The Wall That Heals is on its way to Franklin

I’m very late with this post, but please bear with me.


We commemorate those who fought in the Vietnam War on National Vietnam War Veterans Day, March 29. There’s no doubt that the Vietnam War was one of the most brutal. In fact, over three million people were killed during the 20 years it went on. It was known as the Second Indochina War to Americans, and considering its long fighting time and brutality, National Vietnam War Veterans Day was created to honor all the men and women who fought during its time.

The Vietnam War has a long history. It was one of the longest wars involving America. Starting in 1955, the war went on until 1975, making it the second-longest war, aside from the ongoing Afghanistan War. Over 2.7 million Americans served during this war In 1973. All combat and support units withdrew from Vietnam following the war, but it continued to have an impact on many of the families and people affected by the war. 

National Vietnam War Veterans Day is acknowledged on March 29 every year, honoring anyone who served during its 20-year time. Since respect and combat support wasn’t immediately given to those who served after the war ended because of the number of deaths, the day was founded in 2017 to finally offer that respect to everyone involved. 

Understanding that it wasn’t the soldiers’ choices to go to war, U.S. Senators Pat Toomey, R-Pa., and Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., introduced the legislation proposing the anniversary of the withdrawal of military units from South Vietnam as the date. It was President Donald Trump who signed the Act on March 29, calling for U.S. flags to be flown on this day to honor everyone who served during this time, whether they were in Vietnam or not. 

Every year since it was founded in 2017, this national day has continued to be recognized on March 29. Aside from honoring those who fought, four other parts of this day that are meant to be highlighted are the service of the Armed Forces and support organizations during the war; the wartime contributions at home; the advancements in technology, science, and medicine; and the contributions by American allies.

Every Sunday morning at St. Anthony’s Church on the south side of Milwaukee, my parish since birth, a Hispanic gentleman sits in the last pew with a friend of his. He and I always exchange pleasantries. Throughout the year he proudly wears shirts, caps, and jackets about his military service. This was yesterday (Sunday).

I mention because Tuesday (June 28) is extremely special in Franklin.

The Wall That Heals, a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial along with a mobile Education Center, is coming to Franklin, Wisconsin, on Thursday, June 30th, through Sunday, July 3rd, 2 p.m., at Franklin High School, and will be open 24 hours a day and free to the public.

Read more in this news release.

I encourage you to line the route to show your support and appreciation for this beyond touching exhibit. Then go visit during Franklin’s Independence Day celebration.


Previously on This Just In…

An excerpt: Franklin isn’t exactly a quality restaurant oasis. That’s why the opening of a few dining destinations was exciting news in 2020.

In the Franklin Village at 76th and Rawson the Havana Café began serving 5 star Authentic Cuban Cuisine in September.

Owner and chef Angelina Maholias told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she is known for her Cuban sandwich.

“Whether you’re in Havana or down in Miami, the pork is usually sliced like how you slice turkey. I marinate my pork and cook it for 12 hours, so it falls apart. It’s very tender and it’s very juicy.”

The update: Franklin Alderwoman Michelle Eichmann wrote on her Facebook page today:

Imagine just signing a lease, investing personal life savings and loans into equipment, remodeling costs, opening costs, supplies, food & much more and THEN COVID hits! This is the story of Havana Cafe. Not an easy challenge to face or overcome for anyone as we’ve sadly seen some not survive throughout these times.

I highly recommend Havana Cafe if you haven’t been in awhile or ever to give them a try! If you are like me & think Cuban food isn’t for you or spicy, I am here to tell you you may be wrong as I was! The food is not spicy & can be made to your liking. My personal favorite is the Cuban with healthy yucca fries served with a mouthwatering dip! The desserts can not be beat & available to order whole for special occasions and so reasonably priced! I’ve even purchased a slice, put a bow on it and given it as a little B-day treat or given to Thank one. Gift cards are also available as is catering. Chef Angelina (owner) has worked so hard and instills endless hours of her personal time to have excellent food to serve us all! I ask when out dining to please consider supporting her. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed & she is a gem so ever grateful for your business!

Check them out!

OH MY! So, Franklin alderman doesn’t like it when HE gets called a name

At two recent separate public meetings Franklin Alderman John Nelson called me derogatory names because he objected to, without being specific, some of my blogs.

I mention because at Tuesday’s Franklin Common Council meeting Nelson erupted when Mayor Steve Olson called him a rather harmless name. Nelson’s microphone wasn’t on, but his anger is evident.

Nelson gets called “Mr. Second” because he seconds “just about” every motion according to the mayor, and that’s pretty accurate given the meeting videos I’ve seen. And Nelson goes off.


Franklin City Clerk is leaving

After 37 years with the city of Franklin, City Clerk Sandi Wesolowski is retiring.

The announcement was made at Tuesday’s Franklin Common Council meeting. Mayor Steve Olson said he “regretfully” accepts Wesolowski’s decision.

No date was announced as to Wesolowski’s final day.

Wesolowski will be missed. I believe she’s the best at her job in the entire state.

Wesolowski is married to Franklin City Attorney Jesse Wesolowski. He’s also, in my view, the best city attorney in Wisconsin.

Maybe, maybe some good news if you hate the heat

Brittany Caple and her 3-year-old son, Abraham, cool off in the pool Monday, June 20, 2022, at Palmer Park in Janesville, Wis. Photo: Wisconsin Public Radio

Yes, it’s been hot. Ungodly hot. Not exactly a news bulletin. Mid-July came a month early. Some I know are bitching.

