After unnecessary review, City of Franklin staff says BUY 12 TABLES for Kayla’s Playground

Remember efforts two weeks ago by some Franklin Common Council members to reduce the number of tables at Kayla’s Playground failed and we were supposed to believe that a delay tactic until the next meeting was purely in the interest of gathering more info and saving the taxpayers money?

The next meeting is this Tuesday. City of Franklin staff has studied the matter and has come back with this recommendation to the Rhodes scholars on our Common Council.

The cost per table for 12 tables would be the same as the cost for 6 tables.

The original amount of tables proposed would not crowd the playground area.

The picnic tables are needed because there has been an issue with patrons bringing food into the playground. Given that there is ample space on the patio and thee is a known need, Staff recommends that 12 tables be purchased. Fiscal notes remain unchanged for the previous Common Council meeting.

The recommendation of city staff, seen on page 70 of the informational packet sent to the Common Council for next Tuesday’s meeting is to authorize  the purchase of additional site furnishings  (6 regular picnic tables, 6 ADA picnic tables, waste receptacles and concrete bollards) for the patio adjacent to Kayla’s Playground from Wausau Tile in the amount of $11, 593.00.

Barring further stupid games from the Council the proper move on Tuesday would be to vote YES to the original proposal from April 19 to buy 12 tables.

Thanks to the usual obstructionist suspects on the Council, the city wasted time, energy, and effort.

One thought on “After unnecessary review, City of Franklin staff says BUY 12 TABLES for Kayla’s Playground

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