Today’s highly interesting read (11/22/21): Capital Punishment Still Serves Its Purpose. Don’t Abolish It.

OR, Darrell Brooks is lucky to alive and in WI.

Darrell E. Brooks Jr., a 39-year-old from Milwaukee, has been identified as the suspected driver of the vehicle that plowed into the Waukesha Christmas Parade on Sunday.

For decades I have been a staunch supporter of the death penalty and make no apologies for that. Even with my bias I’m proud that my extensive reporting on the topic garnered multiple broadcast awards.

The Reader’s Digest is that some crimes are so egregious, so evil, so heinous that only death is a suitable punishment. Such is the case with Darrell Brooks and Waukesha.

Brooks is fortunate since Wisconsin does not have the death penalty. So, if charged, tried, and convicted, Brooks will become a ward of the state and its taxpayers for God knows how long.

That leads to today’s read from Josh Hammer at at First Liberty Institute and a constitutional attorney by training.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

For all of the hifalutin, lofty rhetoric liberals invariably spew when it comes to the purported need to erect insurmountable guardrails around capital punishment, the fact remains that it is our law and our long-standing tradition that the worst of the worst in society should face the ultimate punishment.

Here’s the entire column.


Say, Kev, you have written that you’re a devout Catholic, and yet you are in favor the death penalty. How so?

Thanks for asking. That is simple. Very simple.

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