Losing the lottery can be dangerous

Tonight’s Powerball drawing will be Wednesday at 9:59 p.m. Central Time. Five white balls will be drawn from a drum containing 69 balls and one red ball will be selected from a drum with 26 balls. To win, players need to have paid $2 for a ticket and either have chosen numbers or opted to let a computer make a random choice.

The jackpot is listed as $700 million, but that refers to the annuity option, doled out in 30 payments over 29 years. Nearly all winners favor the cash option, which pays significantly less. For the current jackpot, the cash prize would be $443.3 million.

The odds of winning are one in 292.2 million. Tom Rietz, a professor at the University of Iowa who researches probabilities, says one way to think about it is to envision the 324 million U.S. residents. Your chance of winning is roughly comparable to being that one lucky person out of the entire population, with everyone else losing.

If you don’t win, would it cool if one of your neighbors did?

Well, no.

The latest pro-life news (08/21/17)

From Pro-Life Wisconsin:

National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

1,286 babies, aborted and abandoned, find their final resting place at Holy Cross cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We thank those brave pro-lifers who trod this earth before us who had the courage to take these babies and give them the only thing they could offer – prayers and a Christian burial.

Come and join us as we remember these babies, “The Little People,” who were recovered by pro-lifers in 1984 from a dumpster and then again in 1988 from the loading dock of a northern Illinois firm.

Monica Migliorino Miller, one of the persons leading the recovery, mentions the importance of these monuments that are located across our land: “The graves of these victims are scattered across America – graves of sorrow and graves of indictment on a nation that permitted the killing of the innocent.”

It could have been many, many more babies on that loading dock in Illinois had it not been for Pet Haven – a crematorium for animals.  Monica Migliorino Miller spells out in her book, Abandoned – The Untold Stories of the Abortion Wars – how Pet Haven played a part in cremating the aborted babies, along with the dogs, cats and canaries.

I have seven copies of her book on my shelf.  The first seven requests via email to Dan.M@ProLifeWI.org will get a free copy.

See you at Holy Cross on Saturday, September 9th at 10am. http://abortionmemorials.com/history/Milwaukee.php

Pro-Life News

TRUMP SET TO END OBAMA’S RULE REQUIRING EMPLOYERS TO PAY FOR ABORTION: The Wall Street Journal reported that President Trump is about to eliminate what pro-lifers call the most offensive portion in Obamacare. The Journal says the Trump administration is “poised” to issue an executive order to take back the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate that all employers pay for abortifacients, sterilization, and contraception insurance.

ANOTHER STATE DEFUNDS PLANNED PARENTHOOD, AFTER 2-YEAR LEGAL FIGHT: A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Arkansas can prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid funding over its sale of aborted baby body parts.  Arkansas is first state to win in federal court its right to defund Planned Parenthood of Medicaid.

POLAND MAY CONSIDER MEASURE TO BAN ABORTIONS ON BABIES WITH DOWN SYNDROME: “Such a change in the law, though a small one, would save many lives,” pro-life leader Kaja Godek said Thursday. Read the full article here.

MATT WALSH: IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT NAZISM IN AMERICA, FIGHT THE ABORTION INDUSTRY: “I also feel terribly for the 17,000 or so human beings who were executed in abortion clinics since Saturday, and the 60 million who’ve been exterminated since 1973. I don’t think there is ever an inappropriate time to acknowledge them, particularly when so many of us have dedicated ourselves to never acknowledging them, and especially during a week when the very people who support the continued legalization and tax funding of abortion death camps are running around accusing everyone else of condoning Nazism.” Read the full article here.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD ABORTION BUSINESS MAY OPEN CLINIC AT LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL: “Responding to the news, Dan Bartkowiak of the Pennsylvania Family Institute told LifeNews: “Planned Parenthood performs hundreds of abortions every year just down the street from Reading High School; and charges $450-$540 for each abortion. Why should Reading High School employ staff teaching sex education that also profits from when that education fails? Planned Parenthood should never be offered an office in any high school, let alone have taxpayers pay for it.” Read the full article here.

ANNIVERSARY OF THE GRAND CHUTE PLANNED PARENTHOOD CLOSING: It has been one year since the Planned Parenthood in Grand Chute closed. Praise God! “It’s because of those volunteers, who have prayed outside the facility, daily, even while it was shuttered, that’s why it’s closed,” Dan Miller said.



From WI Right To Life:


If We’re Tearing Down White Supremacy, Start With Planned Parenthood

No CBS, Eliminating Down Syndrome Children Is Not Something to Be Proud Of


Man with Muscular Dystrophy Sets off for European Backpacking Trip on His Friends’ Backs

Nurse Gifts Maternity Photo Shoots to Pregnant Mothers on Hospital Bed Rest: ‘She Was Truly a Blessing’


The sneakiest (dirtiest) speed trap I’ve ever seen


Let’s begin by stating that I did not get a speeding ticket today in the most disgusting speed trap I’ve ever seen. And I’ve never, ever seen one like this.