How are they bitching? That somehow the two days of oppression this week equate to 14 months of bone-chilling winter. has an incredibly bold website. It predicts the weather until daily and month until 2050.

Here’s what it says about WX where I live in Franklin, WI, God’s Country, USA.

1) After today, there will be no 90 degrees in Franklin the rest of the month.

2) There will be no 90 degrees in Franklin the entire month of July.

3) There will be no 90 degrees in Franklin the entire month of August.

4) September? Not to worry.

Take a look.

I did say bold. Today’s highly paid forecasters can’t tell me what will happen tomorrow. Unless it’s bad. They they’re 160% right. But we’re told heat waves where I live end Wednesday.

I love the climate change wackos. On one hand we’re lectured temps will soar and soar. Not according to the AccuWeather predictions.


Relax. Find AC. Dress inappropriately. 🙂

FACT: Summer ends in a blink. Winter is interminable.

Even before Franklin approves, an alderman has already violated a code of conduct

Tonight, the Franklin Common Council may finally vote on a proposed code of conduct for elected officials and board and commission members. The possible vote comes after discussions on the subject have taken almost a year.

What a colossal waste of time on an issue literally no one in Franklin cares about. I’m not surprised. After all, this is the same council years ago spent two consecutive months trying to decide when to hold Trick or Treat.

Why must we spend months concocting a written document for electeds to use as a guide on how to treat one another, to remind them to listen to residents when they speak at public meetings, to take into consideration they might be nervous standing at a microphone, etc., etc., etc. Aren’t we adults capable of exhibiting common sense?

I’ve blogged in the past about Franklin alderman John Nelson ripping me at a council meeting for my written criticisms of him in the past. Nelson should have taken the appropriate response by reacting specifically to my points that he questioned or disagreed with. He did not. Instead he resorted to childish, petty name-calling.

So a few weeks later I made a rare appearance at a council meeting and during the citizen comment period I drilled Nelson from pillar to post. After I left he repeated the name-calling and played a ridiculous game of feigning ignorance, claiming he never directly identified me. How stupid does he think people are? Nelson and everyone else knew exactly who he was referring to.

I’d have an ounce or two of respect for the guy if he had any professionalism, common courtesy, or class, and apologized.


Since it appears imminent a code of conduct will be adopted I’m pleased to see the following provision will be included.


Members are expected to treat citizens with care and respect.

All Council/Commission/Board/Committee Members are to respect and appreciate the public’s participation, input, and opinions.

No signs of partiality, prejudice, or disrespect are to be evident on the part of individual Council/Commission/Board/Committee Members toward an individual participating in a public forum.

Ironically (big time) Nelson, who may indeed vote tonight to approve the proposed code of conduct, has already violated the above.  Nelson is a perfect example of Franklin’s lack of leadership. Now that Dan Mayer is no longer an alderman (During his time Mayer brutally interrupted a volunteer parks commissioner at a public meeting as he was speaking) Nelson has elevated his status on the list of Franklin’s worst common council members.

I’m also pleased that the new code will include a process where a citizen can file a formal complaint against an elected official for failing to comply. Hmm. That deserves further study.

There was this graduation in Franklin Saturday

At Franklin Field.

Lotta green. But no Franklin Saber gold and black.

As you probably are aware Franklin High School held its graduation Saturday, not in Franklin which would make common sense, but at American Family Field in Milwaukee, home of the Brewers. So Greenfield snatched the opportunity to have their ceremony at the available Franklin Field.

Mind-boggling. Stupid. Embarrassing.

From one of my readers: “Notice all the Facebook pictures of (Franklin’s) graduation? The common denominator is that they’re taken off the scoreboard rather than the actual event. Tells me it’s all about ego.”

Another reader offers an excellent suggestion. Where to hold Franklin’s high school graduation should be a campaign issue for next spring’s school board election.

Watch Franklin School Board reject Franklin graduation in Franklin

The debate over where to hold Franklin High School’s graduation took place during a Franklin School Board meeting on July 14, 2021.

To watch the discussion click here and scroll to the beginning at 1:35:17. It ends at 1:54:24.

Speakers include Franklin superintendent Judy Mueller, school board members Linda Witkowski, Mike Spragg, Angela Bier, Alan Aleksandrowicz, Ann Sepersky, Maqsood Khan, and Franklin High School principal Michael Vuolo.

Sorry, but CBS 58 dropped the ball on their Franklin visit

Lots of folks are all giddy that CBS 58 came to Franklin to profile our city as part of their HOMETOWN series.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very glad they stopped by. All of the destinations they highlighted that make us proud are worthy of attention.

However, how do you send a TV crew to Franklin and totally ignore the multiple award winning Kayla’s playground, a true one-of-a-kind in our corner of Wisconsin?

Inexcusable and a huge blunder on the station’s part.


This is copied from CBS 58’s website. Read carefully:

CBS 58 didn’t get the chance to visit all the wonderful places Pewaukee has to offer. Below are suggestions shared with us through our email and more suggestions can be found in social media posts HERE.

Polish Center of Wisconsin
Blend Coffee & Cocktails 
Milky Way Drive-in 
Havana Café and Catering
Hideaway Pub & Eatery 
Tuckaway Country Club