Today’s highly interesting read (02/22/22): NPR Still Doesn’t Get Freedom of Choice

Today’s read is from Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan. Here’s an excerpt:

The City of Austin, Texas recently acquired another “Hate Has No Home Here” yardsign.

The Wootens — father Nate, mother Tiffany and children Mya and Cole — left the Handmaid Hell of Indiana and relocated to true Blue Austin, where the family can finally wear their face burkas at the grocery store in peace.

NPR wrote of their quest for more regimentation and higher taxes. The story features a big photo of the Wootens right at the top, which leads the reader to believe it’s going to be an against-the-grain account featuring families that left Red states to find more congenial Blue environs.

But au contraire, of the five families or individuals mentioned in the story, four were conservatives moving to Texas and leaving Blue states.

While only the Wootens, left a Red state for a Blue area and even that was still in Texas.

A four to one exchange ratio between conservatives and leftists for new residents in Texas isn’t bad, but it’s still no substitute for aggressive outreach.

The state GOP should contact every new resident, making sure they know about the low tax, low regulation success story that created the Texas haven for liberty.

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (02/22/22): NPR Still Doesn’t Get Freedom of Choice

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