I was driving into Madison this morning on the freeway when the 70 mph speed limit goes down to 55.

Not soon after, just before the speed limit went down to 45, I saw what I, repeat, have never seen before.

There’s one of the Madison Police Department’s finest.  And my “something’s fishy meter” went crazy.

The uniformed officer is sitting in one of the cheapest folding chairs you can find. No Madison Police vehicle is in sight.

He’s got both hands clutching a radar gun, focused on the approaching traffic.

What the hell?

Soon it was clear.

As soon as I saw not one but four (4) MPD vehicles that had pulled over motorists.

Officer lounging in chair had radioed up ahead.

Further proof the city of Madison is Commie country.



Today’s highly interesting read (08/21/17):Why Trump is better for black America than Obama ever was


From today’s read:

Conservatives stand for equality of opportunity, equal justice under the law, and a colorblind society. We also believe in results, not intentions. Liberals tend to have horrible results with their good intentions when it comes to economic policy, especially as it pertains to black Americans. Polls show consistently that what blacks care most about today is jobs and economic opportunity.

Barack Obama, our first black president, won well over 90 percent of the black vote, yet from an economic perspective he delivered poor results.

You want more? Read this.

Be honest

The eclipse was cool.

But did it match all the hype?

Seen on Facebook:

Given all the eclipse hype, I feel sooo robbed. #sucker

Michelle Sanford

I’m watching the eclipse coverage on the Weather Channel with Mady and mentioned we’re about as dark as we are going to get in Wisconsin…Her response: “people waited a 100 years for this?!? Well this is kind of bogus!” Apparently we needed to travel to Oregon to be in total darkness to impress this kid!! 😂😂.

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Culinary no-no from the past and still a no-no today: Very rude


The Fischer Family has spent the past 4 days (including today) at Irish Fest. Faith and Begorrah I’m beat.

I also did a few dozen Elvis blogs this week, so I simply ran out of time to do a fresh Culinary no-no, and do it justice.

So, summer rerun!

This is one of my favorite Culinary no-no blogs. It goes all the way back to my blogging on the old FranklinNOW.com site, now known as MySouthNow, but all the blogs were unceremoniously dumped last year.

Never mind when this was posted. It’s still timely, and may not get your temperature rising,  but it drives me nuts. See if you agree.

Culinary no-no #335
Posted by Kevin Fischer on June 30, 2013

This week’s Culinary no-no has been described as the following on Internet chat sites and frequently occurs in restaurants of all kinds:

Very rude

That is GROSS beyond belief

I would find it weird

it actually angered me!

I don’t think its very polite

that’s disgusting and very poor manners.

What is wrong with people?!


It is nasty and disgusting in McDonalds all the way up to any 5 star place.

Can you guess what it is?

Let’s give you some time.

Quite possibly more time than you’ll need.

Click and then while the music from this instrumental classic is playing,  think away.

Alright, let’s repeat:

Very rude

That is GROSS beyond belief

I would find it weird

it actually angered me!

I don’t think its very polite

that’s disgusting and very poor manners.

What is wrong with people?!


It is nasty and disgusting in McDonalds all the way up to any 5 star place.

Is it:

Eating peas with a knife?


Picking your nose?


Forgoing a spoon and drinking soup out of the bowl?


Wiping your mouth with your sleeve?


The answer is:



You see it everywhere. Inside. Outside. Burger King. Bartolotta’s. Shoes on. Shoes off. Bare feet.

Restaurant patrons with their feet up on booths or chairs.

The defense of such behavior is, as you might expect, Neanderthal-like.

Wha’ da you care?

If you don’t like it, don’t look.

I’m not hurting nobody.

My money’s good here.

Hey. Go suck an egg.

I truly don’t understand some of the things that people get riled up over. There are more important things to worry about. Like whether you received a wedding invitation with the exact proper length of notice.

Let’s go back to one of those chat sites:

I see plenty of people at Starbucks putting bare feet up on chairs. Who wants to sit next to some slob’s disgusting bare feet….ugh!

And this goes to the core of societal problems, it is total disregard for anyone but themselves. People hogging seats and acting like pigs have no consideration for others.


We’ve lost civility, being courteous. Proper manners and respect for others have been replaced by a boorish, selfish mentality.

I blame:


The Bubba taught America it was OK to be a slob whenever and wherever you wanted to be.

Feet up on restaurant chairs isn’t the most egregious no-no. But it’s annoying, rude, and discourteous enough. Folks, this isn’t your living room. It’s not even your furniture. Keep your feet on the floor.