How about that Mosinee School District!

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Kevin Hermening is the school board president for the Mosinee School District. On April 6, 2021, he posted the following on his Facebook page:

You do understand, people, that it’s the other school districts that are starting to change their policy regarding masks; not Mosinee, which has had the same policy since the beginning of the school year. Three Lakes, Laona, and Crandon schools adopt “mask optional” policy this week.

Mosinee has had a similar policy all school year; ours reads “Masks for both students and staff are recommended but not required.”

NOTHING has changed in the Mosinee OFFICIAL BOARD POLICY since September 1, 2020.

We have a board which is individually divided on these issues, but has collaborated in unanimity to advance our “Stay Open” agenda.

Again, our policy since last September is IDENTICAL to the policy now.

The policy can be found here:…/Mosinee%20School…

This has been on our district website since last September.

Many school districts across the state went mask optional shortly or not long after the WI Supreme Court struck down Gov. Tony Evers’ COVID-19 emergency order and accompanying statewide mask mandate on March 31, 2021.

But not Franklin. Our school district administrator who runs the operation didn’t agree to go mask optional this fall until she made an announcement on June 18, almost three months after Gov. Evers’ mandate was tossed. While residents waited and waited the district administrator and school board disrespectfully ignored and dismissed the pleas of parents and children, putting them in unnecessary and lengthy misery.

While I support the mask optional decision I certainly won’t issue any gratitude toward the folks running our schools. They don’t deserve any thanks. Not when somewhere around 150 other schools or school districts made the common sense decision to go mask optional long before Franklin.

Still, there are many schools around Wisconsin that continue to require masks. Trust me, we in Franklin fully understand the frustration of the brick wall those areas are running into. Keep fighting, and remember your school board members come election time.

Alderwoman, are you listening?

Common Council Session - 12/15/2020 6:30 pm - YouTube

Franklin Mayor Steve Olson began this week’s Franklin Common Council meeting with the customary Citizens Comment Period. A woman stepped forward to discuss law enforcement (her microphone wasn’t on momentarily).

Please watch closely. Seated to the right is Franklin Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm (masked). As the woman addresses the Council it appears that Wilhelm is listening. But that doesn’t last too long. Watch and judge for yourself if Wilhelm is truly paying close attention to what is being presented.

I bring this up because ironically the Council is currently spending a lot of time on developing a CITY OF FRANKLIN CODE OF CONDUCT (FOR) ELECTED AND APPOINTED OFFICIALS. The present draft contains the following:

Use of Electronic Devices

Respect for each other, constituents, and those appearing before the Council or Commissions/Boards/Committees is paramount, and full attention to the matters before the body is the purpose of Meetings. The use of electronic devices to communicate regarding City business during meetings is prohibited since it presents an opportunity for violation of open meetings and open records laws. Personal use of electronic devices is strongly discouraged and should be reserved only for emergency situations. However, it is acknowledged that occasional use of electronic devices occurs for business purposes within the context of meetings and is acceptable.


In Public Meetings

All Members are expected to demonstrate. both publicly and privately, their honesty and integrity, and to be an example of appropriate and ethical conduct. Members should convey to the public their respect and appreciation for the public’s participation, input, and opinions.

Be Welcoming to Speakers and Treat Them with Care and Respect

For many citizens, speaking in front of a governing body is a new and difficult experience; under such circumstances, many are nervous. Council Members are expected to treat citizens with care and respect. Members should commit full attention to the speakers or any materials relevant lo the topic at hand.

Also ironic is the fact that the council member who has been the most vocal and uppity about coming up with a huge litany of ‘can’t we just all get along’ codes is Wilhelm. She’s whined and moaned often about how she’s treated so badly. And get this. Her criticisms of others have even included people’s body language.

Does Franklin’s best Common Council member (just ask her) practice what she preaches?

