These didn’t make my TOP TEN FRANKLIN STORIES OF 2021

29 Honorable mention Synonyms. Similar words for Honorable mention.

Hope you’re enjoying my TOP TEN FRANKLIN STORIES OF 2021 (Two left to go).

Lots went on in our small city, but these items didn’t make the cut.

In no particular order:

Want to speak at a Franklin School Board meeting? Bring a photo ID

Bigger than masks or CRT…or, why the Franklin Public Schools can’t be trusted, Part Three

I got a survey from Franklin Public Schools, but it wasn’t about masks

Franklin pushing SEL, which is code for CRT

After Patti Logsdon’s latest bash against the Rock, Steve Taylor responds, and how

How I love when my mayor puts my alderwoman in her place


No one would object to this sign, would they?

“It should be in Franklin”

Franklin’s latest, greatest marketing achievement

Big changes coming at Franklin’s middle school

Busybodies are alive and well here in Franklin

Franklin: High taxes? Not a problem. Saving a chair for 7/4 parade? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

“Who rides in a parade?”

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