This is for the Milwaukee Milkmen detractors

Remember when the Milwaukee Milkmen opened their 2020 season at Franklin Field earlier this summer? I sure do.

The organization followed all recommended guidelines. Staff at the ballpark wore gloves and masks in the stands. There was a significantly reduced capacity in the stands, down 35 percent from 4,000 seats to 1,500 with social distancing.

Even so, angry, rude, cowardly Karens from Franklin and elsewhere hiding behind their computers  went  nuts on social media, blasting Mayor Steve Olson and the ballclub. They accused Franklin of having no regard for the safety of Milkmen fans, endangering their very lives.

This news is especially for those supposed know-it-alls who in reality don’t know anything.

It was announced at today’s Milkmen Championship ceremony that Milkmen owner Mike Zimmerman was informed by the Franklin Health Department  that during the entire just-completed Milkmen season at Franklin Field there were no cases of COVID-19 that resulted from baseball played there.



Milkmen NIMBYs and Karens, stick that in your pipes and smoke it.

Any Milkmen celebration should be about the team, not elected officials

UPDATE: Join us at the Umbrella Bar TOMORROW for a Championship Celebration! Meet the Milkmen, enjoy LIVE music from ‘Total Neon’ and MORE!

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I’m guessing there will be some sort of public celebration to honor the Franklin-based Milwaukee Milkmen for winning the American Association baseball championship in just the second year of the ballclub’s existence. And there should be.

Watch for folks rushing forward to participate and share the love in whatever form the party takes. I submit some shouldn’t be allowed to play ball if there is any fairness.

Topping the list is Franklin alderman Dan Mayer. After originally voting for the concept of Ballpark Commons he’s been anti-Ballpark Commons ever since. The boisterous and sometimes rude neighbors living near Franklin Field have had Mayer firmly entrenched in their hip pockets for a long time. Recently Mayer led the effort to stymie Milkmen owner Mike Zimmerman’s plan to enhance the very popular Milky Way Drive-In.

In May of 2019 Franklin approved paying $19.4 million to help finance high-end apartments at the Ballpark Commons mixed-use development. The Common Council voted 5-1 to also pay $5.2 million to cover cost overruns tied to the development’s sewers and other public improvements. Ald. Dan Mayer was the only opposing vote.

Mayer was the only aldermanic no-show in the summer of 2019 for the Milkmen home opener. He should not be allowed anywhere near an event to pay tribute to our champions.

And that vote by the Common Council to hurt Zimmerman’s drive-in business? It was unanimous. Personally, I’d think twice about including any of them, even though you more or less have to issue the invitation. Just stick them in a corner and instruct them to stay quiet and avoid cameras.  

Courtesy dictates having the mayor attend who I’m sure is writing a proclamation at this very moment. He’ll give a glowing speech at the celebration, no doubt. But just a reminder that the mayor was not always in the Ballpark Commons corner and certainly was not the project’s biggest cheerleader.

The point is people don’t and shouldn’t forget because actions have consequences. A bandwagon isn’t big enough for some who suddenly want front row seats. Any program should be about the team and the organization, and not about a small group that made creating the stadium and the Milkmen far more difficult than it should have been, and that continues to make this popular development jump through so many hoops.

Reaction to the Milwaukee Milkmen winning the American Association Championship

Tonight the Milwaukee Milkmen, based in Franklin, won the American Association baseball championship in only their second season of play by defeating the Sioux Falls Canaries in South Dakota, 4-1. The Milkmen wrapped up the best of seven series, 4 games to 1.

Our family’s reaction, and that of the city of Franklin:

The reaction of the NIMBY neighbors near Franklin Field, the home of the champions:

Milkmen owner Mike Zimmerman: No good SOB!

Now that the season is over, what will these folks with a most miserable existence complain about next?

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Former Franklin alderman and Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor and Milkmen owner Mike Zimmerman.

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Will your community cancel Halloween?

Here in Franklin I think there’s a real chance. If not a cancellation, then all kinds of ridiculous recommended guidelines.


1) It’s Franklin. We’re a backwards community with little vision or forward, critical thinking. We kill just about anything that would build our city. We are the Flintstones, not the Jetsons.

2) City leaders already ruined via cancellation July 4 and our huge annual Labor Day celebration.

