of 1967 riots in Milwaukee.  Their fast thinking, overruling Abele and Barrett, who always dither and dather, saved lives and property.

Clarke closed down Sherman Park, where the thugs were organizing and getting ready to blow.  After it was all over, then Abele steps in and to show his manliness and fought with Clarke to open it up again.


Tommy, Ryan, Scott.:  Why did Ryan win his primary?  He is a Conservative, that actually wants to solve problems.  Tommy solved problems with Conservative programs, and so has Scott.

Talked to Scott at the Randa funeral about reorganizing the UW system.  Many of the state business and community leaders are pushing to do that.  It must be done.

Too much duplication, ancillary staff, administration, big buildings, pork, in the system.  It will help reduce costs for our kids.

Our family loves the University, wear our colors all the time.

All 7 of us took advantage of the schools, to have success full careers

But everything has to change.  Companies reorganize every year, Colleges every 300 years.

They porked up, on student loan money.

Too many of our kids come out with heavy debt. They did not eat grilled cheese at Rennebohms, 10 times a week, like we did.  They need credit counseling, too.



To us, our premier problem in this state, is the fact that our reading scores are down.  We have spent ten times as much, for 40% fewer student, in the schools, since 1970.

Only 15% of the kids, at MPS, can read after third grade.  That is disaster.

These inner city kids, cannot be wasted, to live off the streets.


Movie to See:  “Sully”.  Great acting and an eye opener about Govt. Bureaucracy.

Book to Read:  “Killing the Rising Sun”.  Why did we drop the “Bomb”.

Series to Watch:  “Longmire” on NetFlix:  We hunted that area for decades, beautiful.


My partner, Jean, 47 years, five kids, has been laid up for knee replacements.  It has been tough ride.  She really appreciates all the thanks she has gotten from everyone.


Conservative Leadership:

We have worked 50 years, for Conservatives, that solve problems.  We need help.  Who wil come forth, to lead, to offset the big money with Grassroots efforts?  We do not need these big donors, on both sides, we need Grass Roots efforts.  You can win this election by working in your areas to get out vote.


Chronicle of Conservative History in Wisconsin since 1964.  We are writing a Chronicle of the History of Conservative action in this state since we started in 1964.  Any one want to help?  Linda Cross will edit the ideas.


Bob and Jean Dohnal, Publishers

Wisconsin Conservative Digest





Reconsidering the move to reconsider Ballpark Commons

Last week Franklin Alderwoman Susanne Mayer arrived at the Common Council meeting with a plan that if successful might have derailed the proposed Ballpark Commons.

Mayer’s resolution to reconsider a vote approving a TIF district for the multi-use development was a colossal failure. Not one of her colleagues stepped forward to second her motion to reconsider.

Her resolution was based on, or so she claimed, a concern that the Ballpark Commons TIF District, a development she voted in favor of just a few weeks prior, was suddenly not financially viable. No one except some malcontents in the audience was on board.

Though not as grand as Miller Park the Ballpark Commons, for a municipality the size of Franklin, is still a monumental deal. Filled with moving parts and stipulations the process is complex. This is one Franklin project where the deliberations moving slowly is actually warranted (but not too slowly, to be clear).

That there are naysayers isn’t surprising.

Speculation behind the scenes is that Alderwoman Mayer had some help coming up with her reconsideration plot that completely bombed. That’s probably true because I don’t believe Mayer is that cunning politically to have mastered the plan on her own.

Someone had to convince her that a) Ballpark Commons was flawed and b) she could provide the remedy. Mayer bought in and quickly concocted, with help I’ll bet, a resolution that left her wearing a four-egg omelet facial.

Here’s the larger issue to remember. Mayer’s catastrophic maneuver was just one salvo. More negativity is sure to come.

We’ve already seen clear demonstrations from the NIMBY crowd they won’t stand for this. Word is they’ve hired attorneys to fight for their cause.

Be prepared. No opposing argument will be considered out of bounds.

It will be too noisy.

Lights will be too bright.

You might actually have, GASP,  cars motoring into and out of Franklin.

We’ll have to build more schools if we build apartments. That’s an odd one to me. A lot of people asserting that are poised to vote for the school referendum in November. So help me out. Is school construction a good thing or a bad thing?

And then some of my favorites.

Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard, “You know it’s on a landfill don’tcha?”

Thanks for the enlightenment.

We will destroy our environment.

We will destroy our children (Yes, I’ve actually heard that).

You’d think Ballpark Commons was going to explode to Smithereens during a 7th inning stretch one night.

We also should know that the project simply is not going to work. At all. Period.

I’m not sure if that came from a crystal ball or Ouija board.

As stated previously I understand a project of this magnitude will not win everyone over. And I suspect that the tone of the dissenters will, and this is as nicely as I can put it, unfortunate.

Rude. Arrogant. Condescending. Mean. Hyperbolic. Downright false. Supporters of the project need to respond, but with good manners.

And what of Alderwoman Mayer? Is she and her confidant still stinging from that embarrassing defeat? If so will she return with another effort to try to torpedo Ballpark Commons?

