My Most Popular Blogs (12/20/21)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Despite threat, Franklin keeps schools open today

2) UPDATE: Did someone just threaten Franklin Mayor Steve Olson and the Franklin Common Council?

3) Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon dodges a bullet…for now

4) Former WI Governor Scott Walker does not want to reduce the state income tax

5) FPS gets federal COVID relief $$$

6) The jolly old guy is at Sendik’s in Franklin this morning

7) Week-ends (12/11/21)

8) Today’s highly interesting read (12/14/21): ‘Not fitting their narrative’: Waukesha feels abandoned after tragic parade attack

9) Those sly, cunning Franklin tax and spenders

10) The latest pro-life news (12/13/21)

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