Today’s highly interesting read (10/12/22): Why Milwaukee Needs to Get Cops Back in Schools

The Badger Institute has done a great job documenting and reporting the violence in the Milwaukee Pubic Schools (MPS). The Institute,  formerly the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit institute established in 1987 working to engage and energize Wisconsinites and others in discussions and timely action on key public policy issues critical to the state’s future, growth and prosperity.

In August the Institute reported:

The Milwaukee Police Department responded to 1,310 calls for service at 34 MPS-controlled high schools in the 2021-’22 school year, an average of 7.2 calls every school day that raises new questions about the school board’s decisions to stiff-arm police.

The Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors pulled officers out of schools in 2016 after parents and activists complained that police too often arrested and ticketed students rather than allowing the schools to discipline them.

That leads us to today’s read, also from the Institute. Here’s an excerpt:

A chunk of the crime in Milwaukee is happening at high schools under control of a School Board
that won’t allow cops to regularly walk the hallways or grounds. This isn’t principally a matter of
hiring more police officers, although that could help. It’s a matter of using common sense to allow
Milwaukee Police Department leadership to appropriately deploy the officers the city already has.

Read all the details here.

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