Franklin aldermanic candidate Rivera is right, but he’s mostly wrong

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Marcelino Rivera, undoubtedly the most seriously flawed candidate running for office in Franklin this April, has written the following:

“The City Aldermanic race is non-partisan. As a Systems Analyst working for one of the top ten rated healthcare systems in the nation, I have *worked with people of all different backgrounds and political beliefs. I want to move beyond the dichotomy and work together on behalf of the citizens of Franklin to make sure we are able to Celebrate the Quality of Life that we deserve and pay for with our tax dollars. Feel free to check out my webpage for more info if you would like.”

Rivera is correct in that candidates for the Common Council and school board do not have to declare a party affiliation.  As a result he’s been hit, rightfully so, with all kinds of questions, most of which he refuses to answer. Do you own a home in Franklin? What’s so difficult? Just answer, damn it.

Here’s political reality in Franklin. If you’re conservative you wear it proudly on your sleeve. All of the aldermanic challengers are leftists (save Michelle Eichmann). So they attempt to keep that tucked under the rug. They obfuscate, pontificate and deflect.

Liberals like Rivera generally hate to admit they are. They’re embarrassed. Anyone who has seen Rivera’s antics and heard his anti-city rhetoric knows he’s about as non-partisan as Nancy Pelosi. He’s the hero of the hateful Left in Franklin.

Even if you want to hide behind what you call a non-partisan race the proper and honest approach is to own your beliefs.

Voters in Franklin and any other community this spring need to be very careful in tier observations about local candidates who won’t come clean. An age-old trick is for lefties to, a la Bill Clinton, swing toward the center during a campaign. If elected the masks come off, and they revert to their true flaming liberal identities.

Take for example aldermanic candidate Deborah Davis. I’ve been informed that she espoused the virtues of socialist kook Bernie Sanders on her website. Those posts would not sell well in Franklin, so they’ve been removed. Now there’s transparency for you.

So be on guard about any “non-partisan” nonsense. It’s BS.

Earth to Franklin aldermanic candidate: YOU do not speak for ME or WE

City of Franklin unveils new logo and branding

Deborah Davis is running for Franklin’s Common Council in District 1 against the incumbent, Alderman Ed Holpfer.

Davis is a favorite on the hard, hateful left Franklin Facebook page. She recently dropped the following comments on the page regarding proposed housing units on the city’s SW side, emphasis mine.

1) Our position is that we don’t want to approve acreage rezoning to industrial until we know the proposed use, and ideally the company interested in buying the property. Residents in this area already are living with a landfill, auto salvage and a proposed slaughterhouse all within a mile. We don’t want more industry coming in with the potential to compromise air or water quality (or general quality of life).

2) OK, we (City of Franklin) lost at the Common Council meeting last night. Cape Crossing was approved for development despite public safety, environmental, zoning, and traffic concerns.

Who is she talking about? Who is we?

Does she head up or is a member of some special local organization we don’t know about? Did she conduct a poll of residents/voters in the district she’s running in that we are unaware of?

Davis doesn’t speak for me. She doesn’t represent me. She doesn’t sing out of the same hymnal as me. And I’m positive I’m not alone. But she’s speaking as though everyone is walking lock step with her. 

She also apparently doesn’t understand that two of the votes FOR the housing development she opposes came from potentially future constituents of hers: Ed Holpfer and the mayor!

The vote in April in District 1 is for Ed Holpfer.


Current Alderman John Nelson likes Davis. Nelson also likes the severely flawed candidate running against Alderman Mike Barber. More on that to come.

Franklin Mayor Olson is correct. Pickleball at Ballpark Commons is a big deal.

Several times during Tuesday’s Franklin Common Council meeting Mayor Steve Olson mentioned to those in attendance ‘This is a big deal.’ And you couldn’t blame him.

Olson was referring to one significant announcement after another made Tuesday.

Saputo Cheese coming to Franklin.

New housing units on the SW side.

Upcoming $4 million payment to the city resulting from the big success at Velo Village Luxury Apartments.