Franklin’s latest, greatest marketing achievement

Celebrating Quality of Life:' City of Franklin gets a new logo, tagline

Ever since I moved into Franklin in 1992 right up through today (that’s 29 years), and have built two homes and paid an obscene amount of property taxes that made Jesse James look like an honest man, this city has had a pronounced image problem. And on a couple of fronts.

Taxation is #1. City Hall can do a Kabuki Dance for an entire month. There’s no denying Franklin Taxes are somewhere on the moon.

Then there’s the critical component of economic development, or as it’s referred to in the vast majority of Franklin’s history, what the hell is that?

Also, how do we as a city brand ourselves? We have no downtown. Until recently we had no destinations. What are we?

The  visionary powers-that-be here in Gods’ country USA a few years ago put their heads together and came up with the ingenious thought that if we only had a logo Franklin would explode like July 4th fireworks creating an aura of excitement that could not be ignored.

And so a logo was created. It turned into banners and billboards and road signs.

Oh, happy days were here again!

You can see that baby all over town, even at this spot at 27th and Ryan Road. And it’s a complete embarrassment.                                                                  
The posting of that picture on a local FB page generated humiliating comments, and who could blame the observers as Franklin widely opened itself up to ridicule.

As a Franklin native, this explains a lot.Franklin, Wisconsin: where your neighbors are as boring as you are, but at least they’re far away.

When I saw this months ago, I thought it would be better for a hospice company slogan.

When those people saw where they were, they killed and buried themselves on the spot.

No this makes perfect sense for Franklin.

Is this some kind of sick joke?!

Looks like people are dying to live there…

Welcome to Franklin there’s literally nothing to fucken do here so enjoy.

so what you’re saying is the quality of life is similar, whether your 6ft under or not?!Well at least there will be no noise complaints from the neighbors

It’s mind-boggling that no one at Franklin City Hall with an inkling of common sense couldn’t comprehend that this display would generate negative reactions.

So, why all this attention, Kevin? What’s the big deal?

It’s not the biggest deal, but it is a big deal.

Why is that, Kevin?

Because the city of Franklin made this a big deal.

What do you mean, Kevin?

I’m glad you asked.

In April of 2019 the city issued a news release about Franklin’s new logo. You’d have thought Franklin won the lottery and the city would be forever transformed. Some of the wording given a sign has been placed next to tombstones is downright laughable.

“The new branding will help us communicate more effectively, build a sense of pride, and also attract new residents, visitors and businesses. ‘Celebrating Quality of Life’ expresses our community’s key attributes that we want to retain as our city grows,” said Calli Berg, City of Franklin Economic Development Director.

The branding campaign also includes development of a communication strategy, key messaging and conceptualization of priority branding elements. The initiative is being funded by Franklin’s hotel room tax and economic development fund. No residents’ taxes are being used.

The new logo is a nod to Franklin’s spirit of celebration. The banners represent “spirit, initiative and vitality,” which are attributes that will continue to move the city forward.

“This is an exciting time for Franklin. The dynamic new logo and tagline project our community’s vitality and positive attitude,” said Tourism Chairwoman Amy Schermetzler. The new branding adds some unique energy to how the city is positioned going forward.”

Vitality? Positive attitude? Spirit?

Are you kidding me?

A tourism initiative coupled next to a mini-gravesite.

Only in Franklin.

I can hear Mayor Steve Olson telling his prized Economic Development Director Calli Berg, “Congratulations. Great job.”

UPDATE: Franklin School District Administrator Judy Mueller’s lucrative contract

Superintendent's Welcome - Franklin Public Schools

Previously on This Just In, through an open records request I obtained and published Franklin Public Schools (FPS) District Administrator Judy Mueller’s current contract. It contained Mueller’s annual salary of $180,401.

I made a follow-up to that request since the contract does not specify Mueller’s exact dollar amount of her various benefits.

An official at FPS directed me to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website for Mueller’s benefits package. It amounts to $52,260.

Add that to Mueller’s salary and her annual compensation package equals an astounding $232,661.