At a recent Franklin Common Council meeting, our frightened mayor Steve Olson who appears to have gone all ‘Karen’ on us just had to throw flaming poo, saying Trick or Treat will give Franklin a chance to see rising COVID-19 numbers rise even faster. Olson promised the city will “issue lots of guidelines.” I shudder to imagine how potentially ridiculous they might be. I don’t doubt that one bit. His un-elected bureaucrat health director I’m sure is in her taxpayer funded lab working on ways to shut down families and children this Halloween

3) Abandoning Halloween is happening all over, so it would not be shocking if Franklin followed suit.

Rest assured the anti-Halloween cancel culture is starting to happen. Think it won’t happen where you live?

Read about the foolishness that’s happening across America.

COVID-19 at Franklin school

Dear FP Parents / Guardians, 

We are making you aware that a student at Forest Park Middle School has tested positive for COVID-19. We took immediate action and followed our protocols and procedures to immediately remove other close contact individuals from school.  For all situations like this, we work with the Franklin Health Department to quickly identify, notify, and quarantine or exclude any students or staff who may have come into close contact with the individual and who may be at risk of getting sick. 

If your child has been impacted, you have already been notified by the District. 

Since this is the first case in our building, we are letting all families know how we responded to this situation. Please know, as we progress we will continue to follow our same protocols if/when cases are confirmed.  However, we will not send an all family message like this each time.  As always, we encourage you to reach out to a building administrator if you have questions.  

In the future, if your child would be identified as a close contact to that individual, you would be contacted by a local health department.  Please assist them as they work in partnership with us to investigate and control COVID-19 in our school and community.  If you do not receive any further communication, you have not been identified as a close contact and may continue to follow the same healthy behaviors and self-monitoring practices that you already have been.  With regard to this event, all district safety measures were in place, and we are completing all cleaning and disinfecting protocols. 

About COVID-19

COVID-19 is an illness that spreads from person to person through droplets created when we cough, sneeze, talk, sing, or laugh.  Most people, especially children, who get COVID-19 have a mild illness, similar to having a cold or the flu.  However, in others, it can cause severe illness including pneumonia.  Additionally, we are asking that you monitor your child for signs of illness, including checking their temperature twice daily at home if you have the means to do so. If you begin experiencing any of the symptoms outlined below, please contact your medical provider for further guidance and notify one of our District Nurses, Molly Kaul or Lori O’Neil

Symptoms of COVID include:

  • Fever of 100.4 or above
  • Cough, sore throat, congestion, or runny nose
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • New lost of taste or smell
  • Chills or periods of increased sweating (not attributed to exercise/training)
  • Body aches or muscle pain (not attributed to exercise/training)
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

As a reminder, it is imperative that your child stays home if they are exhibiting any of the above symptoms or any of the following situations occur:

  • COVID-19 test pending for your child 
  • Someone in your household is showing signs of illness
  • Notification that your child has been in close contact with someone with COVID-19

Preventing Further SpreadThere are a few essential behaviors that you and your child can continue to practice to minimize your risk of contracting COVID-19:

  • Stay at least 6 feet away from other people outside of your immediate household.
  • Wear a facial covering or mask.
  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Thank you for your partnership and diligence in maintaining the health and safety of our school and community. 

Erin KingForest Park Middle School(414) 525-7501

Molly Kaul MS, RN, PCNS-BC (FPMS & FHS)District Nurse 414-525-7622

Lori O’Neil BSN, RN (Elem & Rec Dept)District Nurse414-525-7624

These plans could be exciting for Franklin

At Tuesday’s Franklin Common Council meeting there’s an agenda item to review a development proposal of six lots, including storage, Kwik Trip, and Health Club.

On June 4, 2020, James O’Malley of O’Malley Development in Elm Grove submitted a Concept Review for a proposed commercial development at 9540 S. 76th St., the corner of 76th St. and Ryan Rd. The 22.68 acre parcel is currently vacant. The resulting commercial district would include initial development of roads, a mini storage facility and Kwik Trip Convenience Store along Ryan Road, and subsequently a tennis and swimming health club in the interior of the development. O’Malley is seeking proposals to develop the remaining parcels.

On June 6, 2020, O’Malley wrote and submitted to the city a summary of the project. Here’s a portion of his report:

I am proposing to subdivide, rezone and develop approximately 27 acres on the Southeast corner of South 76 Street and West Ryan Road. The property is currently zoned R-8 Multifamily and A-1 Agricultural and is being farmed as vacant land. The property is fully serviced with sewer, water, electric, phone/cable and natural gas.

