News media on GOP efforts to bring convention to Milwaukee: Silencio


Photo was taken on February 1, 2022, at the Republican National Committee winter meeting in Salt Lake City, of a delegation from Milwaukee that hosted a reception.

Fourth from the right is my good friend and fellow panelist on Milwaukee Public Television’s “InterCHANGE,” Gerard Randall. He’s a Republican Party of Wisconsin vice chairman who is helping coordinate a bid to bring the 2024 national GOP Convention to Milwaukee.

Newstalk 1130 WISN’s Mark Belling said on his Tuesday program that he spoke with Randall who told Belling he believes Milwaukee has an excellent chance of securing the event.

Belling correctly noted there’s been little attention given by the media to this developing story. That wasn’t the case in 2020 when the media was, and these are my words, not Belling’s, downright orgasmic when the Dem Party considered and eventually approved Milwaukee for 2020’s get-together. Anytime a selection committee members went to the bathroom it got major headlines, page 1 coverage. Radio and TV hype, too.

Of course the pandemic hit and the Milwaukee convention was a bigger bust than Dolly Parton.

Milwaukee is up against Nashville and Salt Lake City for the 2024 event. Pittsburgh was a finalist but has since dropped out of contention. The Milwaukee Business Journal reports Republican leaders are expected to announce their choice by April.

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