Culinary no-no #746


The NFL 2022 season opens on Thursday, Sept. 8, when the Buffalo Bills visit the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams. For the Green Bay Packer their home opener is Sunday NIGHT, September 18, when they host their rivals, the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field.

NFL football means tailgating. But the parking lot ritual must be done properly.

Seriously, there are rules to be followed if you want the best experience.

Tailgate must-haves? Here are a few recommended by Good Housekeeping: Charred Corn with Parmesan-Parsley Butter, Coca Cola Chicken Wings, 7-Layer Salad, Fried Chicken, Chili Dogs, Hearty Bean and Beef Chili, Grilled Chicken with White BBQ Sauce, Sweet ‘N’ Tangy Pasta Salad, Creamy Beer Cheese Dip, St. Louis–Style Ribs.

The worst tailgate foods according to Men’s Journal: Chili with cheese, Spinach dip, Hot wings, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. Why? The Journal says they’re too fatty.

More on the subject of the worst…

OK, regular readers know that usually there’s a huge build-up to the actual no-no (that you’ve already read if you go this far), and this week’s no-no is one of the most egregious of the more than 700 I’ve posted.

And if you haven’t figured it out, here goes. And more detail here.


Are You Serious? Never Buy Ice Cream Before Doing This, Or You Could Die?

Spicy Rose

Yankees fan who used hot dog as beer straw is either a genius, sicko, or both

5 thoughts on “Culinary no-no #746

  1. I guess that means if you spent $100 on a tailgate party last year, it’s $113 this year. Deal breaker??? No party? BTW, when I was a kid, bread was 20c a loaf. What happened??


    • Oh, this is a really toughie.

      No, tailgating won’t end.

      HELLO! It’s now far more difficult for families. This isn’t rocket science.

      What happened?

      Paul, you became a grumpy old guy brainwashed by the White House and we now have a decrepit dementia inflicted president that caused inflation to soar to the moon.



      • With all due respect… Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and while I disagree with many of yours, I respect you as a political thinker. I too, was once a lifelong Republican, but the list of those R’s that I cannot align with has become increasingly longer, in Washington, in Wisconsin and in Arizona, therefore I now carry an “I” on my voter card, and have unhappiness with both sides of the aisle. That said, I think Covid threw the USA and every other country off balance. When I worked at WTMJ we had high rates on our mortgages and our stock loan carried almost 20% interest. Today, we are out of balance, but I have faith we will recover, we always have. Political parties always change in the White House, and we always complain about the current President as long as I can remember, but we always recover and survive.
        I do take a slight offense at being portrayed as a grumpy old guy brainwashed by the White House. Hardly. I have always had an analytical engineering brain that is pretty good at objectively sorting fact from fiction, whether it is labeled D or R. I have been reading your posts for two or three years now and might suggest you go back and read a few objectively. School boards, city government, county government, state government, ad infinitum. Then, let me know who is grumpy.
        I still enjoy your viewpoints. Keep up the good work. I know you realize not everyone who reads your work, is always in agreement. I think you plan it that way.


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