My Most Popular Blogs (11/29/21)

Here are my most popular blogs form last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Why not, Steve Scaffidi?

2) Franklin’s decision to continue Christmas Parade is in poor taste

3) Democrats have a Waukesha problem

4) Best Cartoons of the Week (11/26/21)

5) Today’s highly interesting read (11/24/21): Waukesha Mass Killer The Latest Violent Criminal Unchecked By Soft-On-Crime DA

6) UPDATE: Dear young WI student: Do you smoke, drink, have sex?

7) Today’s highly interesting read (11/22/21): Capital Punishment Still Serves Its Purpose. Don’t Abolish It.

8) Photos of the Week (11/26/21)

9) The latest pro-life news (11/22/21)

10) Week-ends (11/26/21)

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