Today’s highly interesting read (03/31/22): I’m quitting Disney after seeing it boast about pushing ‘gender theory’

We really don’t want to boycott Disney. But we hate what’s happening in that company.

Today’s read is from Karol Markowicz of the NY Post. Here’s the obligatory tease:

What Disney doesn’t understand is that pushing gender dysphoria onto ever younger children will never be popular among the very people who make up Disney’s core audience: families.

Parents don’t want their small children being introduced to the idea that they may have been born into the wrong body.

Read the entire column here.


From Larry O’Connor:

Disney has decided that our parental rights and concerns are secondary to its employees, who find it paramount to have six-year-olds exposed to whatever sexual discussion the LGBTQ+ activists decide. 

If Disney doesn’t reverse course and do some serious damage control, this will soon be seen as one of the most disastrous brand disintegrations in American corporate history. 

The folks who gave you “New Coke” are chuckling to themselves right now.

My thoughts on the Franklin School Board race

Generally speaking, when it comes to school board, I have no use for them. None.

That business about providing the best education for students while being responsible to the taxpayers, that it’s all for the children. As Colonel Potter used to say in M*A*S*H, “Mule muffins!”

A major problem is that in far too many school districts, school boards tend to be far more liberal than the communities they represent. Franklin is a prime example.

On Tuesday April 5th we have a school board election in Franklin, and in all honesty, it’s a complete snoozer.

Three candidates are on the ballot running for two seats. You can vote for up to two but don’t have to. I recommend voting for just one, if you vote at all.

The candidates are:

1) Incumbent, Mike Spragg, current school board president

2) Incumbent, Debbie Larson

3) Jeffrey Hall

Spragg had “one shining moment” last April when he surprised a packed school board meeting, announcing he supported finally taking the masks off Franklin school children. He got a rousing ovation.

But when I say one shining moment, I mean it. His term as board president has been pretty milquetoast. Uninspiring as a leader. Wish he would have stood up more often against outgoing School District Administrator Judy Mueller and for parents and their kids.

There was a time, a long time that I would have never considered voting for Debbie Larson. But she too came out blazing at that same August school board meeting, refusing to back down in an impassioned plea to make kids maskless. Larson in my view seems to have come around on her way of thinking that I’m more in agreement with.

Jeffrey Hall has been a lost cause even before this election cycle. His previous run for office was a dumpster fire. The Covid hypochondriac has been seen double-masked and has held pool parties at his home with no masks, no social distancing. He would also be totally irresponsible when it comes to taxing and spending.

If the election were today I’d probably vote for Larson and only Larson. Come Tuesday I might just leave it that part blank. I am so not enthused about this race.

I do think the election is a foregone conclusion. Spragg and Larson will be victorious, easily.

My thoughts echo pretty much the same that I wrote about earlier this year.

Today’s highly interesting read (03/30/22): 12 Reasons Why the Milwaukee Police Union & Voters MUST Reject Cavalier Johnson

Today’s read is from the website Wisconsin Right Now. Here’s an excerpt:

Acting (Milwaukee) Mayor Cavalier Johnson has tried to dishonestly “remake” himself for the April election against Bob Donovan, pretending to be tough on public safety and supportive of police. However, less than two years ago, he was one of the leading advocates at City Hall pushing for defunding the Milwaukee Police Department so severely it would eliminate the equivalent of two police districts and the sensitive crimes unit.

Angering some rank-and-file officers, the Milwaukee Police Association’s board has decided to stay neutral in the race, even though Donovan, a former alderman, is a staunchly pro-police candidate. Hasn’t the Milwaukee Police Association learned appeasement of anti-cop liberals always backfires?

We decided to examine Johnson’s record on policing because of his chameleon-like rebranding, a classic trait of progressives, for the mayoral election. We found a politician who repeatedly stressed shifting police resources, rushed to judgment in a high-profile use-of-force case, praised Black Lives Matter, and implied some police might be white supremacists.

Read the entire piece here.

Franklin District 5 voters: Re-elect Alderman Mike Barber

Hello 5th District Neighbors,                                                                 

There are only 5 days left to Election Day.

If you plan on walk-in absentee voting at City Hall, you have until 5:00pm on Friday 4/1/22 to do this.

If you have received an absentee ballot in the mail, the ballots must be filled out with all the required information, such as names, signatures, dates, full addresses and then returned only by you to city hall in time for processing on 4/5/22.

There are 5 words that have been used frequently in this election. Here are my thoughts on these words.

  1. Transparency: The amount of information you provide that will help others know you, that they can use to evaluate and then use to make a decision.
  2. Integrity: Your moral honesty is the only thing that you own and will be able to take with you when you leave the room.
  3. Community: Is where you get involved, give your support to and draw support from when it is needed.
  4. Respect: Is simply having a high regard for all the people you encounter, not just those that agree with your agenda.
  5. Ethics: Behaving in a manner that is based on the principles that are established as acceptable within society.

As you are voting, I am asking that you re-elect me as your Alderman. I feel that I am the best person to represent you because I have extensive working knowledge of our city government, I have served our community and city as a volunteer and an elected official, I have a Master Degree in organizational development, and finally our District deserves a positive, forward- thinking professional. Thank you for all the support you have given me.

Alderman Mike Barber