They’re gone!

Illinois Tollway Eliminating Buckets That Catch Coin Tolls | Peoria Public  Radio

I had no idea. Maybe it’s because I don’t get into the Land of Lincoln that often. That actually might be a good thing.

Over the weekend in Illinois, attending the 2021 Mid-America Oireachtas in Schaumberg (regional Irish dance competition), I was prepared. Cash bills. Coins. mega-annoying tolls here we come.

But what happened? Where did they go?

The answer is in today’s newspaper.

3 thoughts on “They’re gone!

    • No. The manned toll booths are gone. So you just drive right on through. You can register for what they call an I-PASS you place in your vehicle. If you don’t have one your car is photographed and I believe a bill is sent to you. Everything is now digitally monitored.

      I tried to go online today to see how payment works, but the Illinois Tollway site is pretty much like the state…a complete mess.


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