A 40-plus room boutique hotel at Ballpark Commons.

Also at Ballpark Commons, a brewpub, live entertainment, and pickleball, yes, pickleball which has become quite popular in Franklin.

A Pickleball court is a quarter of a regulation tennis court with two teams of two players. Franklin Recreation repainted a tennis court to establish Pickleball play at Franklin's Lion's Legend Park II on Drexel Road.A Pickleball court is a quarter of a regulation tennis court with two teams of two players. Franklin Recreation repainted a tennis court to establish Pickleball play at Franklin’s Lion’s Legend Park II on Drexel Road Photo: C.T. KRUGER/NOW MEDIA GROUP, June 2018

The goal is to have a total of eight courts, indoor as well as outdoor at Ballpark Commons with groundbreaking possibly happening this summer.

And the pickleball craze is not exclusive to Franklin. It’s the fastest growing sport in America.

Franklin aldermanic candidate: Go ahead ask me anything, except don’t

City of Franklin unveils new logo and branding

Franklin Alderman Mike Barber is facing opponent Marcelino Rivera this April. Other than disgraced and recalled Basil Ryan from many years ago Rivera is probably the worst aldermanic candidate to ever seek office in Franklin.

Weeks ago Rivera moaned and complained that the Facebook page “The Franklin Community Forum” wasn’t going to allow him to post. How could he get his message out, he cried. Unfair, he protested.  Potential voters would be prohibited from important information.

The moderator of the forum decided, look, you want on here, you got it, and Rivera started posting. But so did Franklin residents. They asked him direct, serious, legitimate questions. And Rivera who begged for the opportunity to correspond with folks refused to answer.

Go to my website, he instructed. Much better idea, he claimed.

People weren’t buying the cowardice. One of them was former Franklin Alderman Steve Taylor who takes office in April as Milwaukee County Supervisor.

“As an elected official who has put his name on the ballot a dozen times and (has been) attacked more times than you will ever be I am disappointed that you have chosen this method,” Taylor chastised Rivera.

“We have never met and I have seen you in action at many common council meetings both virtual and last night live and in person. Let’s be clear right now….I will not allow you to hijack our community. You know how to find me if you want to discuss. A few weeks ago I posted something similar. The results…..crickets.”

I’d pay a ticket to see that meeting.

We certainly know more than we need to at this point to demonstrate how flawed Rivera is as a candidate. And even more damaging info is sure to surface.

Dear Judy Mueller: You can take your mask off now

Franklin Public Schools District Administrator Judy Mueller who is retiring at the end of the current school year (I shed no tears) was the subject of rightful criticism this and last school year, and even some ridicule.

The over-compensated tyrannical educrat was often spotted arriving at work in her car, alone, windows up, wearing a mask.

Safety Advice on Commuting to the Office—And Reducing Your Risks Once  You're There - WSJ

No, that’s not her. But you get the picture.

Mueller needs to read the latest from Thomas Gallatin in The Patriot Post:

Remember when Anthony Fauci declared, “There is no reason to be walking around wearing a mask”?

Nearly two years into the ChiCom Virus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially changed its position on the efficacy of cloth masks, essentially admitting what many health experts (and even Fauci before he did a 180) have claimed: They have almost no preventative impact against the coronavirus.

For Democrats, mask mandates are symbolic of their power and control over people. And for their lemmings, masks have become facial virtue signaling. To not be masked was to be viewed as a “science denier” or, worse yet, a dangerous person who doesn’t care about spreading a deadly disease to every passerby. Yet when study after study concluded that masking provided little, if any, discernible impact against the spread of the novel virus, they were quickly dismissed as “misleading” or “unscientific.”

More great news from the Franklin Common Council meeting Tuesday

The city is receiving a $4-million payment based on the success of the Velo Village Apartments. The pet-friendly, luxury apartment homes are seamlessly integrated into the Ballpark Commons entertainment and sports district.

