Today’s highly interesting read (03/21/2023): Hey Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone

Today’s read is from Christopher Skeet, writing in the American Thinker. Here’s an excerpt:

Two decades ago, the Catholic Church was called out for tolerating and covering up sexual abuse of children by pedophile priests. And rightfully so.

But the rate of sexual abuse by priests doesn’t exceed the rate of sexual abuse by American males in general.  In other words, our kids are in no more danger of being molested by a priest than they are by, let’s say, a plumber or an accountant.  

Nowadays, we have an identical scandal in our public schools, the only difference being that teachers are 100 times more likely to sexually abuse children as are priests.

The predators themselves are simply that: predators.  They belong in a cage or underground.  It’s not our responsibility to persuade them to seek professional help.  It’s our responsibility to protect ourselves, our fellow citizens, and especially our children from them. 

They don’t believe in parental rights because they consider the nuclear family an oppressive structure.  They believe they have exclusive rights to the molding of your child.  No law, election result, court decision, or opinion poll will budge them. 

Read the entire column here.

Today’s highly interesting read (03/19/2023): There is Malaise in Our Country Because we Have Lost Our Faith

On this Sunday, today’s read is from Rev. Michael P. Orsi who currently serves as parochial vicar at St. Agnes Parish in Naples, Florida. Here’s an excerpt:

Faith is the key to happiness. 

Our society is stuck in a malaise today primarily because we lack faith. Consequently, spirit and truth elude us.

We’re stuck in a malaise because, as a nation, we have ceased to believe. 

Still, there are signs of hope.

Read the entire column here.

Media worse than COVID; MDs: stop the shots; WI race most important; 3 AM at the border; God, I’m sorry I’m liberal

Here are this week’s highly interesting reads:

Today’s highly interesting read (03/17/2023): What The Media Did To America Is Far Worse Than The Pandemic Ever Was

Today’s highly interesting read (03/16/2023): Julia Louis-Dreyfus said it — WI is the most important race in the country in 2023

Today’s highly interesting read (03/14/2023): I Went to the Southern Border at 3 A.M. This Is What I Saw.

Today’s highly interesting read (03/13/2023): Doctors Around the World Say It’s Time to Stop the Shots

Today’s highly interesting read (03/12/2023): God, please forgive me for being a liberal

Today’s highly interesting read (03/17/2023): What The Media Did To America Is Far Worse Than The Pandemic Ever Was

Todd Seelie was in Las Vegas to photograph the shutdown of the Strip when he heard that a homeless shelter had apparently closed temporarily due to a positive COVID-19 case. Guests were moved to a parking lot. “Not far from this location were literally rows of empty hotel rooms that could have been used to temporarily house these people,” he says. “It would have required funding and effort, but I don’t think it would have been outside the ability of a city like Las Vegas to pull together. We as a society make decisions around our priorities, and I think this image lays clear what some of those priorities were during this pandemic.” When others see this photograph, he adds, “I hope people see a situation and realize it was avoidable.”
Photo: Todd Seelie, the Guardian, March 30, 2020

Today’s read is from Eddie Scarry, the D.C. columnist at The Federalist and author of “Liberal Misery: How the Hateful Left Sucks Joy Out of Everything and Everyone.”  Here’s an excerpt:

Nothing exposed the media — The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and on and on —for the deceitful, manipulative group of people it is than the pandemic. A grave and urgent emergency that should have been the most pressing time since 9/11 for national unity was instead exploited by the media for the purpose of winning an election. The cost: Half the country was trained to accuse the other of willfully spreading death.

Read the entire column here.

Today’s highly interesting read (03/16/2023): Julia Louis-Dreyfus said it — WI is the most important race in the country in 2023

Today’s read is from Salena Zito, National Political Reporter with the Washington Examiner. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Republicans have a lot to make up for in three short weeks in terms of fundraising and campaigning. The question is not whether they can but whether they will bother. They missed the biggest race in 2015 because it wasn’t sexy enough, and it cost them down the road.

As the saying goes, elections have consequences. Democrats get that with this race. Time will tell whether Republicans do.

Read the entire piece here.

Today’s highly interesting read (03/14/2023): I Went to the Southern Border at 3 A.M. This Is What I Saw.