I don’t necessarily begrudge Mueller’s exorbitant contract. However I have no doubt she’s overpaid.

By the way Mueller’s contract has been extended, and now runs until June 30, 2024.

For that kind of jackpot one would think Mueller could answer e-mail questions clearly, completely, professionally, courteously, and actually listen to and respect the wishes of taxpaying school parents.

Listen Franklin kids, you better not!

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NOTE: The opinions published here are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else.

What happens if Franklin kids don’t show up for their last school day Thursday?

Oh, you don’t think the educrats in power haven’t been thinking about that possibility. They know they haven’t actually been all that warm and fuzzy all school year to kids or their parents. So how might they respond if families chose to exercise some sort of display on the last day of freedom and liberty by, oh, I don’t know, not wearing a mask? Not bringing one to school?

I know. I know. Complete unadulterated chaotic behavior.

The past couple of days there’s been speculation on social media about the level of feathers that would be ruffled on the last day of school if kids showed up with every attention of 100% breathing fresh air.

Some rumbling began Monday when Franklin Forest Park Middle School Principal Erin King felt the need to take to the public address system before classes began to remind students to follow the rules on Thursday, the final day of school. That meant, of course, MASKS! MASKS! Do you hear me? Do you understand? MASKS!

It didn’t go over well. Try someone passing gas during Sunday Mass.

Second hand accounts were posted. What really did she say? Threat might be too strong a word but every comment made said that king uttered the‘s’ word: Suspended.

My daughter attends Forest Park Middle School in Franklin and absolutely loves it as I told the potted plants on the Franklin School Board at one of their meetings. She doesn’t recall all of King’s announcement, but by golly she definitely heard the‘s’ word.

So what did King really say? Let’s get right to the source, I thought, and go beyond the hearsay. So I sent an e-mail to the lame duck Erin King on Tuesday, 06/08/21:

Our family wishes you best of luck in your new role in the School District of Elmbrook as Elementary Principal of Brookfield Elementary School.

Also, word is going around about an announcement you made in school yesterday about kids not wearing masks on the last day. They would not be allowed back next school year.

Since I’m hearing this second hand could I ask you to confirm you made the announcement and if so, when, how, and the exact wording so I can be clear?

Thank you, and again, best wishes in Brookfield.

Kevin Fischer
Parent of child at Forest Park

King responded late Tuesday afternoon, but not completely, a disease FPS folks suffer from:

Good afternoon,

Thank you so much for the well wishes! I am sad to leave Forest Park but am looking forward to serving my home community.

I’m glad to provide more insight into our announcement from Monday. Each year we remind students that expectations remain consistent in the last week of school. Generally we remind students about expectations and provide a universal message that even during the last week of school behaviors can have consequences and we reinforce positive behaviors. (This helps with unwanted behaviors in the lunchroom, recess, hallway, etc.) This year masks are part of our expectations, but that was not the emphasis or focus of the message. It was not said that they wouldn’t be allowed back next year.

Jennifer – I hope your year has been great and you are enjoying your career change! We miss seeing you each day at FPMS!

Erin K. King


Forest Park Middle School

King’s reference to my wife, Jennifer is when she worked as an educational aide at the middle school before she left for a full-time position elsewhere.

Because King’s response to me was not satisfactory, I wrote back again:

Thank you for your response.

I will make sure Jennifer sees this.

But can you tell me as best you can what you announced to the students?

King’s response?





I’m off to Brookfield!

I close with this and I love it. Regular readers know I write with an edge. Looking for bake sales and car washes? This ain’t the place. Try somewhere else.

From a Franklin resident who also emailed King and District Administrator Judy Mueller on Tuesday whose name I will keep confidential:

I was told this morning by my son and the 3 boys I drive to school that they were threatened yesterday by yourself about mask wearing on the last day of school. To be honest, the bullying you have allowed in this school and this district all year long has been appalling. Children have been allowed and encouraged to bully children that might be wearing their mask incorrectly because they are having trouble breathing. You should all be ashamed of the behavior of some of your teaching staff as they have bullied children as well. It is a joke that you have the kids wear a blue shirt on the first Wednesday of the month for anti-bullying and yet teachers and woke students are allowed to do it whenever they want.

