Hey guys, I’ll bash Mayor Olson and you back me up, OK?

At tonight’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council during the citizen comment period Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor went to the podium to speak. He’s no longer a city elected person but feels he can dictate to the city how to operate. So he used all of his time to bash Mayor Steve Olson who is running for re-election. Taylor opposes Olson because he doesn’t like Olson.

At the end of Taylor’s allotted three minutes Mayor Steve Olson stepped in and rightfully and respectfully so informed Taylor his time was up. Feeling he was special and deserved more time than the average citizen, Taylor asked for more time. His request came up for a vote.

Is this a shock? Alderman John Nelson who is running against Olson made a motion to allow Taylor to ramble on for additional time. It was approved instantaneously3-2.

Can you say ‘orchestrated?’ I’ll bet the whole scenario was planned ahead of time.

Anything and everything to get Olson defeated.

One thought on “Hey guys, I’ll bash Mayor Olson and you back me up, OK?

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