Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #48: Investing in local roads


Over the years the state of WI has dropped a lot of money into mega projects in the southeast corner. And that’s fine.

Rebecca believes it’s time for the rest of WI to see investment. Town roads are a critical tool for our valuable farmers.


One thought on “Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #48: Investing in local roads

  1. REASONS I AM NOT supporting Becky:
    1. Her sense of entitlement
    2. Her false claims to being an outsider.

    3. Her and Scott Walker’s false claims about the leading candidate. Show us where Michels specifically called for a gas tax hike, for example.

    4.The WI Deep State favors her. This includes Vos and WMC.
    5. The fact that the Walker admin helped Evers usher in the Common Core educational disaster

    6. Failure of Walker to tie the hands of DPI by de-funding them

    7. CORPORATE WELFARE WRIT LARGE during the Walker admin.

    8. The disaster of corruption and mismanagement that is Walker’s baby, WEDC.

    9. Her failure to address voter fraud in a meaningful way. Like recalling the illegal 2020 election.

    Guilt by association is fair, especially when bad policies of the admin she was a part of are not repudiated.
    Sorry Becky, there are no turns in politics.


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