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A few days early this week because of the Independence Day holiday.

Wasn’t last year’s Independence Day celebration absolutely phenomenal?

In case you forgot, it was nothing short of incredible.

And all the credit goes to that punster of a POTUS, Joe Biden

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A whopping 16 cents!

Oh, thank you, Mr. President!

Thank you so much!


If you don’t mind…

VP Harris, do you have anything to say? How about it?

Can American families expect picnic savings this 4th of July?

Jordan Boyd of The Federalist writes:

According to a new report from the American Farm Bureau Federation, the total cost for an Independence Day BBQ is up $10 from 2021. That’s a 17 percent hike in cookout prices thanks to government-induced inflation.

In total, the cost is about $69.68 for a 10-person celebration that includes grilling essentials such as “cheeseburgers, pork chops, chicken breasts, homemade potato salad, strawberries, and ice cream.”

And Lewis Morris writes on The Patriot Post:

A growing consensus in the country is calling for the end of the penny because it is utterly valueless. Each penny costs at least two pennies to make. When labor experts factored in time and effort, they found that it is actually cheaper to leave spare change on the ground than to pick it up and put it in your pocket. And yet the Biden administration was so desperate to manufacture any hint of good economic news that it felt compelled to crow about saving us less than we’d typically find beneath a single couch cushion.

Fast-forward to this year. Those 16 pennies are long gone.

Again, from Jordan Boyd:

Thanks to the Biden administration’s reckless spending, inattention to the financial problems cursing American pocketbooks, and ongoing supply-chain crisis, which has prevented babies from getting the formula they need, I doubt we’ll see a cutesy graphic from the White House about this year’s Independence Day cookout prices.


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Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #16: Emergency powers in a crisis


“When Evers allowed our kids to be locked out of schools during the pandemic, proficiency in core subjects dropped. Scores in English, math, social studies and science are down. Student absenteeism is up. But don’t worry, many Wisconsin public schools prioritized teaching critical race theory so when our kids returned to class they could learn that they should feel guilty because of their skin color and historical sins.”
Rebecca Kleefisch, June, 2022

When it comes to the emergency powers of the governor and the Department of Health Services, Rebecca believes those responsibilities need to be made clear and easily understood. During a crisis Wisconsin needs a strong leader who can respond. The state cannot be forced to abide by an unelected bureaucrat wielding full control over our residents without any legislative oversight that took place during the Evers’ regime.

CRT UPDATE (06/30/22)

News, updates, and opinion pieces on a destructive concept threatening America.

CRT and LGBT in the Classroom: Americans Have Had Enough

By John Mac Ghlionn, a researcher and essayist. His work has been published by the New York Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, Newsweek, National Review, and The Spectator US, among others.

The U.S. education system appears to have been hijacked by people with a specific agenda. Actual education has been replaced by indoctrination and teachers replaced by activists pushing nefarious agendas.

Young children are being exposed to provocative, highly sexualized content. They’re also being encouraged to question their privilege and their supposedly racist roots.

However, all isn’t lost. More and more Americans are speaking up against the madness. They’ve had enough. According to the latest University of Massachusetts Amherst Poll, an increasing number of Americans want the insanity, or the slide into insanity, to stop—and they want it to stop now.

The vast majority of respondents said teachers asking children in grades K–6 for their preferred gender pronouns was wrong. The vast majority also said they were against the idea of assigning children in grades K–6 books that discuss transgender issues. They also opposed the idea of teachers discussing their sexual orientation with young children.

Commenting on the poll, author Don Surber had this to say: “LGBT classes are indoctrination, not education.”

The same could be said about critical race theory (CRT) classes. As Surber noted, although “CRT proponents claim this is only taught in college, they should have no problem with banning teaching a racist and anti-American doctrine that seeks to discredit the Constitution.” But for some strange reason, “proof of CRT instruction in schools keeps popping up.”

Surber finished by asking a pertinent question: “If so many people oppose teaching CRT and LGBT, why are these subjects being taught in public schools?”

Signs against critical race theory in front of the Loudoun County School District administration building in Virginia on Nov. 9, 2021. (Terri Wu/The Epoch Times)

He’s right. How did we get here?

I’ll tell you how. Last year, in an article for The American Mind, I discussed something called the gated institutional narrative (GIN), a concept first put forward by polymath Eric Weinstein. The GIN perfectly encapsulates the madness that has swept—and continues to sweep—through the U.S. education system.

