Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon has ZERO achievements, but don’t take my word for it

Just ask her!

From her own re-election website:

We should be proud  of our elected officials, rather than continuously worried that they will  raise our taxes while cutting the most important services.


Yes we SHOULD INDEED be worried that our elected officials will raise our taxes and cut our most important services. This is a big fat DUH!

But what has Patti done her past years in office? Again, from her website:

• I will vote YES to prioritizing public safety and law enforcement in our billion-dollar budget.

• I will stay watchful so our contractors and partners will deliver on their promises.

• I will continue to inform the public of decisions that are made at the courthouse that will affect our community.

Now when you run for re-election and put out public statements promoting yourself you want to include bullet points with specific actions you’ve taken and various good works you’ve performed. I’ve seen countless examples. Even drafted a few for folks. The above has nothing of the sort.

A lot of “I will” promises (empty?). But no clear cut “here’s what I’ve done for you” material.

On social media people have challenged Logsdon supporters to list some of her accomplishments but they can’t do it, and the reason is simple.


The vote Tuesday in Logsdon’s district is for Don Schwartz.

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