To summarize Franklin’s great day Tuesday:

Saputo Cheese project got approved. $60m construction, 310,000 sq ft and 650 jobs.

A new residential development with 130 home sites moved forward.

Ballpark Commons: A new entertainment and sports venue was presented along with a quiet announcement of a new boutique hotel.

And the above-mentioned $4m payment for success of the Velo Village Apartments development.

Steve Taylor’s not in office yet, but enjoys a significant advantage

Steve Taylor of Franklin and volunteers went out and circulated nomination papers to get his name on the ballot this spring for Milwaukee County Board Supervisor. They succeeded, and as a result Taylor will win the seat because he was the only candidate to seek office in the newly re-drawn District #17.

Taylor’s literal walk into office constitutes a severe kick in the face to Supervisor Patti Logsdon who represents a portion of Franklin. Fearing a potential face-off against Taylor in April Logsdon worked to re-draw county board district lines so that Taylor would reside in a district other than hers.

And Logsdon’s strategy worked. Or so she thought. Her plot blew up in her face.

Lines were re-drawn, Taylor now lives in a different district, he got on the ballot and has secured a position, but Logsdon will have a serious opponent in April and could find herself not returning to the board. It’s gotta be driving her crazy. Even before being sworn in, Taylor, who once served on the board, now has a distinct and powerful advantage.

Time. Specifically, time to not have to use waging a campaign. Logsdon does not possess that luxury.

What can Taylor do between now and April? Lots.

He can map out his own personal policy priorities and objectives. He can lobby for committee assignments and even better, committee chairmanships. He can work with future colleagues who know months ahead of time that he’s coming. He can develop an outreach plan to his future constituents. He can hold meetings with movers, shakers, and yes, residents in the district.

All because he has time. There is no mystery in District #17. I understand some supervisors have already contacted Taylor to, you know, discuss.

Again, this is a sharp self-inflicted slap in the face to Logsdon who now has to run against a known opponent. She will be hard-pressed to list major accomplishments, complicating her plan of attack.

Logsdon wanted Taylor out of her district. And she got it. But who’s smiling now?

From the guy suing the city of Franklin who wants to be a city alderman

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From the “You can’t make this crap up” file.

The candidate for alderman in the 5th District who vehemently opposes the expansion of Strauss Meats in Franklin has taken to social media with the phony facade of ‘Go ahead. Please. Just ask me anything.’

So Clarence Peter did.

Clarence Peter

Marcelino Rivera III what is your opinion on the Domestic Violence uptick as a result of COVID quarantine and lock down policies? Would you be in favor of additional funding for the police department to lay the smack down on domestic offenders and those that violate restraining orders?

Interesting, thoughtful question. Rivera’s response was not responsive, and well, bizarre.

Marcelino Rivera III

Clarence Peter If the majority of our citizens are willing to do more than simply sit at their computers, troll under fake identities, and engage in childish name calling, Franklinites can truly make our city motto accurate.

Rivera, according to the FB site, took 8 hours to reply. That was ample opportunity to consider and research a reasonable response.

Does this sound like a candidate who is prepared to diligently fulfill the duties of alderman, including making decisions on the police department and its budget?

Judy Mueller is leaving FPS

Superintendent's Welcome - Franklin Public Schools


No description available.

What happens now?

The Franklin School Board must decide who to hire as Mueller’s replacement. Elections matter.

Could the board hire Jessica Moe, Franklin’s assistant superintendent?

Yes, that’s an option.

Related reading: Why did FPS hire an assistant superintendent?

There is speculation that the real reason Moe was brought in, despite what the untrustworthy Mueller says, was that Moe was being trained to take Mueller’s place.

The timing

Mueller’s announcement means she’ll be done at FPS in about five months. Might not be enough time to officially hire someone else so the process could take longer.

Why retire now? Sheer speculation on my part but this was the most turbulent year at FPS in the 30 years I’ve lived here. The heat may have been too hot for Mueller, a dubious administrator.

I have zero confidence the school board will hire a replacement that will be a pronounced improvement on Mueller.