UPDATE: My Milwaukee County supervisor has a bad idea

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The update: Aww shucks, Supervisor Taylor. Not gonna get those tax increases you want so badly.

From wispolitics.com:

Joint Finance Committee Co-chair Rep. Mark Born at a WisPolitics.com luncheon said Republicans likely won’t include in their budget Gov. Tony Evers’ proposal to allow local governments to implement their own sales tax increases.

Evers has proposed dedicating 20 percent of future state sales tax collections to boost shared revenue by more than $576 million while also allowing local governments to levy a higher sales tax of their own.

Born spoke at (a) luncheon alongside fellow co-chair Sen. Howard Marklein, R-Spring Green. The two said Republicans would build the budget off of base levels.

Born, R-Beaver Dam, noted municipalities can still go to referendum to get more funding.

Evers’ budget would allow about two dozen cities to impose a new half-cent sales tax while allowing counties to double theirs to 1 cent.

Separately, he wants to allow Milwaukee County to levy an additional 1 percent sales tax on top of the 0.5 percent allowed now. The new revenue would be split equally between the county and the city.

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