I’m proposing to subdivide the property and install new roadways to access the entire site. I would extend sewer, storm sewer and water to reach each area of the property within the site only.

The first things to be developed on the site will be a Quick Trip gas station on Parcel 2 and a 3 story inside only drive-thru self storage building on Parcel 3. The type of building I’m proposing is a high end, fully climate controlled facility, with elevators to the 2’and 3’floors. These type of self storage buildings are being built in major retail areas on major collector roads here in Wisconsin and throughoutthe country. Attached are two photos of one located on Hwy 83 in Hartland, WI. Another is being built right now on one of the most prominent and highly visible corner in Oak Creek, at Howell and Drexel Avenue. A fully drive-thru and “out of the elements” self storage facility will be a great benefit to the area residents and businesses, now even more so, because our country is working from home, and we need to support this new trend of doing business.

I believe there is a need in Franklin for a safe family friendly pool and tennis club like many located around the Milwaukee metro area but not like Tuckaway country club which offers golf and banquet facilities. I would like the club to be accessible to the Root River bike pathway so families can ride a bike to the pool and tennis club and neighboring subdivisions. I would like the pool area to have an all adult area and a family kid area with a couple of water sides and water fountains. Typically, these type of facilities don’t generate a ton of income and they are expensive to build but I’m happy to make this investment in Franklin by subsidizing it with the profits I earn from the rest of the site. However, I’ve never built or operated a club like this, so it is my intention to partner up with an existing club to be sure that it is successful. This project, with all the types of business I’ve mentioned, will add valuable services to this area of Franklin that needs to see growth and will inspire other development in the area too. Lastly, by developing this property, it will generate valuable taxes “NOW” to the city without requiring a TIF.

Naturally there will be all kinds of hoops to jump through including the imposition of impact fees. No action will be taken at Tuesday’s meeting. The city is expected to  provide feedback that O’Malley would use to determine if he wants to pursue the project.

There will also be discussion on some other items of note, including a proposal by Shelley Tessmer to develop a dog park just west of 6855 South 27th Street, and plans to add more pickleball courts.

Too good to be true? Tangible progress in sleepy Franklin?

Franklin canceled July 4th and Labor Day. What about Halloween?

Legitimate question.

After all, the Franklin Cancel Culture Common Council took little time to decide to dispatch the entire Civic Celebration this summer. Ditto for the annual St. Martin’s Fair on Labor Day.

But Halloween has escaped the holiday grinches at Franklin City Hall.

At a recent meeting the Common Council approved Trick or Treating this year to be held on October 31st (that’s cool) from 4-7 pm.

But worrywart Mayor Steve Olson (has he gone ‘Karen’ on us?) just had to throw flaming poo, saying this will give Franklin a chance to see rising COVID-19 numbers rise even faster.

Olson promised the city will “issue lots of guidelines.” I shudder to imagine how potentially ridiculous they might be.

Whatever health commissioner Courtney Day comes up with you can bet how the folding chairs on the council will react.

Yes Courtney.

Of course Courtney.

Whatever you say Courtney.

That’s really good Courtney.

Looking ahead, they wouldn’t dare mess with the Veterans Day ceremony or Christmas Tree Lighting, would they?

Franklin Common Council clueless on business

When the six members of the Franklin Common Council pulled into the parking lot of City Hall Tuesday night for their regularly scheduled meeting, their minds were made up on a Milky Way Drive-In Theater item on the agenda.  Franklin’s miserable business climate, the future of a popular business attraction led by a loyal hometown corporate citizen be damned.

Their hearts and hip pockets were reserved for a small minority of loud, rude, arrogant, demanding NIMBYs that spoke only for themselves and not for the city as a whole that the Common Council is supposed to represent.

At issue was changing the way ROC Ventures operated the drive-in theater in the parking lot at Ballpark Commons. The noise and at times offensive language from the movies had neighbors up in arms, claiming their lives were being destroyed but no one would listen.

What’s that old saying? The squeaky wheel gets the grease? This was no longer a squeaky wheel. The drama had now escalated to whining, screaming, attacking, threatening (criminal charges and recalls?).  So much so that a weak Franklin Common Council found itself at their own personal breaking point.  We give up. Uncle. Another Franklin business bites it.