Photo: AP

Today’s read is from Virginia Allen, a senior news producer and podcast host for The Daily Signal. Here’s a portion:

It was 3 a.m. and a line of about 40 illegal aliens stretched along a section of the border wall waiting to be transported to the local processing center. Behind the group stood another 50 people who had crossed the border illegally into Yuma County, Arizona.

A large white bus full of illegal aliens had just departed for the Border Patrol Station in Yuma, about 185 miles southwest of Phoenix, and would return in an hour to take the next 40.  

“Your country of origin?” I asked, moving down the line.  

Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Georgia, China, India, and Cameroon – nine nations were represented in a group of 50 illegal aliens. Border Patrol confirmed that one of the women in the other line came from Russia. Some smiled as they shared where they were from while others averted their eyes from the camera, looking down.

According to a local leader, this scene plays out every night in Yuma County.  

Read it all here.

Today’s highly interesting read (03/13/2023): Doctors Around the World Say It’s Time to Stop the Shots

“Readers are leaders”
—Ronald Reagan

Today’s read is from:

Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., an award-winning journalist and author of “Your Baby, Your Way: Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting Decisions for a Happier, Healthier Family.” A Fulbright awardee and mother of four, she has worked on a child survival campaign in West Africa, advocated for an end to child slavery in Pakistan on prime-time TV in France, and taught post-colonial literature to non-traditional students in inner-city Atlanta.

 Joe Wang, Ph.D., was a molecular biologist with more than 10 years of experience in the vaccine industry. He is now the president of NTD Television Network.

Doctors Around the World Say It’s Time to Stop the Shots

Mar 11, 2023


Recently “COVID-19” and “Fauci” have been trending on Twitter. And when you click on those hashtags, you don’t get regurgitated government messaging.

Instead, you get declarations like this one from Dr. Eli David, which has been viewed 1.2 million times: “Fauci was wrong about lockdowns, masks, double-masks, Remdesivir, vaccine, boosters, and virus origin.

“Was Fauci right about anything? Give me a single thing about Covid which Fauci got right …”

Tired of Half-Truths

It’s becoming increasingly clear from social media and real life that people are tired of being lied to by government health authorities. They’re beginning to realize that these agencies don’t have their best interests in mind.

I (Jennifer) stopped to chat with an older couple enjoying the sun last week. They had set up two folding chairs by the water so they could watch the passersby and look at the shimmering Atlantic Ocean.

“You just have to enjoy every second,” the wife said. “My husband has dementia. It’s been hard. You don’t know when you’re going to go. My best friend called me sobbing two weeks ago. They found her 46-year-old son dead in his bed. No one knows why.”

“Do you know if he was vaccinated?” I asked in the gentlest tone I could muster. “I know that may sound like a strange question but … we are seeing myocarditis and pericarditis in young men post-vaccination; the Florida surgeon general no longer recommends mRNA vaccines for young men; and at least some of these sudden unexplained deaths may be due to that.”

“I didn’t know that,” she said. “But I’m sure he was vaccinated. I’ve done so many at this point, I’m radioactive!”

“We’ve had, what, five?!” she said, turning to her husband. “It’s getting ridiculous. We still got COVID, twice. We’re not doing anymore.”

Deaths Continue

There has been an upsurge in sudden, unexplained, and age-inappropriate deaths in at least 30 countries in the industrialized world.

In Ireland, so many people died in January that funerals had to be postponed, according to local news.

Ed Dowd, in his new book, “‘Cause Unknown’: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” argues that the sudden deaths in young people in industrialized countries is because of mRNA vaccines.

Dowd shows how the number of excess deaths in America that were attributed to COVID-19 in 2020 was actually much lower than the huge spike in sudden deaths that began in 2021 after the COVID-19 vaccines started being widely distributed.

Importantly, most of the 2021 deaths, which occurred mostly in people ages 18 to 64, were not attributed to COVID.

More Have Died After COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Outs Than During the Vietnam War

“From February 2021 to March 2022, millennials experienced the equivalent of a Vietnam war, with more than 60,000 excess deaths,” wrote Dowd, who is an expert in following and anticipating trends and a founding partner in a global investment company called Phinance Technologies.

“The Vietnam war took 12 years to kill the same number of healthy young people we’ve just seen die in 12 months.”

Swine Flu Vaccine Program Halted After 3 Deaths

On Oct. 13, 1976, the New York Times ran a story about the swine flu vaccine.


