Today’s highly interesting read (05/25/18): NFL players, leave your agendas in the locker room

Miami Dolphins' players kneel during the singing of the national anthem

“If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!”
President Trump tweeting last September

“The policy adopted today was approved in concert with the NFL’s ongoing commitment to local communities and our country — one that is extraordinary in its scope, resources, and alignment with our players. We are dedicated to continuing our collaboration with players to advance the goals of justice and fairness in all corners of our society. It was unfortunate that on-field protests created a false perception among many that thousands of NFL players were unpatriotic. This is not and was never the case.”
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this week announcing the NFL will enact a national anthem policy for 2018 that requires players and league personnel on the sideline to stand but gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they don’t want to stand

Columnist Derek Hunter provides today’s read:

Players have six other days of the week, and 21 other hours on the day of games, not to mention the months they have off, to protest whatever they want in any matter they choose. They’re celebrities in their towns, they don’t lack access to media willing to report on anything they do. But when they punch the clock, they should leave their personal agendas in the locker room and do their jobs.

Hunter’s entire column is here.

Milw. Co. Supervisor Alexander fails in selfish move to have taxpayers pay for her White House trip

This one requires some explanation.

Follow along. Stay with me. I’ll connect the dots.

On WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander was at the White House meeting with officials after being invited by the Trump administration.

On the same day (yesterday) Alexander issued a news release about the trip.

TODAY, Alexander was back in Wisconsin to attend a regularly scheduled meeting of the full Milwaukee County Board.

One of the items on the agenda was a resolution to lift the current travel ban that the County Board imposed on itself some time ago for out-of-Milwaukee County travel.

There is a travel ban in place for County Board members.

The County Board has enacted a travel ban for other county departments. To be fair and to avoid being hypocritical the Board also imposed a travel ban on itself.

For the very recent White House visitor this posed a problem.

There was lots of discussion on this one as Alexander was hoping her office account could be used to pay for her trip.

She went so far as to suggest travel between February and May of this year be allowed.

During floor debate Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic commented directly to Alexander saying if she thought her DC venture was going to be reimbursed, “you were poorly misinformed.”

Dimitrijevic then couldn’t resist a zinger.

It’s “odd” she said that the people that are “most critical of other (county) spending” are claiming that on this issue “we can be lenient, and one would argue, liberal.”


County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb reminded the body that all travel must be approved by the County Board Chair in order to receive reimbursement.

Earlier in the meeting Alexander admitted that when she made her request to travel to the White House it wasn’t rejected or accepted. She was merely told “there’s a travel ban.”

Alexander didn’t take that for an answer. She made the trip anyway.

Lipscomb made it very clear on the record. “We did not approve” your travel he said to Alexander.

Alexander tried to talk and talk and talk her way into gaining support. But the more she argued the more she lost ground. She kept spinning herself right into the ground with a flimsy defense. I defy anyone who watches the video of the meeting as I did to try to understand what in the world she was talking about.

As Shakespeare once wrote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

On the final vote to lift the travel ban Alexander lost in her effort to stick the taxpayers with the White House travel bill, 3-13.

Her protege, Supervisor Patti Logsdon, voted with Alexander. Logsdon is off to a very rocky start to her Courthouse career.

So, Alexander knew of the travel ban, and probably even voted for it, but chose to ignore it this week.

She returned home with the intent to use parliamentary procedures at today’s meeting to avoid having to use funds other than tax dollars for her trip, but failed.

We never even got into whether the trip was necessary.

Supervisors Alexander and Logsdon. Conservatives?


UPDATE: Weren’t we told during the recent campaign that Patti Logsdon and Deanna Alexander were CONSERVATIVES?

Previously on This Just In…

So to briefly repeat, Supervisors Alexander and Logsdon voted in committee for the advisory marijuana referendum.

The update: Today the full Milwaukee County Board voted 15-1 to approve the referendum. Supervisor Logsdon flip-flopped and changed her committee vote to NO.  In a very brief statement on the County Board floor Logsdon said she received “concerns” from people in her district but did not say what those concerns were.

It’s evident constituent pressure got to Logsdon. Too bad the light bulb didn’t go on earlier to take the proper action with the correct vote.

Supervisor Alexander and my supervisor Dan Sebring both voted for the referendum. That’s disappointing.

Now the taxpayers will be on the hook totaling $15,000 for a completely useless, meaningless referendum:

“Do you favor adults 21 years of age and older to engage in the personal use of marijuana, while also regulating commercial marijuana-related activities, and imposing a tax on the sale of marijuana?”

Should the referendum pass it would mean nothing. The state Legislature has the authority, not the County Board to legalize. It’s highly likely Madison would totally ignore the referendum results.


Today’s highly interesting read (05/24/18): Has policing in urban America become an undoable job?

The tasing incident seen all around the country…

That leads to the question in the above headline, posed by Miwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan.