Here’s the local news report
, which is OK. But this news source strays from the hard-hitting stuff. It would never publish what I submit. The Franklin Common Council Tuesday night didn’t give a damn about a local business or the local businessman that runs it.

There are two reasons why.

1) They don’t care.

2) They lack any understanding of business and how important it is to our community. They will arrogantly dismiss my assertion. Trust me. I’ve lived here since 1992. When it comes to the local economy, businesses,  and economic development, Franklin flunks big time, and the people in charge have themselves to blame, even though their egos are in the highest level of denial.

Mike Zimmerman who runs Roc Ventures and the Milky Way Theater tried his best with calm reserve to explain to the Common Council his business operation. You’d think it was nuclear physics.

Confining the audio of movies at the drive-in theater to just AM-FM Radio in cars and not allowing set-up speakers which is what the six economic geniuses on the Council approved did not fit Mike Zimmerman’s “business model.” You’d have thought Zimmerman was speaking in Swahili.

Zimmerman nicely, calmly, slowly, respectfully tried to inform the council that his business model of the Milky Way was not just a theater. It was designed for revenue-streaming corporate events that yes, in 2020, required, guess what? A PA SYSTEM!

To continue the drive-in, a concept that has caught on like wildfire all across America, Zimmerman has invested $750,000 in essentially rented equipment and must make good on that investment. What he wants to do comes with a cost he said.

Zimmerman told the council the Milky Way is NOT a traditional drive-in. Why? Because traditional drive-ins are no longer in operation because that business model is OLD.

More Swahili.

The council either wasn’t listening, didn’t understand, didn’t care, or all of the above.

At some point Zimmerman offered a brilliant suggestion. If that’s a bit too much for some readers, then it was definitely dripping in common sense.

Are you ready?

This isn’t rocket science.

What did Zimmerman suggest that was totally dismissed by the Fortune 500 wizards on our council?

“Try to work on a solution where everybody’s happy.”

In other words, by all means do not dismiss the concerns of the residents. But let’s arrive at the BEST alternative.

Simple. Easy. Again, common sense.

Our omnipotent council would have none of it.

Zimmerman said don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  Do not shut this opportunity out (the drive-in). Radio audio only restricts his business

The council was close-minded.

I’ve lived here since 1992 and have followed local politics ever since. It’s ironic that Franklin historically drags its feet whenever a remotely important issue arises. And yet Alderwoman Wilhelm badgered Zimmerman the other night on not addressing this issue in a timely matter. She’s been waiting all summer she whined for a solution from ROC Ventures. Good grief.

And newly-elected Alderwoman Shari Hanneman also complained to Zimmerman that she expected him to have all kinds of specifics ready for Tuesday’s meeting and, by the way, what exactly did he mean that the problem was being worked on with progress being made?

Franklin wants answers right now? Where I live the neighbors are just learning the Twist. If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable. These council people telling Zimmerman how best to run his business. What a joke.

Finally, this point from Zimmerman at the meeting. And it’s a beauty.

“The council should think bigger and more strategically.”

Let that sink in a bit.

The council should think bigger and more strategically.”

Mike, nice try, but what you asked for is basically…


Yes, I heard the birds ma’am, but…

Franklin’s anti-business Common Council voted unanimously at its Tuesday night meeting to place restrictions on the popular Milky Way Drive-In Theater at Ballpark Commons, caving to NIMBY neighbors. This minority crowd has been vocal, attending meeting after meeting with consistently rude, arrogant commentary.

Prior to the council’s vote the citizen comment period got testy, with one angry resident threatening legal action against ROC Ventures and recall efforts against the mayor and council members.

There was, in my view, a rather humorous moment when one woman, and I won’t name her to spare embarrassment, said the noise from Ballpark Commons was unbearable and to prove it she had it on tape, and offered to play it for the council if they wanted. Here’s what happened when the woman attempted to play her recording into a microphone. She told the mayor and council they’d hear birds followed by the offending noise:


It is on here (She laughs). Just wait.


Tape audio: Birds chirping.

Hold on.


Tape audio: More sound of birds.

You probably can’t…can you hear it? You can hear birds.

I don’t why you can’t hear it now…on here.


Hold on.


More birds, but no noise.


I don’t why it’s not picking up on here.

Omelet on face.