Also, it seems that since you felt the need to threaten this children instead of talking to parents means that one, you are both cowards and that you feel that the majority of your school would come mask-less to the last day of school. What does that say to you both?? It says to me that the majority of your community thinks that you are overstepping. The children of your school have every right to peacefully protest your tyrannical ways. Your teachers have glorified the rioting by Black Lives Matter in the classroom, so I find it hilarious that you cannot handle having a peaceful protest in your school. Seems very hypocritical to me.

I am so very ashamed of the callous behavior of this administration and the school board. I have asked many times what scientific data you have to continue the mask “mandate” in the Franklin school district and have gotten none. The funny thing is that you have allowed an average of 7% of your teaching staff to be out of school (corona-cation) since the vaccine has been out. Maybe instead of bullying the children, maybe you should work on making sure your teachers are actually doing their job!! By allowing a small amount of your teachers to slack off for the last two years, you have given the good ones a bad name. I would think that making sure that your teachers are actually teaching would be top billing on both of your lists, but it seems that you are more interested in building fear in the students in this district.

To my knowledge this Franklin parent has also yet to receive a response. Erin King is probably too busy looking for great places to eat in Brookfield.

This is what is now normal in Franklin when it comes to education:

Franklin students, parents, taxpayers be damned.

Franklin Public Schools refuses to address concerns about a teacher’s questionable methods

As important as bias on college campuses is, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Much of the problem goes back much further, to K–12 schools, where only 27 percent of teachers identify as Republicansaccording to a national survey by the Education Week Research Center. Not only are K–12 teachers more likely to vote for Democrats and favor left-wing causes, socialist ideas permeate nearly every aspect of government-run schools. 

Most children no longer extensively read the literary classics, which include a wealth of resources, and many high schoolers spend little time enrolled in civics or history courses compared to classes that focus on mathematics, science, or technology. And when they are in history classrooms, they are often bombarded with left-wing historical revisionism that turns American heroes like George Washington into racist moral monsters.

And these examples are just the subtle forms for educational socialism. In many public schools, teachers are outright hostile to conservative ideas and openly embrace radical left-wing positions like single-payer health care.
—Justin Haskins, January 28, 2019. Haskins is the executive editor and a research fellow at The Heartland Institute and the editor-in-chief of

Since April many Franklin residents have contacted Franklin Public Schools (FPS) officials with concerns and question on various issues. The responses have not been positive. Replies to inquiries have been abrupt, lacking specific or direct answers, and not very cordial. Not helpful at all. Folks have been given the runaround and in some instances FPS officials have flat out refused to answer respectfully submitted questions. Apparently they don’t care who they work for, and who pays the freight.

Let me convey a recent experience I had beginning with an e-mail I sent to a Franklin High School business teacher, Deborah Franklin:

Date: Wed, Jun 2, 2021 at 10:35 AM
Subject: Questions about your business class
To: <>


My name is Kevin Fischer. I’ve lived in Franklin for 29 years. My daughter is a student at Forest Park Middle School.

A few issues have surfaced about your business/finance class that Franklin parents are aware of.

I respectfully submit the following questions and kindly request you respond to me with your answers as soon as possible given the school year is almost over.

1) Did you require your students to watch programming produced by the CNN cable network during this school year?

2) If you did, when and how often did this take place?

3) Did you require your students to watch CNN or any news reports on the day of the US Capitol disturbances, often referred to as “riots” on January 6, 2021?

4) Please explain. What do the events that occurred at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, have to do with your instruction of business/finance?

5) It’s been said that you asked students to give their opinions about the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial. Is that true? What does that case have to do with the instruction of business/finance?

