Neighbors fear Franklin school development could endanger their lake

Residents of the Tuckaway Shores condo development

Residents of the Tuckaway Shores condo development in Franklin fear that a new Forest Park Middle School complex to be built by the Franklin School District could endanger the health of their lake. They are also worried the complex could diminish their scenic setting, which includes a bridge that leads to a center island. Photo:

That’s according to an article in the Journal Sentinel.

Tuckaway Shores takes its name from the small, meandering lake that cuts through the center of this 155-unit condo development smack in the middle of the Milwaukee County suburb of Franklin.

It’s a draw for waterfowl — loons, blue heron, the occasional kingfisher — not to mention the resident humans. All summer, they can be found there, swimming, fishing, tooling around in pedal boats. They host parties, even weddings, in its island gazebo. And, some winters, they welcome students from the neighboring Forest Park Middle School for ice fishing.

Those students are about to get a shiny, new school complex, thanks to a $43.3 million referendum that passed by a slim margin late last year. But residents in the condos — whose taxes are going up to help pay for the project — fear the design of the site could diminish their scenic setting and, worse, endanger the health of the lake.

“This is a gorgeous setting; there’s nothing like it in the area,” said Karen Grishaber, who has lived at Tuckaway Shores for almost 26 years. “If you impact this lake, you’ll negatively impact our property values and our quality of life.”

Given the subject matter, you know Franklin’s uber hyper-enviro alderwoman was quoted.

“They’ve got a very challenging site, lots of wetlands, hydric soils” that allow water to percolate to the surface, said 3rd District Ald. Kristen Wilhelm.




Before I go, I just blogged mentioning Kristen Wilhelm.

Her minions are now rushing to their phone, outraged, and will contact Wilhelm to inform her of this injustice in…




My point about this.

These “residents” get absolutely no sympathy from me.

The referendum was nine (9) months ago.

Where were they then?

Why didn’t they raise a stink last November, October, September?

They are woefully late with their crying and moaning and gnashing of teeth.

I don’t care one iota about you and how you’ll be affected.

Tuckaway Shores resident Sue Czerwinski (foreground)

When referendum opponents (OK,basically just me) were feverishly trying to make their case, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?

I SHOULD CARE ABOUT AND SYMPATHIZE WITH YOU NOW, when nothing can be done about it?

Where were you almost a year ago?

Where was Kristen (Globing warming will kill us all) Wilhelm?

The school board?

The mayor?

The Common Council?

This is vintage, priceless Franklin.

When your ox has already been gored, you’re out of time.

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