WI Supreme Court ruling on masks should now be a Franklin School Board election issue

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MADISON, Wis. — State Senator Julian Bradley, R–Franklin, issued the following statement Wednesday after the Wisconsin Supreme Court declared Governor Evers’ health executive orders unconstitutional:

“Despite a cowardly delay, the Supreme Court finally got it right. Governor Evers’ unconstitutional orders forcing a mask mandate on Wisconsinites were a clear abuse of power.

“The governor’s brazen power grab became even more outrageous when he ignored the Legislature’s resolution ending his order and continued to act unilaterally and illegally.

“The decision to finally uphold the rule of law is certainly welcome and long overdue.”

Senator Bradley was the co-author of Senate Joint Resolution 3, which asserted the Legislature’s authority to end the governor’s executive orders that exceeded the 60-day limit. 

Prior to today’s ruling the Franklin Public Schools administration announced that no matter the outcome the Franklin schools would require masks. The court decision creates a new dynamic.

I believe the Franklin School Board should take action ASAP after Tuesday’s election to eliminate the mask requirement in schools. Also I encourage contacting the candidates to get their specific views on this issue. If they respond please make their comments public, and do so quickly, before the Easter weekend if you can.

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Today’s highly interesting read (03/31/21): Forcing little kids to wear masks is cruel, nonsensical, and crazy

Tenn. doctor says kids should wear face masks but infants should not

The WI State Journal reports:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled Gov. Tony Evers acted unlawfully when he issued multiple pandemic emergency orders — including face mask requirements — handing Gov. Tony Evers a significant setback in his ability to impose COVID-19 mitigation efforts. 

The order means the governor will be barred from extending the state’s current COVID-19 emergency order and mask mandate, which was set to expire on April 5, unless the Republican-controlled Legislature votes to extend it. Otherwise, it will continue to be up to local governments, such as cities and counties, to impose their own virus restrictions. 

The court’s 4-3 ruling on Wednesday, with conservative swing Justice Brian Hagedorn joining the conservative majority, follows a pattern of skepticism the state’s highest court has exhibited toward the governor’s mitigation efforts since the pandemic began. 

Hagedorn delivered the majority opinion where he wrote that Wisconsin law gives Evers extraordinary powers for only a short duration, 60 days, following the declaration of a public health emergency. 

“The plain language of the statute explains that the governor may, for 60 days, act with expanded powers to address a particular emergency,” Hagedorn wrote. “Beyond 60 days, however, the legislature reserves for itself the power to determine the policies that govern the state’s response to an ongoing problem. Similarly, when the legislature revokes a state of emergency, a governor may not simply reissue another one on the same basis.”

Now for today’s read, from LifeSite News. Here’s an excerpt:

“…joyless paranoiacs, are managing to make all of this even worse than it already is by berating parents, scaring children, and trying to deprive a fear-filled world of the faces of happy children. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Read the entire article here.

Watch now: Trump rally and counter-protest in Madison, Nov. 6, 2020

The latest pro-life news (03/30/21)


Don’t miss our closing heartwarming story every week!

This week’s Monday update from Pro-Life WI.

From WRTL (WI Right To Life).

Confronting the Lie that Pro-Lifers Don’t Care Once a Child Is Born.

Miracle Boy Brings Joy After Couple Loses Nine Babies to Miscarriage and Stillbirth.

Sixteen years have passed since Terri Schiavo was killed and we can’t let her story die.

I was on vacation and missed this.


Boy With ‘1 in 10,000’ Birth Disorder Defies Odds: ‘I’m Not That Strong, I’m Just Brave.’

Thanks for reading!

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Why school board elections matter: Just look at next-door Greendale

Remember: School boards hire superintendents.

It is time to restore integrity to the Greendale School Board

School Board President Joe Crapitto’s time in office has been far from easy on the district, and taxpayers.

• There have been nine school superintendents in the Village’s history. Five of those have been during Joe Crapitto’s nine years as president of the school board.

