Today’s highly interesting read (02/04/22): Returning to Normalcy on School Masks

Blue Valley family sues Johnson County over school mask order | The Kansas  City Star

Today’s read is from Michael Barone, senior political analyst for  the Washington Examiner, resident fellow at American Enterprise Institute and longtime co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.

Here’s an excerpt. I love the second paragraph.

Mandatory masking of schoolchildren, as California special education teacher Alex Gutentag argues in the Tablet, is a policy “with catastrophic second-order effects but little epidemiological value” imposed by “a coordinated attempt by public health officials and reporters to limit open discussion and skew coverage of COVID.”

Blame goes to elected officials who have ratified the recommendations of purported experts while ignoring or underestimating the human costs of the recommended restrictions. Even more blame, in my view, goes to teachers union members and leaders, who have been screaming that any relaxation of mask mandates, any return to normalcy, amounts to mass murder.

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (02/04/22): Returning to Normalcy on School Masks

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