Culinary no-no #730


Normally I wouldn’t touch this food item. Except at one particular time of year. That would be now. Lent. And only in a pinch.

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich is much-maligned. A former colleague worked at the Golden Arches when she was very young and told me that it was beyond bad, that employees wouldn’t eat it and they gave all their friends fair warning.

Reviews have been nasty. From

In a Mashed survey that included 658 participants, respondents were asked to choose between a few menu items at the restaurant and indicate which they believe is the worst. Around 38.6 percent of the customers chose to go with the Filet-O-Fish sandwich, while 28.12 percent opted for the Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap.

Why do so many people dislike the Filet-O-Fish? One Redditor offered a succinct explanation, “The fish itself is pretty bland, you mostly taste the tartar sauce they slather on it.” Another Reddit user pointed out that they’re “overpriced” and “tasteless,” adding, “You would get better value from buying various brands of frozen fish and making your own sandwich.” It seems that the general public would agree.

Former employees on Reddit say they avoid the Filet-O-Fish — or, at least ask for one that’s made fresh, as others have probably been sitting in a heating cabinet for hours. Other employees note it’s also one of those sandwiches that’s just impossible to make neatly. The combination of tartar sauce, cheese, and slightly greasy fish means that when you get it, it’s going to be a sloppy mess.

Once again the Filet-O-Fish is controversial. It all centers around…

Enter rap artist Pusha T…

What’s the controversy? Puhsa T referred to his personal dispute in the previous video.

The artist takes credit for the famous McDonald’s jingle, but feels the ginormous corporation short changed him.

So, backed by Arby’s, Pusha T is pushing back, with a musical track that blasts Mickey D’s.

“I’m the reason the whole world love it; now I gotta crush it. Filet-O-Fish is ***, and you should be disgusted.”

We know Pusha T disappoves.

All the details are here.

Meanwhile, there are no great fish sandwiches. From my blog four years ago.


About those food wrappers at fast food restaurants…

Wonderful. Biden says food shortages are coming

ICYMI…potato pancakes.

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