This is Franklin, folks. Nothing is too strange.

The Packers have a bye week: Now what?

OR, the following is a Public Service Announcement from Kevin Fischer and This Just In…

NFL Week 4


Green Bay


Look out guys. The Packers don’t play this week.

Guys, don’t kid yourselves. The women have been plotting…for a long, long time. They fully expect your TV screen this Sunday to look like this…

Here’s a blog I wrote on this extremely serious topic in October of 2007:

My wife, who knows absolutely nothing about sports, and that would include football, is fully aware that the Green Bay Packers don’t play today because of their bye week.

That clever spouse of mine has already sweetly suggested a shopping trip this afternoon.

I imagine there are all kinds of things to do during a bye week.

A female blogger who goes by the name “thestarterwife” on had these suggestions for the Steelers bye week last weekend:

  1. Do your Christmas shopping! And not just because the bargains are terrific this time of year. Come December when the NFL playoff hunt is in full swing and the malls are at their craziest, you’ll be able loaf around on the sofa every weekend guilt-free while all those sad sacks are trying to catch scores on Best Buy displays.
  2. It’s October. Think of all the pumpkins just waiting to be gutted.
  3. Go outside! It misses you. It wonders why it you weren’t out there during the summer, rolling in the grass (Excuse: the pre-season gets earlier and earlier) and why you’re presently not out frolicking through the falling leaves. Plus, as it turns out the rumors are true: reality is slightly clearer than HDTV.
  4. Eat a salad. God knows your digestive tract will appreciate a one-day reprieve from the typical assault of fried and/or alcoholic nonsense.
  5. Visit a museum. Because. You know. Culture. And stuff.
  6. If you insist on staying home, a Sunday afternoon is a good time to catch up on your Netflix and the Tivo you’ve already bloated with four episodes of “Gossip Girl”. (That naughty Chuck Bass is so evil!)
  7. Visit your non-football watching friends. Most likely they’re having a tremendously exciting afternoon of “Scene It” with a box of Cheez-Its and wine spritzers. You probably have a whole plethora of pals who think you lose your mind every fall and would love to see you.
  8. Plan “frisky time” with your mate. Having a full afternoon free for sex can do wonders for a relationship that has been severally strained since the time you begged off saying, “Hold on, I want to make sure I catch Olbermann at halftime.”
  9. Watch baseball. That’s still going, right?

That’s the female perspective.

A few years ago, Keith Hayes wrote these bye week ideas on

Find Religion: Head to church, confess all of those sins and impure thoughts you’ve committed while attending and watching football games the past six weeks… Oh yes, the sins you committed during the preseason count.

Tailgate at Home: Go to you son’s pee wee or mighty mites game done up in grease paint armed with air horns and noisemakers. Then, break out the grill, cook hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids while getting a sugar high from drinking gallons of Teenie Weenie juices.

Mow the Lawn: You haven’t mowed since the hurricane rains, and your backyard has been labeled protected environment by the National  Wildlife Association.

Be a Father to Your Child: Reintroduce yourself to the kids as the father they knew before week one. This way they can forget all about the terrorizing lunatic who has been screaming obscenities at the TV for the past two weekends.

Get in Touch With Your Sensitive Side: Spend time with the wifey/girlfriend/significant other doing the things they like… Renting movies, watching Lifetime or the Oxygen network. For bonus points, take a trip to Christmas Tree Shops with her.

Become a Redneck: Run out, grab a Nextel phone, some chewin’ tobacca’, Coors beer, a Confederate flag, and practice your best south of the border southern drawl so you can spend the weekend as a NASCAR fan watching drivers make 4 left turns. Remember… It’s Chase for the Cup time so try not to disrespect anyone by rooting for someone who is out of the standings.

Make it a Star Wars Weekend: Call up all of your geeky sci-fi buddies, purchase the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD, and watch it in all of it’s hi-def glory as you fantasize about your wifey/girlfriend/significant other wearing Princess Leia’s slave outfit from Return of the Jedi.

Now my perspective.

Uhh, guys…….get a hold of yourselves.

It’s Sunday.

In October.

The National Football League doesn’t come to a grinding halt because the Packers have the day off.

Do not succumb to the “honeydew” assault: “Honey do this, Honey do that.”

Here are Kevin Fischer’s ideas on what to do during a Packers bye week:


There is no #2.

Supervisor Steve F. Taylor (Privileged to Serve) September 2016 E-Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Please click here to view the September 2016 edition of “Privileged to Serve”, the monthly e-newsletter issued by my office.

This edition includes:

-Recognition of Bobby Chase for his work to build a sign for the Hales Corners Fire Department

-Southwood Glen Elementary School in Franklin

-Legislative Roundup

-China Lights at Boerner Botanical Gardens

-Free days at the Milwaukee County Parks, museums, and the County Zoo.

-Upcoming events in our community.

I encourage you to forward this newsletter to anyone who may find it informative. Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office if I can be of assistance concerning any matter involving Milwaukee County.