6) It’s also been said that you asked students to raise their hands if they had been vaccinated against COVID and that when nobody raised their hands you scolded them. Is that true? What happened? And what does that have to do with the instruction of business/finance?

7) Do you agree or disagree that whether your students have been vaccinated is a private medical matter?

8) Back to CNN. Do you agree or disagree that a sizeable portion of the Franklin community may consider CNN to be a left-leaning media company rather than one that is objective and therefore has no place in a classroom?

Please answer these basic direct questions with direct answers soon.

Thank you for your cooperation.

From: Franklin, Deborah <>
Date: Wed, Jun 2, 2021 at 2:47 PM
Subject: Fwd: Questions about your business class
To: Vuolo, Michael <>, Joey Jonas <>, Brian Karolewicz <>, Jewell, Steffany <>

Hello Admin, 

I received this email and its extremely disturbing and threatening. Especially since this isn’t a student at the school. Please advise on how to proceed. 


Deborah Franklin 

Hello Mr. Fischer, 

Ms. Franklin forwarded the email below from 6/2/21. I have decided it is most appropriate for me to respond. While the district appreciates your interest in the teaching methodologies in the classroom, the district does not answer specific inquiries about individual classrooms when the questions do not relate to the inquirer’s student or a classroom where the inquirer’s student is assigned throughout a given school day. Regardless, know that, if or when the district becomes aware of employees who stray from district policy for curriculum, the district takes those matters seriously and addresses them as needed. 

Mr. Joey Jonas

My response on 06/03/21

Thank you for your quick response.

Forgive me. Who are you?

And does the district consider this teacher’s behavior appropriate to the district’s curriculum?

Was it addressed? Is it being addressed? Will it be addressed?

I think all of my questions are appropriate. I am a taxpayer to the district of 29 years, and my daughter may someday be in one of Ms. Franklin’s classes.

Thank you.


Mr. Fischer, 

My name is Joey Jonas and I am an associate principal at Franklin High School. I work most closely with Ms. Franklin and the business department. 

As previously stated, the district does not answer specific inquiries about individual classrooms when the questions do not relate to the inquirer’s student or a classroom where the inquirer’s student is assigned throughout a given school day. Regardless, know that, if or when the district becomes aware of employees who stray from district policy for curriculum, the district takes those matters seriously and addresses them as needed. 


My response to Mr. Jonas

Your repetitious response is sad and fails to put you, Ms. Franklin, and the school district in a favorable light. Sounds like you all have something to hide and by refusing to answer appears as though you approve of this teacher’s questionable methods.

I would hope you’d want the best for all involved, including children and their taxpaying parents. Apparently not.

(End of my response)

This is how a supposed professional treats a taxpaying parent.

Mr. Jonas has yet to respond and I don’t expect he will.

And if Deborah Franklin feels threatened when a parent asks simple questions about her class, then I submit she needs to quit and find another line of work.

Franklin, school is almost over, and you’re still complaining about masks?

Franklin High School - Franklin Public Schools

Yes, I’ve heard that tossed around. We should finally just clam up, go home, and soak our wounds.

No. We keep fighting, for a couple of reasons.

For some time Franklin parents realized that the abusive and unnecessary mask mandate would remain in place throughout the current school year that ends next week. However the crusade to unmask our kids continues and why not? Temperatures will hit 90 soon and we still have summer school and the start of the 2021-22 school calendar to rightfully be concerned about. So we’re giving leadership-challenged leaders an earful.

April’s election has left Franklin with a universally horrible school board, seven zombies, each desperately searching for a spine. Not one of the board members presents a reasonable voice. The entire board fails to reflect the values of the majority of the Franklin community.

Dealing with a bunch like that requires a game of pool approach. You don’t only look at the ball in front of you. Rather you scope out the next few balls on the table. Franklin parents respectfully demanding a change in mask policy are not only worried about that item, but other surprises this board may have up their sleeves. The passionate in-person display at the last three school board meetings is to put this uncaring lot on notice. The cozy arrangement you’ve enjoyed for decades of no one really paying much attention to your mutual admiration society warm and fuzzy kaffeeklatsch is over. We’re watching, and we’re watching closely.

