Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon dodges a bullet…for now

2022 ELECTION DATES | Goliad, TX

And other Franklin election updates.

Let’s start with Logsdon who represents the 9th district on the Milwaukee County Board and wants to stay that way.

Logsdon is not a charming, endearing individual. As a politician without thousands of dollars of attack lit pieces funded by Chris Abele and advice from former supervisor Deanna Alexander she literally can’t talk her way out of a wet paper bag.

One of the worst kept rumors for months is that former county supervisor Steve Taylor was planning a run against her to regain the seat he lost to her a few years ago with the aid of Abele’s massive pocketbook that funded dirty anti-Taylor brochures dropped in mailboxes almost daily.

With units of government going through the customary redistricting process Logsdon, knowing she’s not the most well-liked person and  fearful of a Taylor run, for a long time worked to get Milwaukee County lines re-drawn so Taylor would be moved out of her district.

Legal? Yes. Political? Of course. Underhanded and the work of a desperate officeholder? Again, yes.

It worked. Logsdon stays in district 9 where she will enjoy the advantage of incumbency, and Taylor now lives in district 17 where there’s an open seat.

Logsdon doesn’t have to worry about Taylor. But will she face someone else?

Anyone who lives in Franklin who votes for her would be misguided. Logsdon is no friend to the city of Franklin. She has openly badmouthed businesses located near The Rock and those who support that critical component of our quality of life. Logsdon is absolutely clueless about her district. I suspect she will have an opponent and a tough battle to keep her seat. She needs to go.

Franklin Alderman Mike Barber is circulating nomination papers seeking re-election. One of Barber’s rabble-rousing constituents issued a threat last week.

And Franklin Alderman Dan (Alderman NO) Mayer says he won’t seek re-election. There is a God. Mayer has been an obstructionist on virtually every major attempt at progress in Franklin.

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