As I said at the time, the “GIN explains the ways in which heavily filtered information is presented to the public by the mainstream media and academics.” Take The New York Times’s “The 1619 Project,” for example. Although the project has been lambasted by highly respected commentators, it still, for some unfathomable reason, carries a great deal of authority.

On closer inspection, however, the reason it carries so much authority is entirely understandable. After all, the project was initiated by The NY Times, one of the most influential newspapers on the planet. Its historically inaccurate narrative has also been pushed by comparably powerful media outlets, frequently and forcefully. Furthermore, it appeals not to facts, but to feelings. In this age of speaking “your truth” instead of the truth, The NY Times decided to tell its “truth.”

The GIN, as I said in The American Mind piece, “is like an exclusive nightclub. Only the right kind of people can enter.” Orthodox thinkers—in other words, people willing to follow the herd—are the only people permitted entry. Those who refuse to comply are quickly turned away.

“Go away and sober up,” they’re told.

Bad ideas beget bad ideas—the inaccurate (often pernicious) ideas generated within the GIN bounce around in a gigantic echo chamber. Then, like a swift missile strike, they’re launched into broader society.

At the same time, good ideas—that is, ideas that counter the bad ones created within the system—are intentionally blocked from entering. With such a design, it’s easy to see how bad ideas, even wicked ones, continue to circulate and become more virulent in nature.

Bad Ideas Spread Like a Virus

In his latest book, “The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense,” Dr. Gad Saad discussed how bad ideas, or “idea pathogens,” spread like a virus, killing common sense in the process. In the U.S. education system, as you’re no doubt aware, commonsense is in short supply.

If in doubt, let me point you in the direction of a recent piece written by Jonathan Turley, one of the country’s leading legal scholars. Unlike so many involved in academia, Turley has a backbone. He has a significant voice and isn’t afraid to use it. Instead of echoing the narratives of the GIN, Turley exposes the absurdities occurring within the gated community.

In the insular world of academia, he noted that “there have been growing controversies over language guides and usages, including the use of pronouns that some object to as matters of religion or grammar.” Now, he said, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), “the largest association of science teachers in the world,” wants to add to the controversy.

Take a read of the NSTA’s latest guide, and you’ll quickly see that Turley’s concerns are very much warranted. The educators are now pushing for “gender-inclusive biology.” What, you’re probably wondering, could this new-age biology entail?

In short, unscientific calls to permanently abandon everyday terms such as “men,” “women,” “parent,” “mother,” and “father.” Mothers, according to the guide, should only be referred to as “persons with ovaries.” Fathers, meanwhile, should be referred to as “persons with testes.”

Although tens of millions of Americans have had enough, don’t expect the GIN to stop churning out bad ideas anytime soon.

Democrats Are Still Trying To Hide Racist CRT Curriculum

Throughout this debate, we have heard that “critical race theory is simply a way to learn about the past” that “critical race theory is not taught in elementary schools or high schools” and that it is merely “teaching accurate history” and is only taught in law school and college.

America First Legal acquired narrative-shattering documents as part of its litigation against the Tredyffrin/Easttown Area School District (TESD) in Pennsylvania. They prove – unequivocally – the left’s dishonest gaslighting. Indeed, critical race theory is being taught in schools.

Today’s highly interesting read (06/29/22): How Democrats Made Themselves Miserable And Want You To Be Too

It’s all good. Take the time to take it all in.

Stephen Moore is a Fox News contributor and author of “Who’s the Fairest of Them All? The Truth About Taxes, Income and Wealth in America.”  He wrote earlier this year:

A survey by the University of Chicago found that record percentages of people in 2021 described themselves as “unhappy.”

Here’s what’s most interesting about the results of the happiness survey. The people with the most significant happiness deficiencies are Democratic voters. Liberals are miserable. Only 1 in 6 Democratic voters say they are “very happy.” Almost twice as many Republicans say they are “very happy.”

Why is that? First, liberals are much less religious, patriotic and interested in getting married and having children than conservatives. It’s a Grand Canyon-sized division between liberals and conservatives. I’d venture to say that the love of country, God and family make people happy.

Liberals are less likely to be working and more likely to be on government assistance. But every study shows that work is highly associated with happiness. Giving a person a fish rather than teaching a person to fish leads to very different life satisfaction outcomes.