Epoch Times Photo
All deaths from all vaccines reported to VAERS by year from 1990 to 2023. (screenshot/

As of Feb. 24, 34,576 deaths have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), which is known for its under-reporting (pdf), after COVID-19 shots.

With deaths reported for all vaccines combined, the number jumped from 420 deaths in 2020 (before COVID vaccination) to 22,278 deaths in 2021 (with COVID vaccination), a 5,304 percent increase.

Brave Doctors Around the World Speaking Out

With the mounting evidence that the COVID-19 jab is doing more harm than good, medical doctors and health experts around the world, many of who are risking losing their jobs, are now speaking out against continuing to give mRNA injections.

Especially problematic, they say, is giving mRNA vaccines to young people for whom COVID-19 is usually a mild, easily overcome viral infection.

In May of 2020, we wrote our first article on evidence-based science-forward researchers and clinicians who have spoken out against propaganda posing as science: “May the Force Be with Them: Scientists Fight Back.”

Since then, we have continued to document and report on a global phenomenon: conscientious doctors and medical scientists who follow the facts say that mRNA vaccinations do more harm than good, and that it’s time to stop the harm.

Japanese Cardiovascular Surgeon Says Halt the Boosters

Dr. Kenji Yamamoto, a cardiovascular surgeon in Japan, argued that giving any further COVID-19 vaccines is simply too dangerous.

“As a safety measure, further booster vaccinations should be discontinued,” Yamamoto insisted in a peer-reviewed letter published in the journal Virology. He has seen lethal cases of vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia.

He and his colleagues have found that the vaccines have led some patients to such marked immune dysfunction. Some have died from difficult-to-control antibiotic-resistant infections, the underlying cause of which Yamamoto attributed to vaccine-induced immune problems.

“To date, when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of mRNA vaccines, vaccination has been commonly recommended. As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes better controlled, vaccine sequelae are likely to become more apparent,” he wrote.

“It has been hypothesized that there will be an increase in cardiovascular diseases, especially acute coronary syndromes, caused by the spike proteins in genetic vaccines. Besides the risk of infections owing to lowered immune functions, there is a possible risk of unknown organ damage caused by the vaccine that has remained hidden without apparent clinical presentations, mainly in the circulatory system.”  

British Cardiologist Speaks Out

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a British cardiologist who has been staunchly in favor of vaccines for his entire medical career, initially defended the COVID-19 vaccine program.

In fact, he was among the first to get them.

But after spending countless hours researching the vaccines and carefully reviewing all the available scientific data, Malhotra no longer recommends them.

He now believes that these vaccines are causing “unprecedented harms,” as he explained in a recent interview.

Moreover, he has published several peer-reviewed articles explaining the data. “Re-analysis of randomized controlled trials using the messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology suggests a greater risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines than being hospitalized from COVID-19,” Malhotra wrote.

Australian Cardiologist Calls to Stop the Shots

Dr. Ross Walker, a cardiologist based in Sydney, Australia, has seen on the order of 70 cases of vaccine-induced heart problems following mRNA vaccines in his practice alone.

He now believes the mRNA vaccines are “very pro-inflammatory,” and that these vaccines should never have been mandated.

In his patients, the heart problems—which include palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath—have been lasting for up to half a year following vaccination, according to Walker.

“… we don’t need to use mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna,” Walker told Daily Mail Australia.

A Virologist and Immunologist Speaks Out

Yuhong Dong is a medical doctor with over twenty years of experience in virological and immunological research who writes for The Epoch Times.

For her doctorate, which she earned at Beijing University in China, Dong specialized in infectious diseases. From 2010 to 2017, she was the senior medical scientific expert and pharmacovigilance leader at Novartis Headquarters in Switzerland. During that time, she won four company awards.

“There is ample evidence, based on preclinical and clinical studies, demonstrating that these COVID-19 vaccines do not protect people against SARS-CoV-2 infection, but incur serious adverse events including abnormal blood clots, cardiovascular events, strokes, sudden death, immune disorders, neurological injuries, and reproductive events,” Dong told The Epoch Times via email.

“At the general population level, the risks weigh high over the benefits. We should take a decent but rational decision to stop the COVID-19 vaccine program immediately.”

The solution to building strong immunity to survive viral infections, Dong said, is not via mRNA technology.

Instead, she wrote, we need to teach people “how to preserve or booster their divine-endowed natural immunity [and] change their detrimental lifestyles and mindsets.”

