Those sly, cunning Franklin tax and spenders

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From Kevin Fischer’s “I TOLD YOU SO FILE.”

In November of 2016 Franklin voters went to the polls to vote up or down on a school referendum. I wrote in July of that year:

The option to be considered by voters would build a new two -story middle school with a $43.3 million referendum representing an estimated annual tax impact of $73 for each $100,000 of a home’s value for each of the next 20 years. A new two-story middle school would be built on District-owned land adjacent to the current middle school. The referendum would be large enough to pay for the new building and provide space for future expansion. Green space and competition/ recreational fields would be provided. Supporters claim the referendum would significantly improve parking and traffic flow.

I blogged extensively about my opposition to the referendum. There were two main reasons. One, there was that tax increase for the next 20 years.


“Research has found little relationship between school funding levels and student performance.
Will Flanders, education research director at the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty


No doubt Franklin residents have received their property tax bills in the mail. Take a good look at the very first page. Buried at the bottom in small print is the following and I’ll share what’s on mine:

Voter approved temporary tax increases

Taxing Jurisdiction

Total Additional Taxes

Total Additional Taxes Applied to Property

Year Increase Ends

Forgot about that, did you?

Or just flat out never knew?

No one’s talking about it during this taxing time.

Message from the Franklin taxers to Franklin taxpayers:


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