Big changes coming at Franklin’s middle school

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The city of Franklin has received an application for approval of a proposed land combination for Franklin Public Schools. Three properties located at West Forest Hill Avenue: 8225-8255, Forest Park Middle School (39.39 acres), 8429, formerly “Luxembourg Gardens” (9.68 acres) and 8459 (3.85 acres), would be combined to enlarge the site for Forest Park Middle School resulting in a site approximately 54 acres.

Franklin Public Schools shall pay to the city of Franklin the amount of all development compliance, inspection and review fees incurred by the city of Franklin, including fees of consults to the city of Franklin, for the Forest Park Middle School land combination project, within 30 days of invoice. Any violation of this provision shall be a violation of the Unified Development Ordinance, and subject to penalties and remedies provisions.

Dan St Pierre, Project Engineer of Point of Beginning wrote the following earlier this year to Regulo Martinez-Montilva, Principal Planner of the Department of City Development for Franklin:

Question: What is the proposed use for the properties to be combined? This Information Is required per UDO §15-9 0312 A 2

Answer: The Franklin Public School District purchased the properties located at 8429 and 8459 West Forest Hill Avenue to expand the site that It owns to the east which contains Forest Park Middle School and the Education and Community Center. In the development of the existing middle school site for the new middle school, the school district lost acres of previously usable property to the delineation of wetlands, wetland buffers and conservancy areas. Consequently, there Is less usable open land on the site for the larger school population as well as for community recreational use. The District added the Luxembourg Gardens properties to the middle school site to add space to this site for current and future needs. The school district Is currently in the process of assessing which of those needs It will pursue on the new property. This use will most likely be a combination of multi-use grass fields for sports such as soccer and lacrosse, as well as district and recreation related facilities. There Is interest in using the site for classes run by the Recreation Department for senior citizens and others especially for use during the day.

City staff has recommended the Common Council approve this project. The Council considers the matter at its meeting tonight.

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