My Most Popular Blogs (01/17/22)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Judy Mueller is leaving FPS

2) From the guy suing the city of Franklin who wants to be a city alderman

3) Steve Taylor’s not in office yet, but enjoys a significant advantage

4) Today’s highly interesting read (01/12/22): Wisconsin parents saw what happened in Virginia, and now they want to bring it home

5) 3RD UPDATE: Today’s highly interesting read (10/26/21): What To Do About Your Local Library Putting Porn On Kids’ Shelves

6) The latest assault on Ron Johnson: He said something else

7) Today’s highly interesting read (01/14/22): 9 Times Sen. Ron Johnson Triggered The Left — And Turned Out To Be Right

8) “This nut thinks he’s a vampire!”

9) “Liberals are their own worst enemy”

10) Culinary no-no #722

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