• One of those superintendents hired during his tenure tenure was Superintendent Dr. Gary Kiltz, hired mid-2016, who was allowed to resign after it was discovered he used the credit card for $9,962.50 in personal use for such things that included:
• HVAC work on his house
• Travel expenses for family members
• Shopping spree at Macy’s at Mayfair
• Shopping at Cascio Music in New Berlin

• Per the districts credit card policy, that personal use should have been caught early when it first started in May of 2017, and then in October 2017 (he was allowed to pay those back). Since the school board didn’t audit district credit card (also referred to P-Cards) usage like the Village board does, this wasn’t caught until a new business manager was hired in 2019.

• But despite stealing nearly $10,000, Dr. Kiltz was allowed to avoid criminal prosecution if he paid the money back in full, which he did, and resign. Now, how many of you could personally spend that amount from your employer and not face charges? Joe Crapitto claimed they didn’t press charges because they wanted the money back as soon as possible.

• The school district paid a law firm, and an auditing firm, a total of $24,649 to investigate Dr. Kiltz’s credit card usage. And I have confirmation from the district’s business manager that was from taxpayer funds, NOT the insurance company. Had they instead turned it over to the Greendale PD and the County DA to investigate, it would have cost the district much less. But for some reason the school board didn’t want to prosecute Dr. Kiltz. I have heard Dr. Kiltz
wasn’t as lenient on students who stole or damaged school property. Yet Joe let him go.

• Also keep in mind that the school referendum, approved in the spring of 2019, which was only supposed to increase property taxes by 10% was actually closer to 15%. More taxpayer money being spent by the Joe Crapitto-led school board.

For those wishing to view the credit card statements I have obtained regarding Dr. Kiltz’s personal spending, and the billing regarding the investigation, you can find it on Facebook at Joe Crapitto has to Go (from the Greendale School board). I have also put up a web site at https://tinyurl.com/d7p5tra6 with some of that information as well.

You can also email me, Joe Russ, at jruss@execpc.com with further questions.

Paid for by Joe Russ, a concerned taxpayer

Today’s highly interesting read (03/30/21): Biden’s border crisis – here are tragedies I saw during tour of Texas migrant facilities

Keep in mind: The Biden administration.


Today’s read is from US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). Here’s an excerpt:

The Biden administration justifies its new policies as being humane. But let’s be clear:

No matter what President Biden and Vice President Harris say or what their friends in the media write, there is nothing humane about enacting policies that entice migrants to make a perilous journey, subjecting themselves to the depredations of human traffickers, sexual abuse, involuntary servitude and even death. 

Read Johnson’s entire column here.

My daughter, the comedienne

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors

My daughter Kyla this past Thursday, her 12th birthday, pictured at our WDW resort, Caribbean Beach.
May be an image of Jennifer Fischer and sitting

Dining at the Hollywood Brown Derby.

Kyla had a tremendous time.

When we landed at the airport in Milwaukee Monday we all took a bathroom break. Kyla told me she saw posted notification in the women’s restroom that instructed people to inform authorities if anyone approached them and requested they do something they didn’t want to do.

I immediately responded, “OK,” wondering there this was going.

My darling daughter then continued that she should report Mommy and I for making her return home after 10 days in Disney World.

Today’s highly interesting read (03/29/21): Media Reported Only Bad COVID News Until…

Trump in the Time of the Coronavirus | The New Yorker

Today’s read is from an editorial by Issue and Insights. Here’s an excerpt:

A study published by the prestigious National Bureau of Economic Research finds that coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic by the domestic press was overwhelmingly negative. More negative than the international press. More negative than the local press. And more negative than the science. But then a funny thing happened after President Donald Trump lost his reelection bid. Researchers at Dartmouth College and Brown University did a content analysis of tens of thousands of COVID-19 news stories to look at the levels of negativity. What they found was …

Read the rest here.