Judy Mueller is leaving FPS

Superintendent's Welcome - Franklin Public Schools


No description available.

What happens now?

The Franklin School Board must decide who to hire as Mueller’s replacement. Elections matter.

Could the board hire Jessica Moe, Franklin’s assistant superintendent?

Yes, that’s an option.

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There is speculation that the real reason Moe was brought in, despite what the untrustworthy Mueller says, was that Moe was being trained to take Mueller’s place.

The timing

Mueller’s announcement means she’ll be done at FPS in about five months. Might not be enough time to officially hire someone else so the process could take longer.

Why retire now? Sheer speculation on my part but this was the most turbulent year at FPS in the 30 years I’ve lived here. The heat may have been too hot for Mueller, a dubious administrator.

I have zero confidence the school board will hire a replacement that will be a pronounced improvement on Mueller.

2 thoughts on “Judy Mueller is leaving FPS

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