NPR’s crying towel sympathy for an illegal alien: your tax dollars at work

I have spent many, many, many years of my career affiliated with taxpayer-funded public radio and public television.

Thus I can honestly say there are times public broadcasting is very, very good.

There are also times, and a lot, when public broadcasting is very bad.

That could mean too long. Too dull. Too boring. Too “who the hell cares!” Too liberal.

If you ever want a textbook blatant pure example of liberal media bias just turn your radio dial to your local public radio station or National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate.

A great example came today during NPR’s daily news magazine broadcast of “All Things Considered.”

I listened on my radio on my home from work to an absolutely nauseating, disgusting puff piece sympathizing over an illegal alien who has been in America illegally for the past 20 years.

The script shows how blatantly biased the writing is. But the audio also demonstrates the obvious sympathetic tone of the NPR reporter who practically bleeds all over his microphone.

His tone changes only momentarily when he grills, albeit in a subdued voice, a federal official tough on deportation, as if to question him, what is the poor illegal guy supposed to do?

The reporter even went out of his way to highlight a local citizen that has no sympathy for the illegal alien. The local comes off as a semi-literate, if that, redneck boob.

If you can stomach the 18:55 ordeal, be warned, it’s one big, lengthy sob story. But it is also Exhibit A on the leftist media, and their affection for those who would come here, committing major violations in our nation of laws.