My grandfather was a Milwaukee police officer for 43 years, serving this community from 1921 to 1964 – mostly as a patrol officer – or also known as an old fashioned beat cop.

He told me once there were two things that guided him during his 43 years with MPD: (1) Treat people the way you would want to be treated; and (2) Use a little common sense.

That was then…

You can read Donovan’s entire statement here.



When they say “it’s for the children,” they don’t really mean it

A couple of weeks ago I linked to an article by investigative reporter Matt Kittle who wrote the following:

The Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association  is flirting with the ’S word,’ if the district doesn’t back off on budget cut talk. 

All the while, union officials demand that even contemplating a strike in the pursuit of happiness for MPS teachers is all about the kids. 

Except it’s not.

No kidding. Here comes even more blatant truth about that.

Image result for image, photo. picture, arne duncan

In the middle is Arne Duncan, the former education secretary under President Obama.

He and others are calling for parents  to take radical action on gun laws.

How radical?

The absurd answer is here.

Today’s highly interesting read (05/24/18): The Evolving American Prom

Image result for image, picture, photo, prom, 1968
Prom 1968

Image result for image, picture, photo, prom, king and queen
Prom 2018

Today’s read is from Tom Purcell, author of “Misadventures of a 1970’s Childhood,” and a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review humor columnist who is nationally syndicated.

The more the American prom changes, the more it stays the same.

The American prom is, at heart, a formal step for teens to begin shedding their adolescence. It’s a first foray into the grown-up world that may be as exciting as it is awkward.

Read the entire column here.


What bugs me about Memorial Day

Brittany, left, and her son, Christian, 4, spend time at the grave of her husband and his father, Marine Corps Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., May 25, 2015. Christian wore his father’s cover during the Memorial Day visit. Army photo by Rachel Larue

Brittany and her son, Christian, 4, spend time at the grave of her husband and his father, Marine Corps Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., May 25, 2015. Christian wore his father’s cover during the Memorial Day visit. Army photo by Rachel Larue

2011: A poll commissioned by The National WWII Museum reveals the nation is in danger of forgetting the real meaning of Memorial Day.

Eighty percent of Americans surveyed confessed to having “little” or only “some” knowledge of the military holiday. Just 20 percent of respondents claim to be “very familiar” with the day and its purpose.

2017: “There are a lot of things working against this particular holiday,” Brian Duffy, commander in chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars told CBS News. “It hurts,” Duffy said. For combat veterans and Gold Star families especially, “It hurts that, as a society, we don’t truly understand and appreciate what the true meaning of Memorial Day is.”

What bugs me about Memorial Day? Please read.

Earth to the tax and spenders in Wisconsin (including Franklin)

Wisconsin is making progress in moving away from the list of the highest taxed states in America thanks to measures taken by the Republican-controlled state Legislature and Governor Scott Walker.

More headway would have been achieved if not for local school districts bypassing the tax relief opportunities available by proposing, and persuading enough support for, huge school referendum tax increases.

Not to be dismayed the Walker administration and fellow Republicans have turned a disastrous state economy passed on by Jim Doyle into a $400 million state budget surplus. Rightfully, Governor Walker and the Legislature have decided to send the surplus back to taxpayers.

Tax rebate

Relief will come in the form of a $100 per child tax credit.

Might sound like a paltry sum. But taxpayers, despite Democrat cries that it’s a tiny election gimmick, are loving it.

Requests for Gov. Scott Walker’s $100 child tax rebate have exceeded 200,000 in just three days after registration opened. The state Department of Revenue said 230,424 people had registered to receive the per-child payment by last Friday morning, available to Wisconsin taxpayers with dependent children.

And I’ve yet to hear any state Democrat who’s so upset about the rebate offering to reject their check.

This should serve as a resounding loud and clear message to each and every person with tax and spending authority, including here in Franklin (Tax Hell, Wisconsin) that the beleaguered people who pay the bills are desperately looking for tax relief, no matter the amount.

Once again, it’s the state providing a life saver while the locals keep piling on.

A FOR SALE sign in Franklin can lose any and all interest and appeal POOF just like that

Image result for image, photo picture, house for sale

My next door neighbors here in Franklin put up the FOR SALE sign about two months ago, maybe even more. They’re long gone but the sign is still there. The home is for the taking. Two months later.

This past weekend we had a party at our house, and as a few of the guys talked outside while food was being grilled I mentioned to one of my guests that the house was vacant and up for grabs.

He pulled out his smartphone and with genuine curiosity and interest looked up the details.

As I had informed him, it was confirmed the owners were asking $3999,999.

My guest wasn’t phased.


Image result for image, photo picture, sticker shock

Related image

Image result for image, photo picture, sticker shock

He let out a cry of astonishment following an audible gulp.

“$8,000 in taxes!”


Twice what he now pays in a nearby suburb.

Souffle flopped.

Appeal totally vanished.

Smartphone was put away.

Tax Hell.