So, what’s up with Franklin Alderman John Nelson?

City of Franklin unveils new logo and branding

It‘s a tool. A rather simple tool. Seen countless times daily on social media. Used to express support for a cartoon, meme, video, news article, blog.

So simple, and yet so revealing.

The “like” option.

My observation the past several weeks is that Franklin Alderman John Nelson likes to “like.” The problem is the choice of his “like” recipients. I find them questionable.

April’s Common Council elections in Franklin could be the most important held since I moved into the city in 1992. People I talk to are a bit worried about the direction of Franklin if certain candidates are victorious. Those would be folks that are new, green, inexperienced, and in one particular case, extremely flawed.

As much as I’ve taken jabs at Franklin for more than 20 years I do understand the city is on a roll, big time. There’s well-documented growth in significant economic development. After a lengthy period of stagnation Franklin is finally providing honest to goodness quality of life opportunities, experiences that are truly enjoyable.  Businesses that are here want to stay and even expand. People want to move here, rent here, build here.

Come April it’s imperative Franklin voters choose candidates who want to continue, dare I say it, to move forward. Some candidates would prefer we do just the opposite. And John Nelson “likes” them.

Two of three candidates on the ballot in April are facing incumbent Common Council members who generally support Mayor Steve Olson’s policies and priorities. A third candidate running for an open seat is a teacher (nothing wrong with that) who seems she’d be best suited running for school board. All three would throw thumb tacks in Franklin’s road to progress and must be defeated. All three appear to be supported and liked by John Nelson.

Nelson has often aligned himself and voted with Franklin’s two worst council members, Kristen Wilhelm and Dan Mayer (thank God Mayer’s leaving). More often than not Wilhelm and Mayer vote, not on the merits of what’s before them, but on how Mayor Olsen feels on the subject matter. They don’t like him, plain and simple. That’s petty and personal and no way to govern the city. And yet there is Nelson, hitching his wagon to these two obstructionists.

Suppose the three anti-growth candidates win in April. Now add Nelson to the mix. Franklin’s successful momentum is in jeopardy. In a word, screwed.

I shouldn’t have to but I feel at some point in my analysis I must issue a disclaimer. This isn’t about whether Nelson’s a good guy. That’s not the issue. We’re talking about one’s ability to serve and lead, and what’s best for the city.

When I worked for the WI state Senate for 15 years we had a term we’d use for certain elected officials. If their vote was unpredictable and they’d choose AYE or NO based on a discussion with the last person or persons they spoke with, he/she was a “pillow.” In my view Nelson is a “pillow.”

Frankly I don’t have enough trust in Nelson to do what’s right. He voted against Strauss’ planned expansion, siding instead with the crowd pushing tons of misinformation and scare tactics. Nelson now represents the district with Ballpark Commons. To me that’s troublesome, too.

Clearly Nelson won’t “like” this. I really don’t care. The direction of the city? Now that, I care about.

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