Here’s one of those pool balls that we have our eyes on, described by Joy Overbeck, a Colorado journalist and author:

There’s a vicious pandemic that no vaccine will cure, and it’s called Critical Race Theory (CRT.) This is “wokeness” and it is invading school districts and classrooms nationwide, infecting the minds of America’s progeny from preschool through college. It’s a relentless illness, spreading racial division and distrust with a deterministic dogma that defines all whites as programmed to be oppressors and all minorities as doomed victims of that white oppression.  

U.S. Army retired Lt. Gen. Marvin L. Covault, the author of “Vision to Execution,” recently penned a very compelling column that explicitly boils down the dangers of this divisive concept:

CRT holds that America and white Americans are irredeemably racist. The solution is reverse racism, which is called “equity.” Equity, not to be confused with equality, further transforms all elements of America from merit-based to equity based. Under equity, mediocracy will reign supreme in all organizations, business, education and government.

Imagine a couple of youngsters — one Black, one white — from the same neighborhood; they are best friends, walk to school together, play ball after school and are in and out of each other’s homes frequently. Then, while getting their required weekly dose of CRT instruction, they
suddenly look across the classroom at one another as if to say, “Wow, I thought he was my friend but he is actually my enemy.”

CRT is potentially the most dangerous initiative ever undertaken in our history with almost unimaginable ramifications.

Do we in Franklin want “the most dangerous initiative ever undertaken in our history” to invade our school district’s curriculum? I think not.

Some Franklin parents believe CRT has already seeped its ugly way in, and I’ll have more in a future post.

Meanwhile there’s a way to combat this evil. To answer how let’s turn to Betsy McCaughey,  Ph.D., well-known political commentator, constitutional expert, and regular guest on Fox News, CNBC and many national radio programs who asserts the fight is very much like D-Day:

The battle to win control of school boards from the grip of racial indoctrinators is like Normandy Beach. Everything hangs on the outcome. Lose and a generation is lost.

The outcome will determine whether your children learn to see themselves and other people as individuals, instead of merely members of a racial group. Parents of all ethnicities who never dreamed of getting involved in politics need to step up now.

Parents are already outraged by the indoctrination their kids are getting in school. White kids are shamed as racists and oppressors. Black kids are taught to think of themselves as victims. And the nation’s history is being presented as something to despise.

When parents object to this brainwashing, school administrators respond with doubletalk, denying its “critical race theory,” and insisting schools just want to be inclusive and diverse. That’s why it’s time to shift from complaining to fighting for control of local school boards. These boards hire superintendents, set policies and have the clout to stop critical race theory.

And so in Franklin we keep playing pool.

RELATED READING: Joy Overbeck’s column

Listen as parents (and their kids) fight for optional masking in Franklin Public Schools, and are blown off

Here is the audio of the most recent Franklin School Board meeting.

08:10 Citizen comment period begins with mask supporter.

11:01 Jennifer Fischer (my wife) comments with a focus on assumed risk.

15:06 My testimony.


25:19 Student accuses school district of racism and an older gentleman responds at…

28:12 And takes the student to school.

51:46 Franklin resident says all board members need to be voted out.

52:45 Grandmother blasts board.

56:12 Power point presentation prepared by Evgenia Vasylenko begins with Franklin students Matthew Vasylenko and Kyla Fischer reading off the updated list of schools and school districts that have gone maskless. The Power Point continues with lots of clinical scientific information.

1:35:29 Evgenia respectfully requests the board make a motion to consider making masks optional. You’ll hear frustrated audience members upset that not one single board member will take such action.

1:47:55 Another request for a motion from another parent. More testimony in opposition to masks follows.

Those in support of going mask optional made tremendous arguments. They were unceremoniously ignored. Those in charge of Franklin schools do not care about our children. They can’t be trusted. They all need to go.