All My Best,

Steve F. Taylor 

Milwaukee County Board, 2nd Vice Chairman

Economic & Community Development Committee Chairman

Milwaukee County Supervisor, 9th District

(414) 278-4267

(414) 223-1380 fax

Lester Holt horrible in moderator role


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton greet the audience at the start of the first presidential debate of the general election at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., on Monday.

There was a great deal of attention on NBC’s Lester Holt coming into Monday night’s debate. I was not impressed.

How many times did Lester Holt interrupt Hillary Clinton?

How many times did Lester Holt interrupt Donald Trump?

Lester Holt, where were the questions on e-mails?

Lester Holt, where were the questions on Benghazi? Obamacare? Immigration?

Where were the questions on failure after failure overseas when Clinton was Secretary of State?

Observations from others:

Somebody forgot to tell the moderator that he was supposed to moderate and not debate Donald Trump.  Lester Holt, of the Nobody But Clinton network, was clearly in the tank for Hillary Clinton. I suspect he was secretly auditioning to be her press secretary.  Just  tally the number of times Holt interrupted Trump and pressed him on follow up questions and then compare that number to Hillary’s. As we say in Dixie, Hillary got some home-cookin’.
Todd Starnes is the host of Fox News & Commentary – heard daily on 250+ radio stations

The ref not only made himself part of the game on Monday night, he ran up to the scrimmage line, then sacked the quarterback three times.

Arguing with Trump is Clinton’s job, not Holt’s.

For Holt to allow her to get away with saying, “It was a mistake” on her usage of email doesn’t cut it, not from a guy who was willing to hammer Trump on a remark like “I just don’t think she has a presidential look.”
Kyle Smith, New York Post

As he prepared for the crucial first presidential debate, Donald Trump knew moderator Lester Holt would bring up the birther issue. He knew Holt would raise Trump’s tax returns. And his old position on the Iraq war. None are among the voters’ top concerns, but it was eminently predictable that they would be part of the debate — not least because if Holt had not brought them up, Hillary Clinton would have.

But Trump might not have predicted that Holt would leave some equally, if not more, important topics untouched. There was Obamacare, currently veering towards crisis. Immigration, including a proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The Clinton Foundation. Benghazi. Certainly a moderator can’t cover everything, but those were some pretty big omissions.
Byron York, Washington Examiner

Lester Holt asked Donald Trump about his taxes and then challenged him on his answer. He asked him about stop and frisk and then challenged him on his answer. He asked him about the birther issue and then challenged him on his answer. He asked him about Iraq and then challenged, interrupted, or fact-checked him five different times. For Hillary, there was not one single challenge to anything she said. Not one tough question on anything she said, not one question on a controversy, be it Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the e-mails, or her medical records. Holt did the bidding of his colleagues in the media, revealing himself to be nothing more than a pawn of Hillary’s campaign.
The Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell

[A] plurality (46%) of likely U.S. voters believes most moderators will try to help Clinton in the upcoming debates. Only six percent (6%) think they will try to help Trump instead.
Rasmussen poll

“If I were Donald Trump I wouldn’t participate in another debate unless I was promised that the journalist would act like a journalist and not an incorrect, ignorant fact checker. The moderator would have to promise that there would be a moderator and not a fact checker and in two particular cases an enormously ignorant, completely misinformed fact checker. If you wonder why Donald Trump thinks that the press is a left-wing basically oriented group, Lester Holt proved it tonight.”
Rudy Giuliani

Trump was like an excitable dog running around the house, jumping on people and sending grandma’s heirloom vase crashing to the floor. Still, it was good enough to fight Hillary Clinton to a draw. Here’s why:

Clinton was calm, cool, and at times a little too smug for her own good. She went on the attack from the start, a recognition that her campaign has lost its footing and is in need of a jolt. But there is nothing you can tell the American people about Trump that they don’t already know. Clinton’s strategy of demonizing Trump isn’t working. She now trails Trump in key battleground states won by President Obama in 2012, and the national polling is tied.
Eric Fehrnstrom, Boston Globe

This is 2016, a year so weird, unsettled and unsettling, that even the spectacle of an unprepared and almost incoherent Trump, reeling from blow after blow from Democrat Hillary Clinton, may not be enough to slow him down. 
Howard Fineman, Huffington Post

The first Clinton-Trump debate was roughly a draw — which is bad news for her, because she needs to turn this race around, and she failed.

Clinton was on the attack most of the night, with the marked help of moderator Lester Holt. But she didn’t score any body blows — nor remotely offer a rationale for her candidacy beyond he’s just too dangerous, a case she failed to make.

Trump wasted time on pointless defense on basically irrelevant issues — the birther stuff, his taxes and so on. But he didn’t come off as the maniac she needs him to be. New to this game, yes; too volatile, no.
New York Post Editorial Board

It’s over. Trump, the egoist, the racist, the narcissist, the liar, “won.” We all lost. His numbers will go up. She told the truth. So what.

Pro-Hillary gloaters doing end-zone dance again when still on 50-yd line. U MUST get it in your head TRUMP IS GONNA WIN and act accordingly!
Left wing activist and filmmaker Michael Moore on social media


Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy