In Franklin’s 5th District, the vote is MIKE BARBER

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In Franklin’s 5th Aldermanic District the incumbent Alderman Mike Barber is running for re-election.

With the exception of former recalled Alderman Basil Ryan, Barber’s opponent is the most flawed candidate to ever run for office in the 30 years I’ve lived in Franklin.

Franklin’s continued economic growth and prosperity is dependent on a Barber victory.

For those of you in Barber’s district, please read and consider:

Dear Friends,

I am running for re-election, and I need your help.

My mission as your Alderman is to actively represent my constituents, while remaining sensitive to a variety of needs, improving our neighborhoods and achieving the “big picture” objectives for our city. I will be working on reducing any tax increases, on balancing residential and commercial development with our existing neighborhoods, enhancing the retail experience in and around 76th & Rawson and ensuring our continued quality of life. If you help in my re-election, you are investing in a committed and proven leader that seeks your input, communicates with constituents and wants to better the place we call home.

In my previous aldermanic campaigns, I was able to personally fund my elections. With the introduction of a Political Action Committee into our local politics, I am now asking for contributions from my constituents and friends. My concern is that some portion of support for this PAC is not coming from you as District 5 or City of Franklin residents. I believe that outside interests should not determine or influence local policy decisions and/or elections.

The type of support that I am asking for can be in the form of word-of-mouth with your family, friends, and neighbors, posting a yard sign, participating in campaign literature walks and financial donations.  If you can help me, please contact me at:

or (414) 750-0607

If you would like to make a financial contribution, please make checks payable to the

                        “Friends of Mike Barber for Alderman”, Nancy Barber, Treasurer

c/o Ms. Nancy Barber

7931 South 61st Street

Franklin, WI  53132

We cannot accept corporation checks or cash. Contributions are limited to $500.00 per individual. Personal checks please.

I am deeply appreciative of all the support I am receiving.  I hope that in this new political environment, I will continue to serve as your Alderman and am asking that you help me do this.  We live in a great community that I am proud to represent. Let’s keep moving forward.

My most important asks are that you share my information and that you vote for Mike Barber, either by an absentee mail in ballot, by early, in person voting at City Hall or by voting at your polling place on April 5, 2022. We can decide our future together. Thank you.

Alderman Mike Barber


Hi Friends and Residents in District 5,

As your Aderman, I have incorporated the meaning of the words like transparency, quality, integrity, community, ethics, and honesty into what I do every day. Other people use these words as political slogans and easy rhetoric, but never quite put them into practice.

This is an invitation to attend “A meet your Alderman and Candidate event. These events will be held on:

                                      Thursday March 10, 2022

                             and   Tuesday March 22, 2022

                             @      Franklin Library in the Fadrow Room

5:30pm to 7:30 pm each day

I am looking forward to meeting with as many of you as possible. Please bring your input, concerns, issues, and recommendations. It takes the “WE,” to build the great place we call home. And most importantly, let us spend some time together

Alderman Mike Barber

PS: Mark your calendars with these dates with the April 5, 2022 election.

Paid for by the Friends of Mike Barber for Alderman, Nancy Barber, Treasurer

2 thoughts on “In Franklin’s 5th District, the vote is MIKE BARBER

  1. Kevin,Thank you for supporting me. Let’ see what this shakes out.I am still looking forward to meeting with you. Lunch or coffee, you name it.MikeSent from my U.S.Cellular© Smartphone


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