Congratulations to my friend Jason Fields!

Jason Fields

Jason Fields, a Democrat formerly from Milwaukee, was first elected to the WI Assembly in 2004, and was thrice reelected from 2006-2010.

In 2012, he lost his bid for reelection in the Democratic primary to Mandela Barnes.

But in 2016, Barnes announced he would challenge incumbent Lena Taylor  in a Democratic primary for her seat in the WI state Senate. Fields decided to run again for his old seat. He defeated Milwaukee community organizer Darrol D. Gibson in the Democratic primary and was unopposed in the general election.

Fields left office on January 4, 2021, as he did not seek re-election to another two-year term.

He ran for election for Milwaukee City Comptroller, but lost in the general election on April 7, 2020.

Could it be he lost because Democrats simply couldn’t forget a particular issue?

From a news release issued Tuesday:

Jason…was a courageous and passionate advocate for parental choice.

Here’s the release.

Congratulations Jason! You’ll do a terrific job!

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