It’s ELVIS Week: Marilyn

The candlelight vigil is over. The actual anniversary date is over.

But ELVIS Week continues.


Conversations on Elvis: Elvis in the Movies

10:00 AM. Graceland Soundstage A, Elvis Presley’s Memphis. $25
Hear from some of those who shared the big screen with Elvis in one of his 31 feature films. Hosted by Tom Brown, confirmed guest include Marlyn Mason, Elvis’ co-star in “The Trouble with Girls;” “Elvis’ “Girls! Girls! Girls!” co-star Laurel Goodwin; Elvis’ “Wild in the Country” and “It Happened at the World’s Fair” co-star Gary Lockwood; Randy Starr, who wrote 12 songs for Elvis movies,  and Pat Priest, Elvis’ co-star in “Easy Come, Easy Go.”

Pat Priest?

Does the name not ring a bell?

The above says she starred with Elvis.

She did.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1200/pat-priest.jpg

Priest (what a stage name) also appeared on “Bewitched.”


Image result for image, photo, picture, pat priest 0n  bewitched

News for you.

Pat Priest was NOT one of Elvis’ leading ladies.

Look, if you’re still not sure who Pat Priest is and her relationship to Elvis, other than she’s a featured speaker at ELVIS Week today, let’s fill you in.

Can you find her?

One more time.

Elvis  starred in “Easy Come Easy Go” in 1967 with Pat Priest. She played Marilyn on”The Munsters” TV program that was cancelled the previous year.

Pat Priest is a great Elvis story. From a recent article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Here’s a brief excerpt.

“Everyone says, ‘Well, did Elvis ever kiss you?’ ” said Priest, who lives with her 93-year-old husband — retired Beverly Hills “dentist to the stars” Frederick Hansing — in Eagle, Idaho. “Well, first of all, Elvis doesn’t kiss the bad girls in his films, he only kisses the good girls. So I didn’t get to kiss him in the film, or off the film, either.”

Don’t skip reading this article about Pat Priest.

Elvis’ love interest in the film was…

Dodie Marshall.


Dodie Marshall.

Stop right here.

You’re telling me, Elvis, after he had been in movies with Ann – Margret, Ursula Andress, and Shelley Fabares, his next role was with …

To his credit, Elvis stuck to his film contracts, including “Easy Come Easy Go” where he played a frogman working for the U.S. Navy who dives for buried treasure. But you knew that, right?

It was a forgettable movie with a soundtrack that produced nothing.

Elvis fans didn’t care.

BTW, “Easy Come Easy Go” also starred  Elsa Lanchester.

That was 1967.

In 1935…


From “Harum Scarum”

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