Today’s highly interesting read (05/05/21): What I Admire About Liberals

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Today’s highly interesting read is from John Hawkins of Right Wing News. Here’s an excerpt:

There is very little good that I can say about liberalism. It’s spiteful, cruel, mean-spirited, miserable, impractical, anti-American, hypocritical, intolerant, illogical, and it wallows in victimhood, censorship, and totalitarian impulses. There are some good people that are liberals, but that’s because liberalism tends to be like an infection. A person can tolerate it before it becomes severe, but once that same person is on fire with it, it consumes them.  It’s a dishonorable philosophy that does little good and much harm. That being said, there are things conservatives can learn from liberals. Maybe not morally or economically, but tactically? Absolutely. Do you know what I admire about liberals?

Read the rest here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (05/05/21): What I Admire About Liberals

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