Liberals also live their lives in fear. Liberals are much more likely to believe that global warming will doom us than are conservatives. Similarly, from the start of the pandemic until recently, liberals were twice as likely to be “very worried” about COVID-19 than conservatives. There is something sociologically different about how liberals view risks than conservatives.

Finally, there is the geographical separation between conservatives camped in red states and liberals camped in blue states — the two Americas. Blue states shut down their economies. They shut down restaurants, schools, parks, theaters, tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds, beaches, bars and any other place where people could, God forbid, have fun.

Not so long ago, those on the left of the political spectrum were the partiers — the wild and crazy crowd: sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Live and let live. Now leftists are a bunch of judgmental prudes like nuns in a convent.

And they suffer from a severe happiness deficit. They got Biden in office, and now they’re still miserable. Given the damage that Biden has done to our country in just one year in office, one could conclude that it serves them right. 

John Hawkins wrote 5 Reasons Liberals Aren’t As Happy as Conservatives:

Want to be a miserable person? Be a liberal. Want to have a happy life? Be a conservative. Why is that the case? There are a number of reasons for it.

1) Conservatives believe in personal responsibility.

2) Conservatives are more religious than liberals.

3) Conservatives are more likely than liberals to get married.

4) Liberalism just doesn’t work very well in the real world.

5) Liberalism has turned into an extraordinarily harsh, divisive, angry ideology.

That brings us to today’s read from  Eddie Scarry, the D.C. columnist at The Federalist and author of “Liberal Misery: How the Hateful Left Sucks Joy Out of Everything and Everyone.” Here’s an excerpt:

It made some sense that liberal Democrats would be bitter immediately after the 2016 election.   

They lost. And losing hurts. But it’s not supposed to be permanent.

Even when Democrats emerged victorious from the suffocating bonfire of 2020, having control of the White House and all of Congress for two years, has their mood change? No. It’s only gotten worse.

They may have traded their pussy hats for Fauci prayer candles, but the attitude has never been angrier or more spiteful. Vengeance has animated them each and every day.

Read the entire column here.

Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #15: Medical fees


Rebecca wants to make Wisconsin America’s leader for price transparency in health care.

While some medical procedures (kids’ braces) are fairly transparent, others are nearly impossible to decipher.  Also, transparency shouldn’t suddenly and surprisingly materialize after a procedure is performed.

Today’s highly interesting read (06/28/22): The Supreme Court agrees I have a right to pray

Today’s read is from Joe Kennedy, a former U.S. Marine. He coached high school football in Bremerton, Washington. Here’s an excerpt:

Though I never would’ve thought I’d end up in front of the Supreme Court, I’m glad I stayed in the fight.

Not everyone has agreed with my fight in this case. That’s OK. The American ideal of freedom is strong enough for us to disagree and still love each other as Americans. But we should all agree that no one should be fired from their job just because someone can be seen engaged in a private prayer.  

I pushed my guys on the field to never stop fighting until the whistle blew, to always give it everything they have until the last down. I simply could not give up my fight, to compromise the commitment I made to God, and keep their respect on the field. I had to keep fighting. 

Read the entire column by the coach here.

Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #14: Accomplishments


As a governor, you’re not like one of 100 US Senators. You have to get things done.

Rebecca Kleefisch during a debate Monday between the Republican primary candidates for Wisconsin governor hosted by the Providence Academy:

I’m the only proven conservative reformer running for governor. And I’m proud of my record. I’m a Tea Party mom, former small business owner, former watchdog journalist who against all odds became Lt. Governor of the state of Wisconsin. I’m proud of our record in the Walker-Kleefisch administration. Concealed carry. Castle Doctrine. Photo ID to protect the sanctity of our vote. Defunding Planned Parenthood of all state dollars. Ending teleabortions in the state of Wisconsin.  What a wonderful victory we have had as pro-life activists over the last week.

We expanded school choice across our great state. So it is now a statewide program. We made more robust our school choice programs in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha and we added a special need scholarship.

We did great reforms like prevailing wage reform. We became a right to work state. We condensed and dropped tax rates. We eliminated the personal property tax…well, we tried to at least. Unfortunately Tony Evers vetoed it. But we eliminated the property tax levy by the state of Wisconsin.

Not only that, but the granddaddy of them all, Act 10, which has now saved the taxpayers of Wisconsin $15 billion.

