Very disappointed in former Franklin mayor

That would be my longtime friend Tom Taylor who a few days ago posted what might be the shortest endorsement ever in the history of politics in favor of Franklin’s most flawed aldermanic candidate.

Taylor called his favorite in the 5th district “a trustworthy and honest individual,” and if elected, this flawed individual would ensure Franklin residents “continue to enjoy their due process rights.”

Really, Tom? You must have a totally different definition and standard of what’s “trustworthy and honest.” Social media is filled with info about how trustworthy and honest this candidate is…NOT.

As far as Taylor’s remark about due process is concerned that’s a shameful rip at City Attorney Jesse Wesolowski who just might be the best city attorney in the entire state of Wisconsin, a distinction Taylor is well aware of.

Wesolowski has utilized the same practices and philosophies for many years including those when Taylor was mayor. Taylor also supported the Strauss expansion. His endorsement is goofy to say the very least.

And oh look. The biggest egotist and worst member of Franklin’s Common Council, Kristen Wilhelm is all giddy about Taylor’s lukewarm support message.

My observations about Taylor’s 43-word endorsement:

1) It doesn’t fly on the sincerity-meter. Taylor is also endorsing Don Schwartz for Milwaukee County Board, but with experience of truly know the candidate. “It has been my great pleasure to work with Don Schwartz when I served as the City of Franklin’s Mayor for nine years and as the Chairman of the Milwaukee County Intergovernmental Cooperation Council that comprises the Mayors and Village Presidents of the municipalities within Milwaukee County.”

Taylor’s endorsement of the flawed aldermanic candidate is plenty weak

2) Current Franklin Mayor Steve Olson isn’t exactly on Taylor’s Christmas card list. Olson is supporting the flawed candidate’s well-deserving and incumbent alderman. Taylor’s half-hearted endorsement could very well be personal and sour grapes.

3) Taylor posted his endorsement on a hateful Leftist Franklin FB page where he knew it would get little opposition. Wilhelm jumped on there as well, realizing the hateful lefties would be a friendly bunch.

4) I honestly wonder how big an impact Taylor’s endorsement will have. Taylor’s been gone awhile and relatively quiet on the Franklin political landscape. If Taylor was hoping to make a strong political stand, this wasn’t it.

With all due respect to Taylor the vote on April 5th in the 5th District is clearly for Alderman Mike Barber

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