‘Should Be Summarily Stopped’

“The COVID-19 vaccine program should be summarily stopped because signals for adverse effects, including death, are unprecedented,” Dr. Bose Ravenel, a retired pediatrician based in North Carolina who spent 31 years in private practice, 11 years as an academic pediatrician, and six years practicing integrative pediatric medicine, also insisted.

Ravenel told The Epoch Times that he has clocked over 4,500 hours studying SARS-CoV-2, including the vaccines.

“The risk of death or serious illness from current COVID strains is statistically low,” he continued, “effective ambulatory treatment is available, and the absolute risk reduction from the vaccines is 0.5 to 1.6 percent—that’s very low,” he said. “These mRNA vaccines fail to achieve the foundational function of a vaccine of stopping infection or transmission to others.”

‘Belongs in the Dustbin of History’

Dr. Thomas Redwood has been an emergency room physician for over 30 years. Currently practicing in Alabama, he was an ER physician within the Wellstar and Piedmont health care systems in Atlanta, Georgia, until his privileges were terminated for not complying with COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

“We should end the COVID vaccine program, full stop,” Redwood told The Epoch Times. “What was touted as safe and effective is neither.”

Redwood also added that he’s surprised that the medical community is still defending—and even promoting—these vaccines.

“Any other vaccine with a similar adverse event profile has been pulled from the market,” he said. “The vaccine’s inability to prevent infection and therefore transmission further highlights why this experimental drug belongs in the dustbin of history.”


Dr. Kirk A. Milhoan, a pediatric cardiologist and the medical director of a non-profit called For Hearts and Souls, says the spike protein is a known cardio-toxin.

“It is now known to function as a cardio-toxin,” Milhoan wrote in an email to Jennifer.

According to Milhoan, knowingly having our bodies produce a cardio-toxin with the hope that this will help protect us against a respiratory virus with a very low infection-fatality rate makes no scientific sense.

Cammy Benton, M.D.: After This Health Assault, We All Need to Heal

Dr. Cammy Benton, a family physician in private practice in Huntersville, North Carolina, said she was skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine program from early on.

“The science from the beginning simply did not meet criteria for approval for use,” Benton told The Epoch Times.

“Ongoing data confirms that the vaccine failed on its promises and has caused significant harms, not only on a physical level but on a psychosocial level on a global scale,” she said. “We need to heal on all levels after this assault on our freedoms and our health.”

Today’s highly interesting read (03/12/2023): God, please forgive me for being a liberal

On this Sunday today’s read is from Richard Lawless, an investigative journalist. Here’s an excerpt:

If a man were to break into my house, would I reward that behavior by sharing the limited resources I have for my family and my children with him?  Yet I vote for a president and a party that reward that behavior with our country’s limited resources and taxes. 

Yet, every election cycle, I choose to believe that this time, it will be different.

I am so conflicted and confused; how can I vote for policies that I would never allow my family to exercise while expecting things to change for the better?

There’s more. read it all here.

Pro-mask lefties; the ‘woke’ upending childhood; women who defned themselves; trusting your doctor; Lent

Here are this week’s highly interesting reads:

Today’s highly interesting read (03/10/2023): Can We Still Trust the Doctor?

Today’s highly interesting read (03/09/2023): How ‘woke’ ideologies are upending American childhood 

Today’s highly interesting read (03/07/2023): Why the Left Is Pro-Mask

Today’s highly interesting read (03/06/2023): America Shouldn’t Punish Women For Defending Themselves And Their Children

Today’s highly interesting read and video (03/05/2023): Fulfilling Lenten obligations

Today’s highly interesting read (03/10/2023): Can We Still Trust the Doctor?

Today’s read is from Alan Lash, a software developer from Northern California, with a Masters degree in Physics and a PhD in Mathematics. Here’s an excerpt:

My father depended on a car mechanics at times, but he did so grudgingly. He was always suspicious that the diagnosis was incorrect, and that his own personal research into the issue was warranted before he accepted the conclusion. We had several shop manuals on our shelves in the garage.

Likewise, building contractors were treated with some suspicion. Do-it-yourself was always present as a valid option.

But question a doctor? Never.

Fast forward to today. 

I went for a check-up in the fall, and the nurse asked me if I was interested in a Covid vaccination. If I had any questions I was to ask the doctor when he arrived. So I did.

I sat in dumbfounded silence (at the doctor’s response).

Read the entire column here.