A baby is not a gift? Cold-hearted left wing thinking

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January 19, 2018.

The March For Life in Washington D.C. President Trump spoke.

Today, tens of thousands of families, students, and patriots — and, really, just great citizens — gather here in our nation’s capital. You come from many backgrounds, many places. But you all come for one beautiful cause: to build a society where life is celebrated, protected, and cherished.

The March for Life is a movement born out of love. You love your families, you love your neighbors, you love our nation, and you love every child, born and unborn, because you believe that every life is sacred, that every child is a precious gift from God. (Applause.)

We know that life is the greatest miracle of all. We see it in the eyes of every new mother who cradles that wonderful, innocent, and glorious newborn child in her loving arms.

On Monday night…

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A massive rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Note the Latinos for Trump signs.

During his 95-minute speech the president said…

“…virtually every top Democrat also now supports late term. Abortion ripping babies straight from the mothers right up until the moment of birth, and that’s why I’ve asked Congress to prohibit extreme late term abortion, because Republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift.”

I watched the rally via Facebook and as President Trump spoke to a loud supportive crowd, comments poured in on the side of the video, so fast I couldn’t keep up.  I did manage to see this one, however.

Julee Kendall Children are not gifts! They are science

This ignorant, callous, insensitive fool also wrote on her Facebook page on 9-11:

“Never forget what your government did on this day many years ago, they killed innocent people and never admitted guilt!!”

Incomprehensible how the fringe left thinks.

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Today’s highly interesting read (09/17/19): Some Democrats Secretly Want and Need Trump to Win in 2020

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Today’s read is from author Douglas MacKinnon.

He opens with this:

I spoke recently with a highly-experienced Democrat who desperately wants to defeat President Trump come November of 2020. That said, he is deeply concerned that, for self-serving reasons, a number of Democrats, certain liberal media outlets, and groups and organizations which support the Democratic Party, are secretly just fine with having President Trump in office for another four years.

This Democrat’s plain and simple reasoning:

You can read the entire column here.



Milwaukee County municipalities hellbent on a 200% sales tax increase

Let’s be clear. That cockamamie idea to increase the sales tax in Milwaukee County by 1 percentage point via referendum is going nowhere. Nowhere. Republicans that control the state Legislature that would have to approved the proposal will have none of it.

So why is there an agenda item on tomorrow’s Franklin Common Council meeting about the plan? And why are all 19 municipalities in Milwaukee in support?

Read the above title of this blog again.

The dollar signs have them drooling.

The Intergovernmental Cooperation Council (ICC) met last week but did not vote on an endorsement of a binding referendum to increase the Milwaukee County sales tax from .5 to 1.5%. Another council meeting is set for Sept. 23 at St. Francis City Hall to consider an endorsement.

“It may get unanimous support,” Franklin Mayor Steve Olson told the Milwaukee Business Journal.

It should be noted that the council’s chairman, Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy reportedly said a sales tax increase was one of a number of ideas the council unanimously approved in February.


The full state Legislature must act on and approves putting a referendum to Milwaukee County voters, possibly by April 2020.

What happens to the money

The bill requires that 25 percent of the revenue from the additional be used to provide residential property tax relief. Honestly? Truly? If you believe that….

Seven percent will go to fund infrastructure projects. I repeat. Honestly? There’s no guarantee how the money will be spent.

What about the other 68 percent? The county would use half for its operational and capital expenses. The other half would be distributed to the municipalities based on population.

Who gets what?

The total increased revenue would be $55 million. Under a table presented by the city of Franklin it’s estimated the city of Milwaukee would receive $34.5 million resulting in $12.5 million in property tax relief.

Franklin would receive the 5th highest total at $2 million resulting in $747, 387 in property tax relief.


Under this proposal $10 million  would go to lead abatement in the city of Milwaukee. Back in April the Milwaukee County district attorney confirmed that there is an ongoing local and state criminal investigation into the Milwaukee Health Department over their handling of the city’s lead crisis. Why should county taxpayers bail the city out?

The goal

The Journal Sentinel reports “the effort is aimed at averting a fiscal crisis.” Love that. And who’s responsible for the county’s “fiscal crisis?” Not the un-elected taxpayers.

Do the math

Going from .5% to 1.5% is a 200% hike.

Who gets hurt?

The sales tax is a regressive tax. A regressive tax may at first appear to be a fair way of taxing because everyone, regardless of income level, pays the same dollar amount. However, such a tax causes lower-income people to pay a larger share of their income than wealthier people pay.

Let the voters decide

Clever. That makes it look like the elected folks are not responsible. Be wary of anyone in office who says pubicly the voters deserve a say. Translation: Deep down inside they want a tax increase.

Do you want to contact your state legislators about this issue?

You can find your legislators and their contact information by entering your address here. Ask them to oppose this 200% tax increase that has the eyes of the tax and spenders as big as saucers.



UPDATE: Strauss Brands dumps plan to expand in Franklin; mayor says city had a deal

Previously on This Just In…

The update:

When the Franklin Common Common meets Tuesday night, on the agenda will be discussion about what the city says is the “acknowledgment of development agreement between Strauss  Investments” and some other related items. Mayor Steve Olson claims the city has an agreement with Strauss to expand its operations herein Franklin. The company says they’re going to the city of Milwaukee.

Franklin’s Common Council may and probably will go into closed session to discuss what to do next. I can only surmise that might include taking legal action.

Whatever decision is made it needs to be announced to the public. We need to know more specifics about this “agreement” that apparently went up in smoke if you believe Strauss, and we need to know what our city’s plans are, especially given that another attempt at major economic development (not a nail salon or storage place) seems to have died.

The latest pro-life news (09/16/19)


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Today’s highly interesting read (09/16/19): ‘People Actively Hate Us’: Inside the Border Patrol’s Morale Crisis

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The NY Times dispatched seven (7)  reporters to bang out what is essentially a hit piece, a smear job on US border patrol agents.

The job has taken a psychological toll on men and women alike.

From 2007 to 2018, more than 100 Customs and Border Protection employees, many of whom had worked as Border Patrol agents, killed themselves. Ross Davidson, who retired in 2017 after 21 years with the agency, said he was certain that stress from the job has been a factor.

“The repetitive monotony of doing the same thing over and over and seeing no outcome, seeing no end to it and nothing changing,” he said. “It’s just going deeper and deeper, and getting worse and worse.”

I understand it’s not exactly a Hilton Hotel atmosphere down there. And agents aren’t perfect. But apparently the gang of Times reporters could find little if anything positive to write about them.

Compare that to this op-ed in the Washington Times last week.