Why does Franklin have to be so stupid? The July 4th parade

This is incredibly dumb.  Can’t believe that good, supposedly smart people would do something so idiotic.

Franklin’s Civic Celebration Commission decided at its August 22nd meeting to move the 2023 Independence Day parade from July 4 to Sunday July 2.

Such a stupendous idea that no one said diddly about it publically until local realtor (and a fine guy BTW) Doug Malinovich announced it in a video on Facebook.

Doug thinks the move is wonderful. I got news for Doug.


Earth to Doug and the commission:  We don’t honor or celebrate July 2. We honor and celebrate July 4.

Hopefully they come to their senses before next summer and schedule the parade when it’s supposed to be held. On America’s birthday.

My guess is they won’t because common sense is a rare commodity in how we manage Franklin.

Dumb. Just plain dumb.

One thought on “Why does Franklin have to be so stupid? The July 4th parade

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