Today’s highly interesting read (06/22/22): Don’t Draft Our Daughters—or Anyone Else

Today’s read is from James Jay Carafano, a leading expert in national security and foreign policy challenges. He is also The Heritage Foundation’s vice president for foreign and defense policy studies, E. W. Richardson fellow, and director of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies. Here’s an excerpt:

Last year, Congress considered a provision to require young women to register for military conscription. The provision was dropped. Proponents will quietly try to add it again this year.

If this is such a pressing reform, why has it never been the subject of a national debate? Why didn’t President Joe Biden make the case when he ran for president in 2020? Why isn’t every candidate for office being asked about the issue in the run-up to the midterms in 2022?

Drafting our daughters is following an all-too-familiar pattern of implementing consequential social change without seriously looking at the consequences.

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (06/22/22): Don’t Draft Our Daughters—or Anyone Else

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