FLASHBACK: A vacation Culinary no-no

The inspiration for this week’s no-no from our vault is Steve Taylor, a fellow Franklin resident who is executive director of the ROC Foundation. In April he’ll be sworn in as a Milwaukee County supervisor.

For the past week Steve has been vacationing in Maui, visiting his parents who live on the island.

May be an image of 1 person, nature and ocean

Note a couple of beverages he’s consumed. Has Steve committed a no-no?

May be an image of food, indoor and text that says 'MANGO COCONUT WATE'
May be an image of 1 person, drink, food and indoor

Not even close.

Coconut water with mango. And a lilikoi margarita.


That’s an intro to a Culinary no-no feature from early 2008:

You drink what you like, right?

Beer, wine, hard liquor……

You drink what you like.

Of course you do.

Having said that, there are obviously some combinations that are strictly taboo…say, a banana daiquiri with a steak.

In November, my wife and I took a Caribbean cruise. That means instead of hot apple cider or pumpkin martini drink specials, it was a great opportunity for mai-tais and one rum concoction after another.

I was rather surprised while Jennifer and I enjoyed ourselves at open-air beachfront bars that so many tourists were imbibing with Coors Light. Lots of Coors Light. Or a Bud Light.

Coors Light?????

Not even after I just came in from cutting the lawn in the middle of July.

Whatever happened to, “When in Rome, do what the Romans do”? You’re in the Virgin Islands and you order a Bud Light?

It’s not like you can’t ever enjoy that experience ever again.

It just seems that if you’re in your swimsuit at a Tiki bar on the beach in the middle of the afternoon, you should order a mai tai, run runner…dare I say it?….sex on the beach.

Tell the cute bartender in the bikini you want a bahama mama, a backscratcher, a pina colada, a mojito, a margarita, a zombie, a lava flow…you know, something tall, frothy, tropical. Skip the little umbrella if you must.

Coors Light?

You can drink that back home in wintry Wisconsin.

We’re now heading into the long, dreary days of winter.

Many Midwesterners are headed off to cruise ships and tropical locales.

Be adventurous.

Go for the drinks with the unusual, un-Wisconsin like names.

But if you must have a beer, can you at least make it a MILLER Lite?

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