WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi thinks my wife and I, and many of you are idiots

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A few months ago I chatted with WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi over the telephone and said I thought he was doing a “good” job in his talk show role at the station. Good. Not great.

Let’s get this out of the way. Scaffidi was a great mayor at Oak Creek. If he had a playbook, God I wish he’d send it over to clueless Franklin where the strategy about growth is, NO-NO-NO.

As a talk show host Scaffidi is, repeat, good. However, in my view, and I have some prior experience in this regard, Scaffidi has work to do. He has turned his slot into public radio. Guest after guest after guest; the same guests over and over, some so tireless like Jim Wigderson, a classic bore and example of how print people struggle on the airwaves. Might as well rip out the phone system while Scaffidi is on the air. Callers? You’ll never get on.

I lost credibility with Scaffidi last week when during his Thursday program he discussed the controversial Gillette ad that ripped men and masculinity.

Scaiffidi’s reaction:

There’s nothing in that ad that any reasonable rational, decent human being should be upset by.

I applaud them (Gillette) for doing it.

Scaffidi’s on-air boy Robin, the liberal Eric Bilstad chimed in.

It seems like a good strategy. Generally it (this type of ad) does good things for the company.

Scaffidi agreed, and then said this:

To the folks including some radio talkers, If you’re upset with this ad, I think if you’re upset with the message, and if you’re upset with the message, then you’re an idiot.

Well, Steve, then my wife and I and millions across America are idiots.

The phrase, “All men are potential rapists” has been attributed to many people for decades. Makes you wonder how Scaffidi feels about that statement.

Scaffidi may be a Republican, but whether he’s 100% conservative is questionable. There is a difference.

I conclude with this column I encourage you to read. The author concludes that “I believe this hostility toward men is dangerous.”

This idiot and his idiot wife agree.

How much do you trust your local politicians?

As I post this blog the ultra-huge MSN.com website is posting one of it usual polls:

How much do you trust your local politicians?

  • 2%
    A great deal

  • 22%
    A fair amount

  • 72%
    Not very much

  • 4%
    I don’t know

As I post here are the results in what is, I know, not a scientific poll. Still, revealing.

How much do you trust your local politicians?

  • 2%

    A great deal

  • 22%

    A fair amount

  • 72%

    Not very much

  • 4%

    I don’t know

Total responses: 761,596 votes

My vote? Do regular readers even have to ask?

Will it make one iota of a difference?

Are you kidding me? Not with those egos.

Thank you, neighbor

fire hydrant in snow

That is an invitation to danger. The photo was taken in Utah but don’t be surprised if you witness something similar in your neighborhood.

We have relatively new neighbors that  we haven’t officially met yet, but I think we’re going to like each other. All of the neighbors here get along well.

After having their house on the market for 2-3 months the previous owners were finally able to sell. On Sunday I noticed the fire hydrant that is barely on our property was shoveled or plowed out. Not a complaint, just a fact that our former neighbors never did that.

So thank you very much.

Franklin Mayor Steve Olson every winter provides a valuable public service announcement reminding homeowners to dig out fire hydrants. The sooner the better. Snow becomes rock hard when it ices up.

Let’s avoid circumstances that could be tragic.

A few days left to provide survey opinions about Franklin

From Mayor Olson’s Facebook page:


The city together with the Tourism Commission is embarking on a new effort to establish an identity for the City. We’ve known for a long, long time that when you mention the City of Franklin those who you’re talking to have no image of the city. Part of this effort is to discover the impressions and ideas that do exist about our city so that we can shape our new message and image.

Our marketing contractor has developed an on-line survey to gather impressions of the city. I ask that you take the few minutes to complete the survey. It took me about 10 minutes to do. Everyone is welcome to have their families complete the survey as well. This is NOT a scientific study.

Those people not employed by the city are eligible to enter a drawing for gift certificates to Mimosa, tickets to a Wave game or passes for tubing at the Rock Snowpark. The deadline to submit your survey opinions is January 25, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Online survey:  http://survey.bddonline.com/data/CityofFranklin.htm

I was brutally honest. You should be, too.

Today’s highly interesting read (01/21/19): Shocking Stories Will Make You Want To Build The Wall Yourself

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Matt C. Pinsker, author, national security expert, criminal defense attorney, US Army Reserve officer, and homeland security professor at Virginia Commonwealth University – is in a unique position to provide valuable insight on how desperately the United States needs a physical barrier on its southern border, and was happy to answer a few questions for our readers.

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