America’s incivility crisis isn’t exactly BREAKING NEWS

Photo posted today on the Green Bay Press Gazette and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel websites.

A passerby and protesters express opposing opinions during a Black Lives Matter march and rally on Saturday, May 30, 2020, on College Ave. in Appleton, Wis. Protests have been happening across the country, after George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer who knelt on his neck while arresting him. Photo: Wm. Glasheen USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

The picture was included in an article entitled:

Political polarization. Culture wars. Road rage. We’re an angrier society. What can be done?

From the article:

It seems these days as if not enough people dial back the anger. And there’s evidence to back it up. Service workers, from flight attendants to fast food employees, are encountering far more hostility and abuse from customers now than in recent years, said (Ryan) Martin, who works as a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

A study from Harvard Business Review found a sharp rise in frontline employees experiencing rudeness and incivility at work. Where in 2005, nearly half of service workers said they’d encountered incivility once a month, it was up to 76% as of August 2022.

The disappearance of civility is not breaking news. It’s been occuring since Bill Clinton was president.

NOTE: I give credit to CBS for tackling this subject, but the fact is the left is far more unhinged and off its rocker.

On several occasions I’ve linked to a 1996 US News & World Report article about this very topic.

More than 25 years later it still rings true.

Read the entire article here.

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