Today’s highly interesting read (02/28/18): I Bought My First Gun Because Of The CNN Town Hall

Today’s read is from Robert Norman who works in financial services and co-hosts a podcast about race and politics.

After ten minutes of CNN’s town hall “debate” I had already searched for gun safes, the closest firearms dealer near me, classes on gun safety, and an NRA membership. Whether that’s a sign the event was a rousing success or terrible failure depends on who you ask. But whenever the left talks about gun control, significant numbers of people who see value in the Second Amendment run out and purchase a gun.

Normally, that wouldn’t include me. But this time was different. Here’s why.

Read it all here.

Our mayor was NOT on the air today with their former mayor

I was unable to listen to Franklin Mayor Steve Olson on WTMJ Radio today when he was interviewed by former Oak Creek Mayor, now WTMJ talk show host Steve Scaffidi.

Good reason.

The interview was scrapped.

WTMJ Radio News did run a story with a short sound clip of my mayor from a news conference held today where Olson said that Franklin has never had a major “destination” but now the the city will because of Ballpark Commons, the mixed use development whose most significant component is a minor league baseball stadium.

The mayor tells me he will be a guest Wednesday morning morning on WTMJ with my former colleague Gene Mueller at about 8:21 to talk about Ballpark Commons where I’m sure he will provide more details that I look forward to.

In the 11:00 hour on WTMJ Radio Olson will appear with Steve Scaffidi to discuss the all but dead “dark stores” legislation that Olson and I’m sure Scaffidi support that I do not.

Today’s highly interesting read (02/27/18): The NRA just got a new member. Here’s why this mom of two joined the group

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Today’s read comes from Lauren DeBellis Appell who  was deputy press secretary for then-Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., in his successful 2000 re-election campaign, as well as assistant communications director for the Senate Republican Policy Committee (2001-2003).

As a mom of kids in elementary school, I became a proud member of the NRA for the first time last week. I did so because the absence of common sense that I’ve witnessed recently is alarming to me as a parent.

We’ve seen deeply misguided hatred and rage directed toward people who want to protect themselves with a gun rather than targeted at the heart of the problem. It’s time for reason and sound judgement to prevail.

She probably won’t get interviewed by CNN.

Read her column here.

The latest pro-life news (02/26/18)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin

From WI Right To Life


No, You Don’t Have to Support Gun Control to Be Pro-Life

We’re pro-Life Democrats and we want to protect the lives of the born and unborn

Planned Parenthood goes on offense


A brave four-year-old from Philadelphia will donate live-saving bone marrow to his twin baby brothers in two weeks.

Today’s highly interesting read (02/26/18): Social media activism lets our Democracy die with a “Like”

If you’ve been following me for, oh, say, the last seven months you know I’ve been posting a lot about smartphone addiction.  The same applies to computers. A lot. I won’t link. It’s all easy to find.

You may be surprised to find today’s highly interesting read is from a leftist publication that I read daily, the Milwaukee Independent. They cover stuff I need to know and the photography is aces.

The Milwaukee Independent is a liberal website, by far. But they recently posted a column by Dr. Kenneth Cole, a local licensed psychologist that caught my eye.

Let’s face it. We idolize social media. Dr. Cole writes on the leftist site:

In America we do not fiddle while our nation burns. We scroll. We check our feeds, share our posts and count the “Likes” as our democracy dies in real time.

As democracy dies in real time.

No question this is a 100% liberal column, one I normally wouldn’t post. But he’s on to something that crosses political boundaries.

Could a similar column be posted by a conservative writer, one who would criticize the right-wing troll for simply sitting back in his/her home office and resorting to a quick one sentence post, not very well thought response to boot?

It’s easy to relax in the comforts of home and shoot off comments in response on social media. In reality, if we’re talking democracy, what do they accomplish?