UPDATE: URGENT READ: This Crime Against Children Must Be Stopped

Previously on This Just In…

The update: By Louis Gohmert, Bill Posey, and Ted Cruz, June 21, 2022

Why the Rush to Authorize the COVID-19 Vaccine for Young Children?

If there’s one thing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have taught us since COVID-19 began, it’s that we should proceed with caution when it comes to their proclamations on public health. This is a sad reality that we must acknowledge if we wish to keep our nation’s youngest and most innocent citizens safe, especially since the FDA’s advisory panel just voted unanimously to recommend the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for babies and toddlers.

Alarmingly, the FDA essentially announced recently that it no longer approves of the use of the Johnson and Johnson (J&J) COVID-19 vaccine due to “rare” but “potentially life-threatening” side effects. This embarrassing and disturbing proclamation comes after the shot had been available and encouraged—and in some cases, required for the public to take—for over 14 months. Now, the FDA says the shot should only be used if an individual is unable to get the Pfizer or Moderna shot—a ringing endorsement from the “trust the science” crowd.

A little over a year ago, the FDA told us that the J&J vaccine “meets the FDA’s expectations for safety and effectiveness appropriate for the authorization of a vaccine for emergency use.” The vaccine apparently held up to the FDA’s “rigorous standards for safety, effectiveness and manufacturing quality,” although authorized in a grossly truncated timeline that was alone concerning to cautious observers.

So how can we possibly trust an FDA that just over a year ago gave the J&J vaccine a glowing review to now ensure that the proper safety and efficacy standards are met and implemented when it comes to our country’s youngest children and babies?

We recently sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf expressing our serious concerns over Big Pharma’s rush to see that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines be authorized under emergency use for young children (which, as anyone paying attention knows, will almost certainly lead to widespread COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children, particularly given that the U.S. government has already purchased millions of doses for them).

This is a virus with a 99.995 percent survival rate for children under 18 years of age. According to the CDC, more than 70 percent of this population have already had COVID-19 and recovered. Why, then, the urgency to authorize its use for kids when the long-term side effects are completely unknown and the risk of adverse events, particularly myocarditis in young boys, appears to be a real issue? An April study in JAMA Cardiology shows how devastating myocarditis can be for young men aged 16 to 24. To date, there have been over 10,000 reports of adverse reactions for children aged 5 to 11 who received COVID-19 vaccines.

In fact, myocarditis is prevalent enough in our young children post-vaccination that the CDC recently announced that it may consider experimenting with spacing out the time between vaccine doses to attempt to prevent heart inflammation cases in kids who receive the shots.

A study released in February found that the Pfizer vaccine was only 12 percent effective in children 5 to 11 years old after 30 days. How will a third dose boost this large of a decline in efficacy, and what is the decline in efficacy for 0-to-4-year-olds? Even more importantly, what are the risks to the children who take these shots? The answer is, the FDA doesn’t know.

Last week, we sent another letter to the FDA and its Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee highlighting critical questions that we wished to see answered before the vaccines were authorized for emergency use for babies and toddlers. For instance:

  • Why has the FDA recently lowered the efficacy bar for COVID-19 vaccines for the youngest children?
  • If approved and widely used among children aged 5 and under, how many lives does the FDA estimate will be saved in this age group over the next year? Given the injuries reported in the FDA’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, how will the FDA evaluate potential tradeoffs of serious vaccine injuries versus serious COVID-19 outcomes?
  • How many healthy children aged 5 and under without preexisting medical conditions have died or been hospitalized from the original SARS-CoV-2 virus or its variants?
  • Why has the FDA been so slow to release the hundreds of thousands of pages of data from preapproval manufacturer studies, post-approval adverse events data, and other post-approval manufacturer data submitted to the FDA as required by law?

There are numerous questions that need to be answered by the FDA and CDC. It’s quite possible that the risks outweigh the benefits when it comes to using these experimental vaccines with a questionable safety profile on our children—and our government barely seems to care.

Louis Buller Gohmert Jr. has been a U.S. representative from Texas’s 1st congressional district since 2005. Gohmert is a former jurist and was part of the Tea Party movement.

Congressman William Joseph Posey has represented Florida’s 8th congressional district since 2009. He previously served eight years in the Florida State Senate.

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz has been a U.S. senator for Texas since 2013. Cruz served as solicitor general of Texas from 2003 to 2008.

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